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In Topic: Lego Aurek Starviper

20 January 2018 - 10:50 AM

Thanks Sephsekla for your comment.  I didn't win or place in the contest, but this was still a fun build to push out and to use unique pieces. Since it has been 20 years since the lego space theme Insectoids came out I have been working on a flagship to commemorate the theme.  

In Topic: Star Wars Movies and Disney Fanfiction Thread

24 December 2017 - 03:32 AM


What if I just want to appreciate it because I think it's a great movie and I really enjoyed watching it?


I suppose I don't put much stock in "being faithful to what Star Wars is", then. Fondly watching the Prequels because they're true to what Star Wars is? Yeah, no, I can't do that. It is beyond my power to enjoy bad movies just because... they tick more boxes on some imaginary checklist? What makes those movies more Star Wars than The Last Jedi? Honestly, I'm going to need that explained for me, because I don't see it. Like, yes, TLJ subverts a lot of expectations, but acting like this movie where space wizards explored their inner turmoil is some grand betrayal of everything the series stands for is just getting a bit tiresome at this point.


When I was sitting there in the theatre I smiled a few times at the thought of some feathers being ruffled and the interesting conversations that might arise. Maybe there'd finally be some topics other than "It's just a remake of A New Hope" to talk about in the ol' Star Wars world. But here we are a week later and it looks like everyone's already retreated to their battlements to spend the next two years endlessly squabbling over "They ruined Luke" and "Why don't they just kamikaze all the time?" until Episode IX comes out and the Hot-Take-o-Sphere gives us our new hashtag talking points. It was fun for a few days, at least.



If anyone needs me I'll be rolling my eyes so hard they fall out the back of my head.


Then by all means, appreciate the new movie.  Why my opinion would prevent you from doing that.... you may be exactly the fan that is needed to carry the franchise forward.  The prequels btw were all about inner jedi turmoil feelings either coming from the Jedi council or with Anakin, so.... how could TLJ be a grand betrayal if they used that same formula?  If ANYTHING, that is one area where TLJ was very strong with.   And don't speak of "battlements" when you are clearly in one yourself of defending this movie.  Which baffles me, it is not a good movie even if you try to isolate it to it's own merits and stop comparing it to all previous films.      


And maybe I could like TLJ a lot more and if didn't seem like the plot points were so forced and the plot holes so evident.  I would need to re-watch he film to identify them all, but that would be painful and give Disney more $ for a job not well done.  I have problems with the way the director handled hyperspace tracking (that dumb Finn and Rose mission to find a guy... who can disable the "tracker" on the First Order ship comes to mind) and then the main Resistance cruiser running on fumes during the chase scene.... what in the hell was that?!  It's made up technology and sci-fi, but what the TLJ did to space ship physics is a nightmare that really goes against canon.  Power generators both small and massive alike are what powers starfighters to heavy cruisers and they can only handle so much strain at even given time.  And its implied these devices are nuclear somehow and thus can recharge and have perpetual energy properties.  Whether that would be powering the lasers, the shields, or the engines.  There are some gases which need refueling like Tibanna gas that are very important to laser energy output.  


Anyways, where I am going with this is how utterly drawn out and not believable it was that the Capital Resistance ship was running out of fuel and yet the whole time is was able to power its shields to take hours worth of laser barrages.  No.  And if the director had simply went with the hyperdrive was damaged by the previous fight then OK, maybe the chase scene would make sense on some level...  and this movie takes itself so unnervingly not serious that who could watch this chase, which is pretty much the majority of screen time, and actually care the Rebels are going to be caught??  Nothing WORKED about these scenes.  And such a waste of screen time that could have been spent seeing cool planets.  At least give us an exciting Naval battle if all we get shown are ships in space.  Nope, just this wimpy chase scene.


When you are are done rolling your eyes you can acknowledge how absolutely pathetic the acting was by Finn, Rey, Rose, and others in this movie.  The new resistance leader too, the purple hair lady, thank god she offed herself with the kamakazi attack.  And Rose's pointless crash to save Finn, I had to resist laughing out loud at that BS because A) what good were those speeders doing against the walkers in the first place?  Not a darn thing (no tow cables) and B) curse her because Finn was finally going to off himself ... so close.  The actor who played Poe was one of the few I could watch without wincing.  


Luke was out of character BTW and Mark Hamill has even had an interview where he expressed his dismay at the things in the script he was doing while being a hermit.  The tit milking scene was just straight up ridiculous.  Not even Yoda would have been doing that $*@# on Dogobah and he was pretty weird and alone by his little hermit self.  And if you understand who Luke was/is he wouldn't have tried to kill Kylo Ren in the middle of the night upon having the force visions.  He would have approached Kylo, told him of the darkness inside him, and advised him to confront it.  That whole backflash just did not work for me.


I could go on and on, and on and make you guys who preach being neutral and trying to see the movie for what it is actually get riled up.  The Last Jedi was just not a good movie and suffered from a lot of poor choices and directing.  And those Porgs.... try to defend those abominations... now it's my turn to eye roll.  


Here is what I suggest, stop wasting your energy to attack others like me who don't like this movie and what I see as a black eye to the legacy of Star Wars.  Enjoy the Holidays and Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate and by golly if you love The Last Jedi so much go watch it again and again and be a happy geek.  I don't know how that's possible, but to each his/her own.  

In Topic: Star Wars Movies and Disney Fanfiction Thread

23 December 2017 - 10:30 AM

I'm going to get this off my chest now; 2017 has been the most crippling year for the Star Wars franchise I have ever seen.  Call it a perfect storm of uninspired book writing, over-hyped and just plain greedy video game release (Battlefront 2), and the abysmal showing of the Last Jedi which, in my opinion was like watching Mickey Mouse laughing and hurling insults to everything that made the original SW movies great.  Plot holes, really REALLY bad acting (Finn and Rey make me want to puke), and the original actors somehow agreeing to a script which unravels their once legendary characters.  Even the prequels, which had their issues, I can fondly watch now as overall it was true to what Star Wars is.  If you want to appreciate the Last Jedi for being different and "refreshing", fine, glad it worked for you, but if you are to really appreciate the franchise as a whole and demand some baseline of directing quality then the Last Jedi is a tragic mistake.  I'll watch CGI Jar Jar Binks mouth jiberish over watching these new actors any day.  

In Topic: Review: Brickfair Virginia 2017 - YEAH BOI!

22 August 2017 - 03:23 PM

Thanks for posting all these incredible creations Nightstalker.  That Ebon Hawk and E.T.'s home are really interesting to me.  Always with the castle builds I wonder how these builders sourced their vegetation as it's so expensive, but the results are without question.  


One year I need to visit a lego event like this in person.  

In Topic: Fantasy Minifig Contest: RESULTS!

29 May 2017 - 05:49 AM

I have to echo Scorp's commentary as this was a tough contest, despite the limited number of entries, to narrow down the top entrants.  I definitely can stand behind the top 3 finalists as they brought the "goods".  Special shoutout to Ambad for the photography skills.  Your figs could have been the least creative and I still would have voted you high for that!  And hurray for 5% discount for everyone who entered, that's awesome!


Looking forward to the Sci-fi minifig contest as I may enter that myself instead of judging :shades:.