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Today, 12:15 PM

Krystia spluttered indignantly as Lyneth dragged her away. She glanced at Caiden and noticed he was looking away. Clearly just as hurt as she was.


"What are you doing!?" She hissed. Krystia took a deep breath to centre herself.


Lyneth smiled apologetically. “Love, I’m trying-”


"Are you trying to steal Caiden from me? Or did you think we could share him?"


Brys balked at that visibly. It took her a long moment to control the sudden rush the idea of a threesome gave her. Her smile weakened as she finally shook herself out of it, and she gave ‘Krystine’ a pat on a shoulder.


“I’m more of a one on one girl myself.” She winked. “I just wanted to give you a little help, ah…”

There was a long, uncomfortable pause. The half-demon ended up clearing her throat a little loudly.


“...I can’t say I really recall your name, I apologize.” She flashed another smile. “I’m Lyneth, and you’re…?”


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Yesterday, 04:10 PM

"Seems an all too common occurrence around here..." Athens commented, glancing over at Cyrus, and some of the other tragedy-stricken hunters that made up the homeguard of the Venatori.


Lyneth tilted her head slightly, studying her new companion as he got all thoughtful like that. He had a certain passive smolder as he did, and the half-demon’s lip curled into a playful grin as she noted all the little details she could spot. Gods, he was practically carved from marble. He’ll be fun to play with.


Athens' expression shifted back and he nodded politely to Lyneth. "That sounds like you have a plan, partner." Athens shot a playful wink at the girl and turned to walk towards the doors. "Would you mind leading the way, Miss Lyneth?"


Lyneth giggled at Athens’ wink, slipping her arm around his, an impish smile on her face. “It’ll be my pleasure, Sir Astoria.”

As she led him along, a few different happenings occurred. A loud, rude Inquisitor arrived, Brennus began to mix with the crowd himself, and-


Oh no, what’s the poor girl doing?


Lyneth found herself watching Kryst… Krystine? Yeah, that must’ve been it. The poor girl was trying to tackle Caiden Voros himself, the hunkiest hunk to ever end up shunning womankind. A heartfelt sigh escaped Brys’s lips as she gazed upon that beauty of a man, unresolved dreams circling her mind. Oh the fun they could have…


It took her a moment to shake herself out of it, pushing the voices to the back of her mind. Nuh uh, not now. A fellow girl needed help. Badly.


“Actually… do you mind claiming a table for us?” She smiled apologetically at Athens. “I think someone needs my help, if you know what I mean.” Lyneth gave him a nudge along with her hip. “Promise it won’t take too long, ‘sire’.” She winked playfully, slipping away into the crowd.


Moments later, Lyneth all but materialized by Kryst… ine’s side, intercepting her hand with her own. “Oh, Krystine, I’ve been looking all over for you!” She smiled widely, her pearly whites almost shimmering in the hall’s lighting. “I had some hunting techniques I wanted to show you!” She winked at the younger Venator, gently trying to guide her away. “Don’t worry gentlemen, I won’t be long~...” Brys added, flashing Caiden a warm grin as she hauled ‘Krystine’ off to safety.

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20 May 2018 - 08:12 PM

Athens is pretty sad that Lyneth doesn't find him pretty.


I wrote that post before actually sitting down and reading yours ;u;

She is happy to have a pretty boy coming with her c:

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20 May 2018 - 08:00 PM

Well, call me a gold digger ‘cause I just struck the motherlode.


"I'd love to, if you'll take me." Athens called to Lyneth in response to her call for an ally. The young nobleman walked briskly over as he continued. "Do you mind taking me along? I'm dying to leave."


Brys almost had to bite her tongue to keep it from running across her lips. Gods damn this guy sure had a lot going for him. Her mind raced to recall information about him; her frequent hunts and travels left her coming up with little more than a blank. He sure had the general air of being new, but besides that...


Athens gave her a noble, yet charming smile and extended a hand. "Apologies... I am Athens, of Astoria. What might your name be?"


Lyneth flashed him a smile with her own pearly whites, taking his hand in a fairly dainty shake. She didn’t exactly have much strength to show for all her time with the Venatori. “Oh, just call me Lyneth.” She half-curtsied, recalling some manners she picked up from watching folks back in Kyjovia. “I’m afraid I don’t have much in the way of a title, myself. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, shall it?” Her smile widened a tad as she moved just a little closer…

"I'll join you two in a second." An all-too-familiar voice called out from across the room. Brys’s smile faltered for a moment as her gaze shifted to the phrase’s source, and she let out a small sigh when she recognized the armor-clad figure.


“I guess hunting in pairs isn’t in style, anymore.” Lyneth pouted, keeping her voice low enough so that mostly just Athens and anyone else very close by could hear. Considering how many people were speaking, that wasn’t particularly difficult. “Well, I guess you get a fun buddy and… him, for this trip.” She sighed, exaggerating her exasperation just slightly. “Gods, one accident happens and fun guys like him just... poof! turn into grumpy old men who wear armor and groan all the time.”


Lyneth found herself idly curling a lock of raven hair around one of her fingers; it was something of a passive tick of hers. “Hmph, well, we have a little time to ourselves while he’s busy. How ‘bout we grab something from the kitchen and make a plan over lunch?”


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20 May 2018 - 05:59 PM

Lyneth is going to be sad if she doesn't get any pretty people to come with her :(