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08 November 2017 - 04:31 PM

Korvarl finally stepped forward as the abominable demon was banished, though his eyes remained warily set on Caiden. They didn’t know what kind of demon he was, and apparently the other had been trying to manipulate them. Granted… maybe this was some kind of weird illusion to trick them into fighting each other. Or… something. The dwarf groaned, his head starting to ache. Gods damn this ‘adventure’ and all the ills it had brought them.


"All yours" Allya told him after ensuring the demon was really gone, stepping back and gesturing at the now-vacant summoning circle.


Silvershield nodded, stepping up to the circle and looking through the book, looking for the most potent - or at least the most plausible - celestial he could try to summon. On that note, which god was likely to take up their cause the most? Aw hells…


He took in the surrounding groups, taking a wild guess at their faiths. They did have a big ol’ warrior woman, one who undoubtedly praised the Aesir or Vanir. Same with the elf ladies and Elnira, too. Maybe that blonde Venator as well, Age-what’s-his-face. Besides them, though… Ah whatever, we outnumber ‘em. He decided with a shrug. Turning his full attention to the book, he wondered if a valkyrie or something of the sort would come to their aid. That’ll be something to tell the kids…


“Well, let’s see if this works.” He muttered - mostly to himself - before getting to work.




Percula stayed close to Caid - as she was wont to do - while Garandros and Agethar closed in. Oh boy…


Agethar turned out to be the more accepting of the two, reprimanding Garadros when the gruff man asked what had happened. Voros answered regardless.


"Some kind of demonic mutations," Caiden replied to Garandros. "From cursed obsidian... I can explain everything I know about it once we're out of this place," he finished for the both of them, though it was clear he wasn't too keen on doing that. Percula rested a hand on his shoulder to try easing his mood. It’s gonna be okay, Caid...


"For now, just trust me. Although I know it might not be easy to do."


“...If it’s any help,” Percula added, slipping in between Caiden and the other two. This did little more than accentuate how much smaller she was than him, and how bad she was at taking attention from Voros; much less when he was mutated like this. “I’ve been with him for…” She paused, realizing she hadn’t exactly kept track. “...a long while,” she finally settled with a sheepish grin, “and he hasn’t changed a bit. At least, not thanks to… uh, this.” Saffron clarified, poking a nearby tentacle. She resisted snickering at its reaction, trying to remember that normal people would be freaked out by all the demonic protrusions that Caid gained in this form, rather than amused.


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08 November 2017 - 12:29 PM

Sorry, I'll see if I can get something together today, but I've been just a little preoccupied by real life.

In Topic: ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

02 November 2017 - 02:23 AM

Percula had been expecting violence… but she hadn’t been expecting violence against anyone other than Caiden. It seemed the group trusted him far more than the elf who could speak fluent demonic.


Then again, that did make perfect sense.


Granted, enough people targeted Caid with threats to leave Saffron bristling protectively, and it was all she could do to stop herself from simply sealing herself and him in a bubble of frost for a quiet moment of safe isolation. But that wouldn’t help, would it? It’ll only make us look more guilty…


"Everyone, STOP!" Caiden roared - and roar he did, his voice halfway breaking into a terrible, demonic sound that sent chills up even Percula’s spine. He paused after that, if only for half a second, and Percula could all but sense the waves of ‘I didn't mean to do that’ radiating off him, even if they were imperceptible to everyone else, who saw only a demonic monstrosity that was apparently deeply frustrated and trying not to show it. Caiden's cool - at least outwardly - returned in about half a second, and he looked as stony as ever... even in his new form.


At least after that, Caid’s explanation seemed to get most people on their side; more people than Percula had expected, really. Granted, there was a distinct exception...


Malvolio, the Templar, snorted and said "I suggest that you renew whatever illusion that hid your curse from us: the next people to see you probably won't be as forgiving as us."


Saffron frowned. “That’s gonna be a bit, thanks to someone shouting in demon.” She grumbled, glancing sideways at Allya. She wasn’t exactly angry at the elf - it seemed to have badly affected the actually bad demon - but… still. Some warning would have been nice.


That’s stupid. She didn’t know before, and she couldn’t have. It’s Malvolio who’s being an ass.


Allya was busy banishing the demon anyway, leaving the rest of them to hang around rather awkwardly. Percula took a deep breath.


“On the bright side… we have another little edge on the big demon, right?” She offered quietly, glancing from one party member to the next. The temperature around her was far more normal than before as the pixie tried to relax. “Think of it like that, guys.” Saffron chimed, trying to inject a higher spirit into the tense atmosphere.




Korvarl, meanwhile, stayed reserved and uneasy. Maybe when the demon’s - well… the real demon, I guess - is gone, it’ll be a little easier to think. He thought to himself, staying quiet.


01 November 2017 - 10:32 AM

I guess I should get some kind of post up to explain my own choices >u>

I personally voted for shotguns and crazy guns, when it comes to weaponry. Shotguns are my first true love in any particular shooter (mostly because I'm plain bad at aiming for people's heads, or at them in general beyond a certain range. Also high burst damage, baby) but crazy guns often turn out to be more fun in games that have them. In Warframe in particular, I've gathered combinations of the two. Automatic shotguns that fire more ammo per shot the longer you hold the trigger, a small cannon that floods a fair-sized area with a wace of radiation, a gorram rifle that shoots glass to explode and carve up clusters of bad guys...

I also had to pick the mage when it came to voting for classes. I am and always will have a love for technical magic, pouring over spellbooks and immersing myself in the minutiae of complex systems like Pathfinder's and D&D's. And there's nothing quite like being able to hurl a fireball or simply grow the Barbarian to massive size to deal with a crowd. Choices, choices...

For the final choice, though, I had to go gamist.

It's not that I dislike simulation games or narrative games; I have a good few hundred hours put into Arma, as well as a couple games I've barely touched if only because I played the story once and felt satisfied (i.e. Undertale, for example. Still can't bring myself to do a genocide run). However, I place gameplay over this because I often find solid gameplay can help you create your own stories. For example, Planetside 2: most times I pp
op into this massive-scaled Battlefield-esque shooter, I end up as part of a campaign or loosely-tied squad battling across a continent. I have both witnessed and led charges I still try to put into words around other people - and often fail because I'm a socially awkward mess IRL. However, my point is that ultimately I get a lot of really cool war stories out of Planetside 2, an all-multiplayer PvE shioter, because of its solid gameplay features that help craft those experiences. It's kind of amazing and I regularly find myself wishing for similar experiences.

Anyway, that's about it. Soyeah.

In Topic: ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

26 October 2017 - 12:08 PM

"A battle between the servants of Good and Evil?" the Priest asked, raising an eyebrow. "That's something I didn't think I would happen on this trip."


Korvarl chuckled. “You an’ me both, ol’ man, but I ain’t complainin’.”


"No need" Alya replied to Korvarl’s call for chalk. "If what that book says is true, we could re-purpose the summoning circle trapping the demon at the temple. After dealing with it, of course."


“Roight. Still, if we’re gonna try the same trick to send tha’ big ol’ reptile t’hell, we’re gonna need a lotta chalk.” He pointed out as the group began to head to the temple.




Caiden just grunted at Percula at first, but eventually he nodded. "Not sure how everyone will take it," he said quietly. "But... I've fought one demon with it already. Might as well make it two."


Saffron grinned. “Well, if you’re fighting a demon, I don’t think anyone sane’s gonna attack you.” She offered, before thinking it over for a moment. “Aaat least until after the demon’s gone.”






Korvarl flinched as Alya spoke - nay, practically shouted - something particularly demonic-sounding. He was about to ask her what in the hells she was up to when he noticed firsthand how the massive demon before them cowered. Profane knowledge or not, whatever she’d said was undoubtedly very effective.


At more than just that, too, for better or worse.


One of their number - the enormous Venator Caiden - collapsed with a grunt… and, before their very eyes, began to change. Silvershield swore, going for his axe as he glanced at Alya. “What in the hells didya do, elf?!” He demanded, moving between Voros and Elnira, shield ready but not raised. For all he knew, she’d just… cursed him or something, if not on purpose than by accident somehow. There was a reason you didn’t shout random phrases in demonic. At least, not around other people.


If the sight of Caiden transforming hadn’t been so traumatic, Korvarl might have realized the Venator’s reaction did not quite align with his train of thought. However, between his split attention and watching a man turn into a demonic monstrosity was more than enough to throw Silvershield’s senses off, leaving him with little to do but brace for an attack and pray Voros hadn’t lost himself to… whatever the hell this was.






That pretty much summed it up, yeah. Percula had done her best to restrain the curse, but there was nothing for it. After Alya said… whatever she’d said, Saffron had lost all control over Caiden’s mutations, and now they were in a far worse situation than she’d bothered to think about. Worse still thanks to there being an actual Templar just a few feet away, as well as that damned demon goading everyone.


"My true intent is to have each of you betray one another, one by one. It seems my work is taking care of itself. As for Xiraloc, I know much. I will answer whatever questions you may have... though it seems you may have more important matters to attend to."


Percula desperately wanted to reply, but getting between everyone else and Caiden took a significantly higher priority. The small, elven figure did little to block anything from reaching the demon physically, though, so the pixie turned to her voice and emotional ploy to prevent Caid from getting shot full of crossbow bolts.


“W-wait!” Saffron called for everyone’s attention. “Look, I know this looks bad, but by all the gods I swear he’s okay! Caid isn’t a threat to you or your enemy!”


Granted, knowing humans, Percula had a feeling someone was going to shoot - or charge screaming into melee - regardless of what she said. The temperature around her dropped quite noticeably as she anticipated such action; and hoped that Huo wouldn’t start slinging fireballs. She hadn’t gotten the hang of blocking that kind of thing.