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In Topic: The Video Game News Thread

16 November 2017 - 10:38 PM

And Geoff Keighley says to "Expect the unexpected" at his Game Awards in a few weeks. I'm sure I don't need to tell you guys what that means. But, just in case, DMC5 confirmed, obviously.

Sigh, who wants to take this turn of chalking another one on the board for "Ocelot getting hopes up for DMC5 and will have them dashed again"?

In Topic: The Video Game News Thread

16 November 2017 - 03:19 PM

EA could not give less of a damn about all this negative press because the game is still selling. Everyone made a big deal about that Reddit post that got downvoted, but how much you wanna bet that at least half of the what...600,000 people who downvoted it still bought the game?

Hell, quite a few people over there fail to realize they aren't the center of the universe and are nothing but a minority of all of those who would buy the game.  Because despite the dust they kick, they don't change anything, because lets look at a few things:

  1. It's an EA game.  EA is one of the largest publishers out there.  There games still typically sell.  On that note, it's a DICE game.  DICE has yet to have a game that doesn't sell well.
  2. It's a Star Wars game.  Everyone and their mother and their dog knows how big Star Wars is.  It will sell for being a Star Wars title regardless.
  3. It's a Star Wars title with a new movie coming out shortly after.  Battlefront 2015 sold amazingly well because of this.  The original battlefronts sold well off of the fan train that was from Episode II and Episode III, regardless of what people thought of the prequels.  Add to the fact that EA and DICE is also advertising stuff from The Last Jedi being in the game, plus a whole expansion dedicated to The Last Jedi, well, people are just going to have to get it.
  4. It's a Q4 title.  Those titles will typically sell well thanks to things like Black Friday sales/deals, Holiday Sales, and Christmas Shopping.  Because people know what would make a great gift?  That new Star Wars video game that just recently came out.  Oh, and more people will likely want it more BECAUSE of point 3 (The Last Jedi releasing shortly after).

What's that old expression?  "No publicity is bad publicity"?  People might hear about this, then see DICE and EA said they are changing it, they go "Problem solved" and buy it, regardless of if it changes or not.  Let us not forget the gaming community in general is horrible at putting their money where their mouth is.  Oh, and let us also not forget the whole "EA Cycle meme", where people will forget about this and it will come up again, repeating itself forever.  


Honestly, them more reddit tries to claim the "most downvoted comment ever" as a victory, the more they are shooting themselves in the foot.  They are just giving DICE and EA free advertising for Battlefront 2, and it's likely the game will sell even well.


Oh well, I guess when this they try kicking dust up again when something like this happens again, I can say "I told you so" with how ineffective they'll be.

In Topic: General LEGO Discussion

13 November 2017 - 12:20 AM

So, you know that new UCS Millennium Falcon?  The "Most pieces in one set" one?  The one that contains bits to do both the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy version?



Well, what if I told you I recently acquired it.  Haven't started building yet because it's at my house and I'm at school, but once the semester ends, and I go home for Winter break....



I wonder if I will build it faster or about as long as it took me to build the my Lego Death Star.

In Topic: SSLF's GOATest GOTY of the Year 2017

12 November 2017 - 01:36 AM

I would participate in this since I've played a metric crapton of this years titles.  However, I will be forgoing anything until Mid-December, as I am currently fending off my rage towards my PC for it's constant dying and self-f***cking in the past couple weeks.

In Topic: The Video Game News Thread

10 November 2017 - 01:56 AM

EDIT - Respawn Entertainment (makers of Titanfall) have just been acquired by EA. RIP.

What most people don't know and don't mention, including you guys, is that EA had their hands forced to buy out Respawn.


Just prior to that announcement, it was announced that Nexon Games, a Korean publisher/developer, was attempting to buy out Respawn Entertainment for $400 million.  EA had to push back to keep Titanfall and keep Respawn working on their unannounced Star Wars project.


Now, you guys probably don't know who Nexon is.  Which is understandable, their American and Europe studio has barely put out any big name titles.  Their Korean one, however, is their cash cow in Asia, and given their titles, it's clear to see why.  Their US studio, which has been, somewhat successful, was more successful than their European one.  Their most notable titles though?  Only publishing Lawbreakers's PC side, as well as making Vindictus and Maple Story.  


Their Korean side?  Well, they tend to get games out by taking an established IP, making a "spin off" (using the loosest meaning of it), and slapping "Online" to the end of it.  Most notably "Counter Strike Online", "Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online", and more recently (explaining their interest in Respawn) "Titanfall Online".  


However, they only similarities to the IP is, well the name, setting, and core.  Beyond that, they just fill the game with outlandish weapon models (like these), outlandish female playermodels (from what I've seen from ported models from CS:Online, like these, WHICH THEY MADE A SEQUEL OF BY THE WAY, AS WELL AS A ZOMBIE SHOOTER CLONE!), and in the case of "Titanfall Online"...   Cat themed titans.


And if you guys thought EA was a studio killer, boy you don't know Nexon.  See, while EA has killed studios in the past, at least they give the studios they take a chance, IE DICE and BioWare.  Nexon though?  They don't just kill a studio. They will take a studio, force outlandish changes to a game, drag said game down, then kill said studio with said game.  Look at GitS:SAC-First Assault Online.  It only launched out of beta just last year, while being a paid to play game.  Nexon, however, took that game, forced it to go Free To Play, added in in app purchases, dragged that game down, then just in August (By the way, that Free To Play update? July of the same year), the developers announced they are closing their doors and shutting the games servers in December.  This was a game that saw a healthy community of players in the thousands prior to this.


And unlike EA, it's to the point that other studios ARE RUNNING FROM THEM.  CCP games, the developers behind EVE: Online, had used Nexon to distribute their game in a few regions (namely Japan) for a while before ditching them.  Splash Damage, the team behind Return To Castle Wolfenstien's Multiplayer/Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory(an opensource version of the MP), Doom 3 Multiplayer, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and Brink used Nexon to help fund and push out their most recent Free To Play Shooter, Dirty Bomb, before ditching them the moment they could and partnered with WarChest instead for funds to keep the game running.


And to add to it, something to make sure EA would have wanted to keep Respawn away from Nexon, their titles?  Free To Play and PC and Mobile only, and typically Asia only.



So no, Respawn is going to be just fine.  Even more so than the fate that would have awaited them if they suddenly went insane and too Nexon's money.