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HELP - DM Info Thread

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Posted 13 May 2017 - 08:41 AM

DISCLAIMER: The events in this RPG are to be considered absolutely non-canon to the stories of Wulfgard. In fact, certain quests and events will directly contradict the main storyline and other storylines. This will both avoid any potential spoilers and give players the opportunity to influence the world, and its characters, in ways they never could during a truly canon RPG.


Nothing in this RPG should be considered true to the official novels, comics, and other stories of Wulfgard.



This topic is for DMs wanting to start their own custom Errant campaign. Anyone who wants to participate as a player can sign up for an existing campaign or else just sign up for Errant in general via a sign-up thread.


Here's how this works:


To propose a campaign, start a new topic with your campaign title and a blurb describing your campaign, to advertise it to potential players and get them interested. You will be the DM of this campaign. It's your job to specify what players can play as, what the story of your campaign is, where you start out, etc., and you can provide descriptions and opening scenes.


Remember, players can also join as a pre-existing character you have played as before, and in fact this is encouraged, if possible, but they'll be using the character sheet in the character creation board, if you are creating a new character for the campaign - and you'll have to also make a new character thread.


Alternatively, if you do not want to DM a campaign and instead just want to suggest one, you can still start a thread and then see if anyone else is interested in running it. I'm always open for running types of campaigns suggested by players, so I might snatch up a few if no one else wants to do them. For instance, someone could simply suggest that they would like to see a pirate-based campaign, but they'd rather participate as a player than as a DM. If that's the case, another member can step up to volunteer to DM it, or I can do it myself.


By "campaign" I'm essentially using a catch-all term for "quest" and "group." A campaign is a quest that a specific group will undertake. Groups don't have to disband after they finish a campaign; they can easily continue adventuring together and go on more campaigns as a group. In fact, I would prefer if groups stuck together, rather than people making new characters all the time. Obviously there's nothing wrong with creating new characters, but it'd be fun to see lots of development for existing ones, too.


Here's the info a DM's campaign thread should include:

  • A description of the quest, as long or as short as you want it to be. You can make it long, cinematic, and elaborate, or very simple; it's up to you
  • The starting zone of the RP (you do not have to specify what other zones might be covered over the course of the quest; you can leave that as a surprise, of course)
  • A list of the restrictions, if any, on player races in accordance with the nature of your campaign

You don't always have to request a new player group - in fact, I encourage prospective DMs to pick a group they like and then request to lead them on their next quest (if that group doesn't have a quest already). If there's a group you like, whether you're personally in it or not, you can suggest a quest to run for them. If you're in the group, you can request me to make a quest for you to go on, if you want some specific genre of quest next. Just be sure to check whether or not that group already has a new quest pending, in which case your quest would come next in line.


You can use this formatting to post your own custom campaign ideas and see if any other players are interested in joining. Note that I prefer for campaigns to be discussed with me, as well (though this isn't strictly required). I promise I'm gentle. :P


tl;dr: If you want to start your own campaign in Errant, do this:

  1. Start a new topic describing your campaign. Include race restrictions, if any.
  2. PM me to discuss the nature of your campaign, at least in brief, if you want - I would prefer if you do this, but I am not strictly requiring it. I'm not going to be too restrictive; I just want to make sure people aren't trying to do something totally wacky that would potentially destroy the entire world and all the players everywhere.
  3. Direct players to the character sheet thread in the character creation board, and/or the getting started HELP thread in that same board, so they know how to make their characters.
  4. Direct players to post the name of their character in your campaign thread, with a link to their character topic, NOT to re-post their entire character sheet
  5. Wait for people to sign up!

I will note, however, that campaigns are meant to be adventures, not huge, sweeping epic battles of insane proportions where dragons and gods clash and the mortal men can only watch. Events such as those are saved for "World Events," which are something else entirely.


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