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#409626 The Corrupted: Countdown/Universe Topic

Posted by old-altair on 23 July 2013 - 08:46 PM

I'll check this out, definitely!

#405998 Harry Monster's Monstrous Sketchbook: In Glorious Technicolor!

Posted by old-altair on 09 June 2013 - 04:32 AM

I found myself having a conversation with Spencer the Spastic Specter. I was like "Aw, he's kinda cute." Then, he got all sad, and I was like "Don't cry, you'll make me cry!" He looked surprised, so I said "There ya go! Has anyone ever told you you look like an octopus?"  He got all suspicious, so I said "I meant it as a compliment!" He then yelled "You look like an octopus!" So I apologized, and he got all fancy. :3


Dat still life man... It's like the little wooden figure is considering his life... he must have done something bad... maybe he did some things he regretted, said some things he didn't mean... maybe he hurt someone, someone he cared about... aw man now I'm gonna cry!  :cry:


I love that Ace card. The way the crossed leg mirrors is just so... perfect! It just matches precisely! Keep up the good work man! ;)

#405587 Crazy Nerdy Crochet

Posted by old-altair on 05 June 2013 - 05:04 PM

Those ninjas are so CUTE! I love them!

Like Klaykid, my mom crochets. She made me a blanket and a scarf that I use all the time because, well, Colorado. :P 

I am definitely looking forward to the Avengers, and all the rest that come after them!

#405500 Pacific Rim

Posted by old-altair on 04 June 2013 - 04:39 PM



Your welcome.

#405116 Rise: Tales of the Verse

Posted by old-altair on 31 May 2013 - 03:58 AM



      Letsa'ven closed the book and set it down on the side table. "Sir. The Novan Republic scouts we captured won't give up anything. What shall we do?" The soldier asked. He was short, with black hair and a squarish face. Dressed in the standard purple and black Tyrachus Army uniform, he stepped into the officer quarters. The man was clearly nervous, as he was swallowing hard and avoiding all eye contact with the leader of the Tyrachus Army. "Have a drink first." Letsa'ven held up a small glass and smiled. "I'm sorry, sir, b-but Tyrachus Army rules do not allow me to have alcohol on d-duty." The soldier stammered out. "I knew you weren't thick. Escort me to the prisoners." Letsa'ven responded. He set the drink down and pulled his gloves on carefully, as if they were made of glass.

      The cold of the Novariim winter is enough to stop most people from coming there. It did not, however, effect Letsa'ven this day. He strode into the compound's yard as if it were the middle of summer on Vegas. The two Humans and the Novak in front of him, however, felt the full force of the cold, as they were dressed in ragged clothing. "Alright. Who will tell me where she is?" Letsa'ven took a few steps closer to the prisoners. The Novak and one of the Humans shook their heads. The other Human in the center stood tall, eyes pointed forward. Letsa'ven unfastened the button on his holster and removed a sleek, solid black pistol. He aim and fired into the Novak's head, hitting him above his left eye. The Human was hit directly between the eyes. All that was left was the Human who had stood tall. He moved his head ever so slightly and lobbed a gob of spit onto Letsa'ven's boot, smirking the whole time. Letsa'ven crouched and leaned closer to the prisoner. He held up the pistol. "This gun was modeled after a certain pistol used on Earth, long before its fall. It was used by a certain group of people, a group bent on controlling the planet. Can you tell me the group?" The prisoner stayed still, glaring into Letsa'ven's eyes. "They were known as the Third Riech, or more commonly known as the Nazi's. This pistol is modeled after the Luger." 

      "Like the Nazi's, I will force you to feel suffering, a pain you have never felt before in your life. Your friends here," Letsa'ven said, pointing at the bodies lying next to him, "will be the lucky ones." He slid the pistol back into his holster and stood up. "You. Torture him until he gives up the information." He ordered, pointing at a female lieutenant. She saluted and grabbed the prisoner's arm, taking him across the yard. "You. Escort me back to my quarters. You shall become my bodyguard." He pointed at the soldier that had escorted him there. Letsa'ven turned quickly and strode back across the yard. 

      Letsa'ven had continued reading the book and sipping alcohol when the soldier piped up. "Uh, sir? Pardon me asking, but what are you torturing the prisoner for?" He asked. Letsa'ven shut the book and finished the glass. "What is your name?"

"Uh, Micha'lav, sir." The soldier gulped.

"We are searching for a certain woman. She will lead us to our ultimate goal. Do you know who that woman is?"

"Uh, no sir. That's why I asked, sir."

"Her name is Margaret Erachin. With hope, we will find her and eliminate her, after we find out where her father is. We will kill him, take his army, and take control of this blasted galaxy. Now that you know, I have no choice but to promote you to General. How does that sound?"

"Great, sir."

#404582 Epic Fiction Rap Battles

Posted by old-altair on 21 May 2013 - 09:35 AM

Welcome heroes, villains, and SSLFer's! We have a new pair of people to duke it out...


In this corner, we have the current leader of the Heroes of Cyrodiil, the Saviors of Morrowind, the so-called Scourge of Skyrim... (yes, I prefer the Stormcloaks. :P)

General Tullius! (His theme)


In the opposite corner, we have the Dark Lord of the Sith, The Betrayer of the Jedi, the Dark One...

Darth Vader! (His theme)



Tullius: We both lead the Empire,

              But we know mine is supreme,

              We're even called Imperials,

              So it's in my bloodstream!


              Sure, my forces use swords and shields,

              But yours can't even aim!

              You could say it's in your favor,

              But I'd say it's my game.


Vader: Are you kidding me, you old fart?

            We could take out your army so fast, 

            You couldn't even retaliate!

            It's time for you to get out of the past!


            You use a sword and shield!

            We use a blaster rifle!

            I've a sword here, on my belt,

            But with just my hand I can make all of you stifle!


Tullius: Old man? Are you kidding me? 

              I could take you down easily! 

              Remove your helmet, and let's fight!

              You'll die, then I'll sit here cozily!


              I'll have my archers rip you apart!

              My legionaries will slice you!

              It's time for you to face the might of the true Empire,

              while my legion dices you!


Vader: Truly you are messing with me!

            Saying you can take me down?

            I'll choke you, I'll throw you,

            then I shall have your crown!


            My Stormtroopers will blast you!

            My riflemen will fire and pierce,

            your silly little bronze!

            And then we'll see who can fight more fierce!



Who won, guys?

Remember, you can make your own!

This one wasn't the best, but, well...

The next one shall be...


Ezio de Auditore


Agent 47!

Who's the better assassin? 

Feel free to suggest, make your own, and say who won!

#404435 Epic Fiction Rap Battles

Posted by old-altair on 20 May 2013 - 03:45 AM

Welcome to Epic Fiction Rap Battles! Here's our first battle...



Captain Kirk! 


Captain America!




Kirk: You call your self a captain,

         and you can't even fight!

         Why don't you call the Avengers,

         to turn on your nightlight?


         I'm the true captain here,

         everything you do is my will!

         Set phasers to stun? 

         Screw that, set phasers to kill!


America: Look at the pretty boy,

                thinks he can rap!

                You're gonna get a lesson

                from good ol' Cap!


                I'm a strong man, 

                practically made of muscles,

                you're a tiny little kid who gets a scratch

                in miniature tussles!


Kirk: You're like a gymnast in armor,

         leaping around!

         I bet I can beat you

         without ever leaving the ground!


         Sure, you have the Avengers,

         right on your back,

         But I have the Enterprise,

         ready for attack!


America: My shield will block anything,

                not one thing is flawed,

                Hell, it stopped Thor's hammer,

                and he's a f****** god!


                Listen up kid, right now, 

                I'm going easy on you,

                But I could destroy you any day,

                even if I was two!


Who won, guys?


Feel free to post your own on here!

The next one I'm doing will be...


Darth Vader


General Tullius!

Both lead the Empire, but who will be victorious? 





#403148 Harry Monster's Monstrous Sketchbook: In Glorious Technicolor!

Posted by old-altair on 04 May 2013 - 06:14 AM



I'm getting that pretzel.

Love that picture. 

#402320 Harry Monster's Monstrous Sketchbook: In Glorious Technicolor!

Posted by old-altair on 19 April 2013 - 01:31 PM

Ooooh! Nice! Like the "You're dead to me."

Also, how was Oblivion? Was it good?

#402182 Harry Monster's Monstrous Sketchbook: In Glorious Technicolor!

Posted by old-altair on 17 April 2013 - 08:20 AM

Sorry. :P

Booker would be awesome though. 

Also, is it one of the Metro games? 2033 or Last Light?

#401877 Airsoft/Paintball/Nerf discussion

Posted by old-altair on 12 April 2013 - 02:41 PM

Last year, my friend invited me to his birthday. We were gonna have an awesome Nerf battle with like 15 people, but all we had was a basement. For about 15 people. Well, it was complete awesomeness. We flipped over a mattress and made a shield, and we duked it out. We got great headshots, and the mattress was tipped over and fell on me. I did a dramatic "just leave me behind" thing, and grabbed a Nerf pistol and took down like three guys before they rescued me. I'm thinking of conducting a huge battle up at a local park, just me and my friend on recon, conducting a huge force to take over the base and finish off the other guys. Anyway, my friends are always talking about paintball matches. I might get into it.

#392680 Introduce yourself!

Posted by old-altair on 07 December 2012 - 04:03 AM

I'm Alex, and I came here by looking up Lego Halo. So... yeah.