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Game Key Swap

09 April 2017 - 12:34 AM

So, I've accumulated quite a few Steam keys for games for a while, thanks to sites like Humble Bundle.  However, while I have redeemed some of these, I have keys that I have not used.  This is due to them being from games I already own, or games that I have no interest in.

So I have a proposal, and this can go out of all of SSFL.  A Key Swap thread.  Where we can list what games we have available to give a way for those who are interested.


If the mods are fine with something like this, and if people want it, then why not.  People get keys for games for free, and others (like myself) can get rid of some keys for games that are collecting dust, so to speak.  If not, then that's fine too.


Also, we'd need a system to list what games you're giving out, and if someone claimed it already, so I was thinking something like this:

  • Game Name (Claimed)

Or this:

  • Game Name

And to give out, I was thinking of just PMing that person, or just replying that they want which game(s) in general.


If this is all fine, I'll start with some of the keys I have but don't need (also, all of mine are to be redeemed on Steam.  You may also need to specify which platform too):

  • Black Mesa
  • Civilization III Complete
  • Civilization IV Complete Edition
  • Civilization V + DLC Including Brave New World, Gods and Kings, and other unspecified
  • XCOM 2

These are all I am listing for now.  Namely to see if this board works out or not.  If it does, well, for right now, I have no shortage of games I can give.


If not, well, I have other sites I can go to that will clear out many of these in a flash.


Oh, and if you didn't know, or haven't heard of it, Black Mesa is a Fan made remake of the original Half Life game, being done on the current Source Engine.