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Dwarf "Fury" Siege Tank 2.0

20 April 2020 - 09:46 AM

Sooo... hey there!


With BFVA2020 more than likely cancelled, I decided it was time to start this lovely little project. Because of how scatter brained I am, I decided to do this with Stud.io on Bricklink. Surprisingly, it works pretty darn well.






Here's what I have so far for the main cannon. I've been taking inspiration from a couple of sources:




I'm trying to give it a nice war like feel, but not leave it too blocky looking. One of my biggest concerns is not having it look too modern.


That aside, the barrel can move up ever so slightly for some elevation. A roll, telescope, ladder, and hatch were also added for additional details. And no, there will not be a minifig sized interior. There will be decals eventually, but that's going to be further out.


I'd love to hear any feedback, especially criticisms!


Hope you enjoyed!



- Nick

Pertaining to the Titan Dream

22 October 2019 - 03:29 PM

I don't really talk about it much, and I keep saying, "More on that at a later date," but I think it's time to finally start. A few folks have asked about it in the past... so I might as well start somewhere.


Let me introduce, my mythic fantasy universe... The Titan Dream.



Part 1 - Introduction



Before anything ever was, they were there. The three Titans have always existed as all powerful, all knowing, and all seeing beings.. The easiest way to think of them is to think of three, very powerful siblings. Leik, the Titan of Light, is the embodiment of everything good and wise. His brother Mehrunes, the Titan of Darkness, is the embodiment of everything evil and profane. Their sister Lydara, the Titan of Balance, more or less ensures that the war between her brothers evens out in the end. It was through their will that the Titan Dream was formed, and it is through their will that it still exists into the far reaches of the future.


But why the Titan Dream? Truth be told, very few are privy to the name of their domain. From what I am allow to speak of, it was named this because it was always their vision to create a universe to their design. It would bear the marks of all three from the celestial bodies to the very mortals and immortals that would exist within it. However, these answers still elude the true reason for the name. Their dream, was to create a place unaffected by chaos. That, my friend, is why they chose the name. After all, what is a creation without a name? It denotes something is special.


Now, with that being stated, there are many places where I could start. I could tell you about the Eternal War of the upper realms, or perhaps you'd be more interested in the stories of great heroes. Regardless of what you're interested in, I believe that for true understanding of future events, the past must be understood first. And where better to start than the founding of The Dream.



Part 2 - The Beginning of the Dream



Long ago, the Titans created the space that would become the Dream. Simply by speaking, did they turn nothing into something. However, Their creation did not go unnoticed; a being, born from the remnants of something foul, made its way into the Dream. This being was known as a World Eater, and it sought to quickly destroy anything that the Titans would create. However, the Titans foresaw this intrusion, and set forth a plan to be rid of the intruder. The three spoke, and in that moment created a being to go forth and destroy it. To this being they gave tremendous power to fight this beast. Adorned in black armor and wielding two weapons forged by the Titans, he stepped forth into the emptiness in the realm and fought the beast.


The two fought, and in the end, the Titan's creation triumphed. With the World Eater destroyed, the Titans withdrew him, and brought him back to dwell among the Aldaari, which were Lydara's own people. To them, he became a revered champion. Some referred to him as, "The Ebon Knight." Others simply called him, "The Elder Wolf," whom various Aldaari prophets had spoken of in the time before the existence of the Dream. 


The Dream was secure for now, and creation could begin again. But this intrusion would not be forgotten. They knew that their realm would not be safe. They saw war coming for their creation, but also an end to it. That, however, would take time, until then, defenders needed to be established. And who better to form these defenders then the Elder Wolf himself? This would be the Titan's next course of action.  



Part 3 - In Defense of the Dream



While the Ebon Knight had succeeded, his job was far from over. The World Eater's attack on the Dream would not be the only attack; the Titans could see this. To secure the Dream, the Titans called upon the Elder Wolf once more. However, this time he would not be alone. To this end, Lydara chose ten thousand from the Aldaari, who would be trained by him. Moreover, these chosen would be gifted with the Wrath of Lydara, which took form as powerful, lightning magic, and the Aegis of Lydara, which took form as powerful arcane magic, capable of protecting. Similar to their mentor, they too donned black armor. To further complement their Titan magic, they were gifted with executioner swords, each of which would alter its form  based off of the current magic flowing through them. These chosen were called the Templar of Lydara, or Templar for short.


However, an army alone would not do. Together, the three formed a powerful seal around their domain, which would force any invaders into an even ground where the Templar would fight them. Anyone seeking entrance into the Dream, would pass through them first. Fortunately, the Titan's did not see defeat in the Templar's future. This battlefield also became home to their fortress, where they trained and lived. This place, would become all they would ever know; it became known as the Border Realm.


The Dream was now secure from outside intervention. Well... perhaps that is too broad a statement. There would be exceptions in the future. Certain entities would discover other ways into the Dream. But those would come much later, and appropriate countermeasures would be in place by the time that would happen. Besides, it was time to begin creating the Dream. And that would require a more personal touch from the Titans.



Part 4 - The Beginning of Creation



In its current state, the Dream was mostly a void, with the exception of the Border Realm and the Aldaari Realm. It was now that the Titans would begin their creation of the third realm, which would house their creation. This realm was simply known as the Mundane Realm. Before they began, the three combined their power to form an object that would allow them to sculpt the realm with a more hands on touch. The object the formed was called the Orb of Cyl (Creation), which was a manifestation of their power. Could they have simply spoken the Mundane into existence? Of course, however, there are reasons that they keep themselves out of the realm.


Light and darkness were the first creations, each one from their perspective Titan. Lydara intervened, simply with the desire to ensure both remained at balanced levels. Stars, moons, and planets followed shortly, with each Titan sculpting the various terrain that would define planets. Their number was finite, but to both mortal and immortal alike, the number of stars alone seemed infinite. Everything was beginning to shape up nicely. Each world had a unique feel to it, and no planet was ever the same as another. Because of the creation of light and dark, each planet naturally possessed day/night cycles.


However, the planets were empty, and so was the universe. To fill the worlds, they began to craft creatures. Fish, birds, mammals, bugs, and pretty much any other creature was designed by them. Each one had its own characteristics and designs; all creations had a touch of light and dark within them as well. Once a basic set of creatures were designed, Leik and Mehrunes split off to design more specific creatures. These creatures, we classify as light/dark creatures, which are creations that lean closer towards the light or dark. For example, a pegasus is a light creature where as a displacer beast is a dark creature. Both adhere to a strict alignment, which would come into play later.


Once all creatures were created, the Titans decided that a powerful guardian was needed to keep an eye on the Mundane worlds. However, this being would be different. It would be able to command beasts, yet it would be one in as well. I, of course, speak of the creation of dragons. It all began with the creation of one dragon, the Eternal Dragon. Unlike all other creations, the Eternal Dragon was more or less like a person. A small spark of Cyl was placed into it, allowing it to create more of its kind, though they wouldn't be nearly as strong. All dragons were created on a neutral level; they chose not to lean towards the Light or the Dark. This means that friendly red, black, green, blue, and white dragons actually existed. For the most part, dragons inhabit most planets, and upon creation possessed the ability to fly from planet to planet. Their task was simply to ensure that the planets remained in order (which varied from place to place).


With the planets now filled with animals and other creatures, the Dream no longer felt empty. Something was still missing, and the Titans knew it. From the moment they started, they knew that the time would come to create beings that were in their own image. These beings would possess characteristics of them, but at the same time, they wouldn't be Titans. More importantly, they would be different from animals, they would be able to make choices and forge their own paths. They knew this choice would cause issues within the Dream, ones that would plague the Dream forever, but it was their choice to make. But where would they start? Many planets were capable of supporting life, but some were better than others. However, when they created the planets, they created one planet much better than the others. This planet, was known as Rythar. 



Part 5 - Rythar



< coming soon >



Part 6 - Of Magic and the Great Helpers



< coming soon >

BrickFair Virginia 2019 Review - PICTURE HEAVY!

06 August 2019 - 08:35 AM

Another BrickFair has passed, which means it's time to rant about it!


First off, before moving onto several amazing MOCs, huge thanks to Dalton for coming out to visit! It is always a pleasure to attach an online name to a face and an actual name (also, thanks for the artwork). For those that live in the DMV area, you'll have yet another shot to visit next year at BFVA 2020! 


Anyways, onto the builds!










































With that out of the way, my favorite MOC definitely goes to Deep Space 9. That thing almost stood 6 feet tall, and had a diameter of about 6 feet as well. It also has LEDs inside, allowing it to light up.


This year, I also had the pleasure of receiving my first nomination for Best Castle/Knights. I was also extremely happy to see that one of my fellow castle builders finally got a Brickee for Best Castle/Knights. Honestly, he did an awesome job with his build:




Hammerstone Keep by Richard Sala


As for swag, well... there isn't much to show off really! Most of the unreleased BW stuff I already own and have showed off before (I think). I also finally got my hands on several overmolded BrickArms prototypes including the Bone-Jack Tri-Barrel Shotgun, M27 IAR, Maulers from Halo 3, modcom UCS MK2, and a laser cannon (can't remember the official name, but I know it can no longer be created because the mold broke).


I'll probably have a separate topic fully detailing my thoughts on those.


So how was BrickFair overall? Pretty good!


We had quite the decent turn out and we appeared to have way more space for most of the displays. The castle location kind of sucked since we were the only theme shoved in the market place, but hey, every year, someone has to have a crappy spot! The builds were high quality, and a lot of folks came up with some super creative stuff. I even got a new idea, which will be next BFVA's build. 


Anywho, I should probably get back to work since I am writing this from my half a cubicle. I might post some additional thoughts later. Stay tuned for that Unreleased/Proto post (probably shove it in the minifig topic of mine) one of these days.


Until then, I'm out!

- Nick

Brickfair Virginia 2019: One More Battle

29 June 2019 - 02:45 PM

Hey folks,


Feels like forever since I've made a thing. However, that hasn't stopped me from preparing for Brickfair Virginia this year. This year will feature 120 Ankorans vs. 130 Altrairian Orcs. Of course, this does not factor in any unique figures that will be on both sides or the one cameo figure. No need to guess who that figure is, it's Tom Drake. Honestly, he's a regular as far as yearly builds go, and one of the few figures that would seamlessly blend in with the other Ankoran soldiers. 


So far, here's the layout!






I still have some terrain layering that needs to be done, which will probably happen tomorrow. During the month of July, I'll be working on a temple on one side of the battlefield. It'll look broken up, but should be pretty nice when a ton of decorations are added. Oh, and there will be plenty of blood! 


So yeah...


That's all for now. I am aiming to have the other baseplates layered tomorrow.


- Nick

Nerd Stuff for Nerds

19 June 2019 - 02:50 PM

Hey folks!


Been awhile since I said anything, so I figure I ought to say something. Does anyone have any nerdy things? Whether it's figures, replicas, posters or whatever out there?


Recently, I've found myself gathering replica weapons from various games. I'll start by showing off my most recent acquisition:




Dark Drinker from Destiny 1.


This goes up there as one of my top 3 swords (1 - Ashbringer, 2 - Dark Drinker, 3 - Moonlight Greatsword). I bought it from Fire and Steel (fireandsteel.ca), and I am quite happy with how durable it is!







It was a sword with a spin to win, and possibly my favorite exotic!