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#486002 SSLF's GOATest GOTY of the Year 2017

Posted by Randomman96 on 12 November 2017 - 01:36 AM

I would participate in this since I've played a metric crapton of this years titles.  However, I will be forgoing anything until Mid-December, as I am currently fending off my rage towards my PC for it's constant dying and self-f***cking in the past couple weeks.

#485916 Star Wars: Get Some Porg On Your Fork

Posted by Randomman96 on 27 October 2017 - 09:59 AM


Or it's legos. I swear every other time I walk past the lego isle I force myself not to spontaneously by any Star Wars stuff.

Yeah....   I totally didn't give into the urge and buy a Y-Wing and U-Wing set over the summer...   Nor did I totally give in and buy an X-Wing set back during Holiday of 2015...

#485880 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Randomman96 on 23 October 2017 - 01:01 PM

With the announcement of the original Xbox titles coming to the backwards compatibility program, has put out one video showing just how much of a resolution upscaling the Backwards compatibility brings for the original titles (namely Knights of the Old Republic, which is what they used to demo it), and two videos of the 360 title upscaling for Xbox One X (This time with Halo 3, using two multiplayer maps, The Pit and High Ground).  


And boy, does KotOR get a MASSIVE face lift.  Have a peek:




EDIT: Make that 4.  Missed one because I never played this game so I passed the video over.

#485792 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Randomman96 on 10 October 2017 - 09:29 PM


Nintendo is here to remind us that happiness can still exist in this industry:


And I'm here to remind you that this is the same company that loves artificial scarcity and has locked a mode for a game behind Amiibos.

#485594 Movie/Television/Disney Entertainment Conglomerate News

Posted by Randomman96 on 15 September 2017 - 01:03 AM




I'm sorry, I didn't realize the studio making the third John Wick movie had access to a time machine, Ocelot.






For those that don't click the link, the correct date is May 17th 2019.

#485361 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Randomman96 on 19 August 2017 - 09:40 AM


Two days prior to the full reveal livestream for Star Fighter Assault, DICE released the trailer for the mode coming in Battlefront II, as well as revealing what the map and details will be for the mode when the beta launches in October: Rebel Assault on the Fondor Shipyard above the planet. From what it looked like, the Rebels need to move in and destroy or disable the Star Destroyer docked there, as well as deal damage to the shipyard.


Most notably, we can see some more details that this mode will have move the previous Fighter Squadron mode in the first game:

  • More heroes.  Kinda obvious, but we have detail from the trailer on who will be supporting their faction in the battles.  Poe Dameron in his custom T-70 X-Wing and Kylo Ren in his custom First Order TIE for TFA era battles, Luke in his Red V X-Wing, Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon, Boba Fett in the Slave-I, and Darth Vader in his TIE advanced for Original Trilogy battles.  And for the clone wars, Yoda in his Jedi Eta-II Interceptor and Darth Maul in his Sith Interceptor.  That's all that was shown off in the trailer, so that doesn't mean that they are the only ones.  We may also see additional ones such as the TFA Falcon hopping in, Jango's Slave-I, and either Anakin or Obi-Wan in their Jedi Star Fighters.
  • New Vehicles (at least for the Light Side factions for now).  Vehicles like the TIEs, X-Wings, V-Wings, and Vulture Droids were known to be playable in the game.  TIEs and X-Wings are staples of Star Wars games, and the V-Wing and Vulture droid were used in the Assault on Theed gameplay.  However, new ones are also playable.  The Clone ARC-170 and both Clone and Rebel versions of the Y-Wings were shown from the player's perspective in the gameplay trailer.  It wouldn't be surprised if we could also wind up using the A-Wing, B-Wing, TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, TIE Defender, and the Droid Tri-Fighter.
  • Known Locations.  In addition to the Fondor Shipyard map that will likely be be used in the beta, there are additional planets that we will be able to fight on/above (This mode isn't exclusive to Space, there are atmospheric battles as well).  There's what's called "The Unknown Regions", a TFA battle were the Resistance moves through an asteroid field and has to disable a First Order Star Destroyer (teased at the end of the Gameplay reveal trailer).  Then their's the Death Star II debris field above Endor, no details on who has to do what here.  Next is Fondor Shipyards, stated above what has to be done.  Then there is Ryloth, where the Republic moves in to destroy a CIS Battleship/Station above the planet.  And finally, Kamino, namely the surface of Kamino.  It seem the CIS is moving in to disable a Republic Star Destroy above a research outpost to bring it crashing down onto it and dealing massive damage to it, if not destroying it and it's research.

One final note: the reveal livestream for Battlefront 2's Starfighter Assault will be held August 21st, 9:30 AM PST.

#485323 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Randomman96 on 09 August 2017 - 11:42 PM

Every once in a while, miraculous events can occur.  A miracle child is born, a hidden gem of a Movie/Book/TV Show/Video Game is discovered, and maybe, just maybe, if the stars line up just right, and someone does a special dance, Valve will reveal a new game.  Well, that day has come, and it is called Artifact, a.......  game that literally no one wanted: a DOTA themed Hearthstone type of Card Game.


Yes, Valve is making a (more than likely) Free-To-Play card game, that is obviously little more than a cash grab given how more AAA devs are starting to get in on that market, namely with Bethesda and CD Project Red following Blizzard's Hearthstone.  Valve unveiled the game and it's 2018 release "window" (although that's Valve time) at the International, their DOTA 2 tournament.  The reaction to it?  Well, imagine an entire audience of people watching one of their most anticipated events of the and then suddenly getting disappointed by learning that the company hosting the tournament, while taking a 30% cut off all Store purchases and leaving in some clearly exploitative systems for cash grabs from asset flipping and market place transactions, is making a low budget game that no one wanted or asked for and is clearly a cash grab instead of making a new sequel to literally ANY OF THEIR OTHER IPS!  That sound that you imagined is more than likely no where near the real thing.


As per, the internet salt train has gotten chugging along, and I'll leave this comment from the reveal trailer to give you even more disappointment (although not entirely accurate):




Half Life 3 died for this.

#485203 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Randomman96 on 10 July 2017 - 03:17 PM

Details about the open Beta for EA's Battlefront 2 are out.


The beta starts on October 4th, closed for Pre-Purchasers.  The beta will then open up to all on the 6th, and will run until the 9th.  There will be two modes available, each for a different type of player.  Galactic Assault on Theed, the map and mode revealed at EA Play.  The other mode will be a Starfighter Assault, although details are currently scarce on that.  More details will be revealed at Gamescom.  Likely it will be similar to how they ran the open beta for Battlefield 1, where the map shown off at Gamescom will be the Beta's map as well.

#485068 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Randomman96 on 01 July 2017 - 06:54 PM

i miss when game "journalists" were people who actually liked games


This seems like as good of a time as any to make fun of Polygon again for their playtest of Doom (2016)


Perhaps the best out of all of them:

#484844 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Randomman96 on 15 June 2017 - 01:53 AM

Well now, coming off the heels of E3, as well as the statement from Take-Two saying they are UNDER-monetizing their games in terms of microtransactions, it has come light that Take-Two has forced a Cease and Desist on OpenIV, the primary modding tools for modding the singleplayer of GTA games.  Take-Two, in the cease and desist order is basically claiming modding GTA is illegal.  OpenIV complied, simply to avoid a long and costly legal battle that would likely to have gone nowhere.


In response, the PC gaming community is doing what they always do when BS moves like this happen, review bombing in protest.  Recent User Review Scores have dropped below 60% and will continue to fall.  In addition, some YouTubers, such as NerdCubed, have announced they will begin boycotting ALL TAKE-TWO TITLES until this changes.  Likely this will grow when news of it spreads out more, and the reviewers in the US actually wake up.


And, as much as I dislike Jim Sterling, I think we can all agree we know what the next Jimqusition will be about.


#484813 E3 2017: Everything was Metroid

Posted by Randomman96 on 13 June 2017 - 10:00 AM

I wouldn't worry about needing a Switch for Metroid any time soon. That game must be eeeeeeeaaaaarly in development if all they have is a logo. We don't even know if it's Retro making it.

I wouldn't worry about needing a Switch for Metoid.  Remember how the last two games went?  Be prepared for massive disappointment.

#484660 E3 2017: Everything was Metroid

Posted by Randomman96 on 11 June 2017 - 01:03 PM

Oh, have some additional gameplay of Battlefront 2 recorded after the Livestream:





In addition, a quick overview of each of the 4 basic classes, in case you never saw the livestream, or at least when they talked about them in it:


Even shorter summary:
Assault: Jack of all trades, close to mid range fighter

Specialist: Sniper/Infiltrator, Long range fighter, low health, high mobility

Officer: Support, close range fighter, buffs teammates, provides periodic points for both you and your teammates, as well as heals any nearby teammates

Heavy: what the name implies, close to mid range, high health, slow movement, can also get a small circular shield to protect yourself but slows even further

#484656 E3 2017: Everything was Metroid

Posted by Randomman96 on 10 June 2017 - 11:23 PM

How about another suprise?  Firaxis is teasing something new coming for XCOM 2, and will be revealed at the PC Gaming show on the 12.




Welp, I'm going to go prepare to sink a couple weeks straight into XCOM 2 when both after it's announcement and release.

#484642 E3 2017: Everything was Metroid

Posted by Randomman96 on 10 June 2017 - 01:25 PM

Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 1: In The Name of the Tsar trailers, since no one else posted them:



Do like how EA mislead us on how there wouldn't be any Rogue One related content in Battlefront 2 during it's reveal at the Star Wars Celebration.  Because right at 1 minute, 8 seconds, BAM, Death Troopers.

#484381 Destiny 2

Posted by Randomman96 on 18 May 2017 - 01:08 PM

Destiny 2 Gameplay reveal was today:

Gameplay Trailer


Full Gameplay Reveal livestream


With the sequel comes new things, including new powers.


So far in the trailer, I saw a Void Shield for the Titans that can be thrown Captain America style, as well as a hardlight wall a Titan can put up to use as waist high cover in a fight.  Only new power for Hunters I saw was an electric Bo Staff.  


New weapons are obvious.  Swords are making a comeback, this time they seem to have smaller one handed ones you can get.  A new weapon type, probably being a heavy weapon, are Grenade Launchers, something, funny enough, one of my friends on Xbox talked about with me on a weapon that would be cool to get.  There's also a Minigun that you can get (or it could be either a new model of Machine Guns, or even a new Exotic MG).


New vehicles are also coming.  The Sparrows may be getting a new look, but that's no the big thing.  That new big thing, no pun intended, are TANKS FOR THE GUARDIANS (no more cowering behind rocks every time a Fallen Spider Tank or Cabal Colossus Tank shows up)



EDIT: Also, full confirmation from Bungie that Destiny 2 is on PC was revealed during the Livestream.