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Starforce book 1/character sign up

13 July 2008 - 10:29 PM

I have begun the outline for the first book set in the sci-fi universe of star force. I would like you, the members of sslf to sign in your characters. Also I would just like to stray of topic here for a minute to say, shouts in a raspy voice,"people will you jst sign up for the heart of the wolf comic." Ok back on topic, this is going to be a novel so don't think it'll be done in a month. Below is all the info you should need to create a good character. But be warned your character will be edited to fit the story. Also be fair warned that only three characters will get major roles, one for each major fraction. You can sign of for any fraction, read ranks to see which one you are. If you get a higher rank than you want you can request one lower, but not higher.
This is all the info you will need.

Major Fractions-Zarackon (Colors: Red and Black, Status: Chaotic good), Space Trade Council (Color: White and Blue, Status: Lawfully good), Talhok (Color: Black, Status: Lawfully evil).

Minor Fractions-The Tribe of Free Salrim(Color: Green, Status: Chaotic good), Ranbar(Color: Organge, Status: chaotic neutral), The Golden Army (Color: Black and Gold, Status: Chaotic evil)

Zarackon ranks(highest to lowest)- Emogenn scorp.gif (super-soldier/first), High Commander(In command of the military as a whole/taken), General(Leader of a division ofthe military,areospace, navy/second,thrid,fourth), Major(Commands ten men/fifth), Captin(Leader of a squad of five men/sixth,seventh), after that the rest are soldiers.

Other-the rest of the ranks are the same for the other fraction, but there are no super soldiers so just make ever number one less.

Races (and what fractions they are in)-Humans(zarackon, s.t.c., ranbar, golden army), Talhok(talhok empire, and one in zarackon), Salrim(the tribe of free salrim, and soldiers in the talhok empire)

Note these are the only the main races in book 1, there are more but they come in during book 2. Book 1 is unnamed.


13 July 2008 - 09:05 AM

Fall '08.

Will bring the answer.

To the greatest question of all.

(I'm trying to sound like a tv ad, but it's not workin out)
"Ok I'll sing," said the man, as if being caught wasn't enough, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead,"Here it is, the truth the whole truth."

First came the book Inkheart, than almost two years later came Inkspell. Now in fall of 2008 comes the shocking conclusion(insert dramatic music here)


Also coming this year is-

Brisingir-book three of eragon
Artemis Fowl: The time paradox-book six

decal request by red raven

13 July 2008 - 01:33 AM

Ok I know this thing has been done to death, but I thought I'd give it a try. Well I am sure no one has seen any of my decals, but they are good trust me. But when you request them I promise I will get around to making them and they will be posted some where. Whether it be here or on the lego site I am creating.

All decals are hand drawn by yours truly. They are also hand colored.

People just saying that by my count this is the third decal request topic on here. One by bean, one by I forgot his name and the third by me.

If you would like a decal of a picture from a website for example a set of armor from morrowind or bladur gate please post a link to the picture to save me time.

I will also post pictures of all the custom decals here.

The post site archivie

09 July 2008 - 12:21 AM

News updates.(if i ever place that order i can make a blog.)

7/8/08-Work begins on the offical drygon'lynt website. sad.gif
7/9/08-Outline begins on the series of short stories Tales of the North:Exile of the wicked

Random info

Heart of the wolf info/sign up

05 July 2008 - 12:42 AM

OK in response to replies to the preveious topic i have more info for you all.

The races-you can be an elf,human,dwarf,gnome,goblins(please no),demon,or a half breed of some sort. Note there are no orces.

The class-warrior scorp.gif ,ranger,archer,thief,mage,warlock,soldier,and final an assasin. ph34r.gif

The fractions-The empire(humans only), The highlanders(elfs,gnomes and some demons), the dark pride(goblins and most demons),and the dwarf kingdom of harendelf.

The story-Is of a necromancer who has taken over most of the empires lands. In his lair he is growing an army of undead . Yes if you want to be a werewolf tom.gif you can,yes i am talking to you.Are you even listening. Any way the hero's adventure party must stop this threat and there are two ways to do so one,kill the necromancer(bad plan he is deep under reallyevil.gif ground) find the heart which is hidden in a shadow realm (problem the entrance is under ground).Yes it takes place underground.

The heart of the wolf-is a magical item which can be used for many things. spoilers. Is not a real wolfs heart. It was named that because it was made by a werewolf. yes i like werewolfs. tom.gif

The heros-Nuryan,silent,and the first four to sign up become the other 4 heros.

Your post-

If you want or can please post a photo of your figure. Also if no torso matches your character i can make a custom decal.

The rules-not every one be a werewolf ok.