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#484935 ZONE - The Skaldsong Tavern ((Delving Too Deep - START))

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 20 June 2017 - 07:58 PM

"Maybe," Huo Shiye said, stroking his chin "or maybe I've just chosen a bad time to visit."​


​"It's both, I'm afraid." Belaya replied, and took a sip of her drink.


"Nomads are something I am familiar with," the Easterner said "Wood Elves are not. Most humanoid creatures that inhabit forests in the east aren't too friendly."


​"I know you haven't seen much in this land, what else is new to you here?" She asked in reply. "I... I apologize, I'm sorry for so many questions, I don't meet many travelers."

#484912 ZONE - The Skaldsong Tavern ((Delving Too Deep - START))

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 18 June 2017 - 07:01 PM

Huo sat quietly for a moment before saying "It's...more peaceful of what I've experience in this Northrim country so far. The East is full of different peoples, cultures, and religions, and all of them are fierce warriors, but they can also make great works in time of peace. The people here seem nice as well, but much more warlike; the culture and religion of this place reflects that too, What I've heard of the Empire and the South, they don't seem too far off the mark either."​


"Not all people here are like that, you've only seen a small portion of this land if that is all you believe." Belaya tensed, for a foreigner to see all westerners as warmongering, she was ashamed.


"Tell me, you don't seem...human: something about you feels different then the others here. What are you exactly?"


​"My people are the vidralfar, ​or Wood Elves, in the common tongue." She said, thinking back to her own tribe, pondering on how they had fared in her absence. "We move from place to place, something like nomads, I guess... it's not too bad though." She added, the smell of her father's workshop still lingered in her memory.

#484581 Delving Too Deep - Sign-ups

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 02 June 2017 - 01:25 PM

I'm definetly bringing along Belaya Orious, but I don't know if I'll have a second character.

#484511 HELP - Special Permission

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 27 May 2017 - 10:47 PM

An unimplimented character that I've been toying with, it's also late and I said I would post this tonight. I still intend to play around and shuffle his attributes and biography. I would like permission to use Divine Magic.



Haigen Vaudrie


Full Name: ​Haigen Vaudrie
Aliases: ​None.​
Sex: ​Male
Race: ​Human (Nordling/Achean)
Birthplace: ​Crow's Roost, a smaller town not too far from Arrowfall. Once it was an Imperial fort to watch for Northern troops moving across the border, it was deemed obsolete when other watchtowers were built further north.
Affinity: ​Fire
Deity: ​Astra Aeterna
Magic: ​Divine
Faction: ​Templar
​Divine Lore
Education (Northrim)
Noble Combat
Strength: ​6
Agility: ​5
Constitution: ​7
Perception: ​5
Intelligence: ​6
Spirit: ​5
Luck: ​6
Tall and lean, standing around six feet tall with a toned physique and broad shoulders. While he has the body of an athlete, he has been constantly reminded of how he 'has his mother's hands', long and elegant fingers and smaller palms. Regardless, Haigen prides himself for the hands, and wraps them to keep them from becoming rough and blistered. His hair is a dark chestnut colour and is kept short around the sides. Some features belong to his father, such as his dark, hawk-like eyes and lower cheekbones.
  • 1 full set of deepgold and deepsilver chain armor
  • 1 set of fine clothing
  • 1 holy symbol of Astra Aeterna
  • 1 deepsilver Longsword
  • 1 holy torch
  • 1 longbow (20 arrows)
  • 1 red traveling cloak
  • 1 deepgold and deepsilver shield
  • 1 deepsilver dagger
  • 2 vials of holy water
  • 1 book of prayers
  • Water and rations
  • A wedding band, worn on a cord around the neck
  • Shaving kit
  • Bed roll
​Haigen was born in the North, and followed in his father's ideals of marrying young and settling down as far from the rest of the world as he could. Her name was Eydis, and Haigen's heart belonged to her, at the age of twenty-two, she gave birth to a daughter, Cera, and Haigen could not have been prouder. They went on living peacefully away from war and strife, in the North. Until plague afflicted the village, and claimed the life of his daughter in the night. Overwhelmed with grief, Eydis took her own life. Haigen was heart-broken, and cursed the his Nordic Gods, smashing the symbols of his broken faith. As punishment, the Gods raised the dead of Crow's Roost as undead, who proceeded to destroy the village. Haigen, badly wounded, witnessed the light of Astra Aeterna surround the Templar Knights who had been sent to cleanse the area. In his moment of need, he professed his faith in the Light, vowing to devote his entire life to the preservation of the Light. He was healed, and found himself surrounded by a holy aura. Not long afterwards, he followed the Knights to Templara, where he began studying and training to join the Knights order. Many years have passed, and his faith has never been broken.
Campaign History:





#484507 moving Wicktures that you are watching

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 27 May 2017 - 09:20 AM

Just watched Dead Men Tell No Tales. Sad, drunk Jack Sparrow was not funny half the time, Carina Smith was the biggest Mary Sue I've ever seen. Orlando Bloom gets maybe five minutes of screen time, the character of Barbosa was completely twisted and made me cringe. Still a PoTC film, so I'd give it a 6.5/10.

#482373 Jagged Edge Free-Roam OOC

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 29 January 2017 - 08:56 PM

Thanks, my post was kinda throw together last night, before being posted this morning.

I'll get to editing. I did mention how I was shot at by a goblin, though.

#482137 Historical LEGO Suggestions?

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 24 January 2017 - 09:56 PM

Hmm... must've missed those...

Anyways, historical figures. I have a friend who has been working on a Wolfenstein diorama and is looking for a Hitler minifigure, I'll be sure to tell him about the Gestapo that are already here.

#482045 ZONE - Chaos Breeding Camp

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 22 January 2017 - 11:11 PM

Breath in, count to three.

Breath out, count to three.

Alden couldn't believe it. Three days with no sight of danger, and now he was in chains, Hallvard beside him (figuratively, of course) and it was all his fault. It wasn't like the last time. Before, he had an army of enslaved warriors, waiting for their chains to be broken. Now, he was in a cage, alongside farmers, settlers, and three who seemed very out-of-place in the Edge. However, he didn't take the time to ask for their names, he instead tried to listen to his captors.

He had heard their plan, and he felt doom creep over him. These weren't just goblins who were too busy picking for shinies to notice their slaves walk off. They had been captured by the Army of Chaos, and from what he had heard from Hallvard and his group, his chances of survival were slim. Maybe this is it. Alden sighed, and rested his head against the bars.

Alden jumped up as a horn was blown, and the camp began to scramble. Over the commotion, he heard the familiar voice of his friend call to him, and he turned to see him "A-Alden! Alden! I-if you have a chance to run, t-take it!"

"You too, Hallvard, just... don't wait for me, alright?" Alden said, trying to remain calm, but slowly faltering. "I-I... I am sorry, friend. I..." Alden stopped, and wrapped his bandaged fingers around the bars.

I need to escape, but I'm not leaving him... Alden began to examine his cage, looking for a weak point in the construction, or even something useful amongst the refuse.

#481105 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 24 December 2016 - 04:31 PM

As characters go, I would probably write someone new. The CS I dropped earlier was more of a writing exercise than a legit character.

#480307 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 29 November 2016 - 06:35 PM

Sorry, I just remember someone refering to Hill Dwarves as Halflings, or at least "Halfling" being a nickname for Hill Dwarves. As it goes for vampires... I just have this thing about killing classic, conventional vampires. Gsrlic, sunlight, stakes, that sort of thing.

Also, I didn't necessarily say that I wanted all those things in the Jagged Edge :P

#480300 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 29 November 2016 - 05:00 PM

The Jagged Edge would be interesting. I think I would go and write a different character for it, seeing as it gives opportunity to so many more races and characters. Also, there is a good chance that any of my characters are edible once in the Edge.

On the idea of monsters, while this is unrelated to the free-roam, I really want to see a dragon as a boss somewhere in a future campaign. Not now, but some day. *looks upon horizon* I think vampires would be a nice encounter, albeit dangerous.

But really, trolls would be cool. Especially when you have to fight them in confined spaces or mountain tops. I would love to see some Northmen, maybe a mead hall or fighting guild, I can see some drunken shenanigans already in the brew (pun intended ;)) Or Halflings, they're always fun.

#480143 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 22 November 2016 - 04:17 PM

Thanks. I've been doing a bit of lurking around here, but I understand what campaigning does compared to freeroaming. I agree, relaxed freeroaming is a nice way to continue Errant without the stress and pressure a long campaign can bring (along with holiday and family time.) I wasn't asking for anything, but if a few characters want to get together, I'd like to tag along.

Summary: Campaigns are great, but some people prefer to be eased into the quest with freedom and exploration. Errant nostalgia.

#480123 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 21 November 2016 - 11:03 PM

I am aware that you can do that, just as you said, players often forget the main objective of the game. They can forget that they are in an open world. Kudos to Maverick Werewolf for being able to play the role of the Dungeon Master of nearly all of Errant.

That's the thing about Errant. So many possibilities. So much responsibility. Still, I am amazed at how this beast has become it's own chunk of Saber-Scorpion Lair Forums, as well as our hearts. <3

#473650 SSLF: The Return of Lord Agruzgakbalat

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 05 July 2016 - 01:08 PM

Name: Spectral Lactose

Gender: Mail

Appearance: A lanky geek wearing a tacky hoodie and toque although everyone else is critizing for not dressing like a beach-bum.

Rank on SSLF: "once-a-week" checking, post liking, RP hyping, disconnected Freebie piece of trash.


"... and this, is my... CRINGE-STICK!.. it's a 202X model sawn-off cringegun built and distributed by the Saber-Scorpion store, it fires horrible, over-used one-liners and internet memes,  you can find it in the "Accessories" page. Shop 'Scorp... shop, Saber Scorp."


Go wild with designing a Cringe Stick :P

#468096 ZONE - Castle Blood, Southwestern Wilds

Posted by GhostlyCheese on 10 April 2016 - 11:55 PM

((Dang it! I knew things would eventually fall out of the lull, *Sigh* Vehoe's gonna have to cope with some sanity loss...))

Vehoe stared blankly into the darkness, it seemed to writhe and lurch as if the shadows were alive. He was frozen in terror. Perpetually terrified. Although his comrades could not see his expression through his shawl, his jaw was slacked, his eyes staring on in horror.After a moment, he finally felt his eyes break from the abyss, he cursed under his breath. The darkness had done it's work, he could feel how it had touched him. Vehoe was snapped from his own fear when he heard a blade fly through the air and stick in the leg of girl.

As they wrapped wounds and talked over the new hostage, Vehoe remained silent, still collecting himself from the darkness' breach into his mind.

"You hear that?" he said. "She's the squire of a knight the Imperials sent into the dungeon! We've got to catch up to 'em; no time to waste on this girl. I say we kill 'er right now, so we don't have to keep lookin' back over our shoulders in case she comes after us. Or at best, tie 'er up, bash 'er on the head, and stuff 'er in that door back there - it looks like some kinda storage closet."

"The Imperials may have a better understanding of this place than we do, I say we get what we can out of her, and-" Vehoe began. He had some skill in interrogation, while he wasn't imposing or scary, he could calmly question and pull information. But as he spoke, the Beetle-man pulled a dirk from his sash in retaliation to the Satyr had said about killing the newly-titled hostage.

"If any of you want to kill her, you'll have to go through me. I will not let you kill a useful hostage, much less a young woman: killing an unarmed captive would only prove to the Imperials that we are monsters as they say we are."

Vehoe approached him and spoke calmly, "Come on, Barty, put the letter opener away, no one is killing anyone yet." He rested a hand on his own blade strapped to his hip. "If you ask me, we could use her. We could use her as a bargaining piece, you know? Even better, they don't have anything against us." He looked down at the squire. "They might not hand over a castle for just one of their own when we've already killed a number, but we'll take what we can get in exchange for her."