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#203710 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 31 January 2010 - 04:25 AM

Hey they finally noticed! Grats, Trotsky.

Scorp I love you.





How come the only group options are Xarkon and Zygbar? I wanted GA... Wait! Where's my crying-face emoticon?

What group options? :huh: If there were group options, I'd make all the factions available...

#203607 Review of: Halo Wars Aerial Ambush

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 31 January 2010 - 12:00 AM

What Dense Electric said, pretty much. I have yet to purchase any of the MegaBloks sets, even just to see what they are like. Pretty much the only thing I would care to have is the Beam Rifle. Everything else seems rather useless to me in comparison with what I've already made from LEGO. Also because most of the brick colors don't match LEGO and thus are pretty useless to me. The one Megabloks set I own proved that, and many of the pieces in it (which feel noticeably lighter than LEGO parts) have warped and don't fit together right. I'd rather spend the extra bucks on LEGO for the quality. Good review though.

#203564 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 10:48 PM

Stop with the voting and the fussing about the voting, please! I'm going to delete a bunch of spam in here now.

Perhaps I should enforce further limits on the number of times members can rate posts per day, since everyone's abuzing Mr. Anasazi so. What do you think? 10 votes a day for freebies, 20 for Novas perhaps?

Or I could just remove the reputation system. It might come to that.

Oh, and Anasazi: I'm half-tempted to warn you for continuing this big tangent with a constant stream of replies littered with self-bleeped expletives... but I suppose you're getting enough abuse already. Just be patient and I'll see about fixing things. Posting more will only make it worse.

EDIT: I have now limited freebies to 12 reputation votes per day, and set nova members to 20. I've also put some limitations on the mods too... and I've repaired Anasazi's rep somewhat.

I like the new look, it's definitely an upgrade from the last, both aesthetically and technologically. Even though you already addressed it, I must say that the rank pictures are a tad too big.

Trouble is, after spending all that time drawing them, I hated to shrink them down so you could hardly see them. I thought it looked okay once I increased the avatars, but I may experiment with the sizes in the future just a little.

How does one make a poll now a days?

Could freebies make polls before the update? I don't recall. I went into the settings and saw it turned off and assumed it was always that way.

I'm assuming the site is still a WIP, because a lot of the planned features don't appear to be around (such as the colour changing... thing) so I'm assuming they were too difficult to put in during the initial install period or what? Either that or I'm missing something.

Sadly the color changing thing that I had in mind just wasn't possible in the way I envisioned it. -_- I tried and tried, but there can only be one set of rank icons in IPB, not a seperate set for each group.

I'm assuming the site is still a WIP, because a lot of the planned features don't appear to be around (such as the colour changing... thing) so I'm assuming they were too difficult to put in during the initial install period or what? Either that or I'm missing something.

Errr... I dont' even know what you're referring to. If there was a notepad in there somewhere, it may have been moved or removed. If that's the case, the info might be floating somewhere on my database, but I wouldn't know how to get to it short of installing an old IPB version instead.

I'm liking the new look, especially the animated banner drawing-thing. You wouldn't believe how many times I refreshed the page staring at that thing. Also, the little soldier dudes under our avatars ain't so little anymore! I liked mine so much I put him in my avatar, too.

Someone likes them! :D If I do end up shrinking them a little more, I'll leave the big versions available as avatars just for you. :P

#203291 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 09:36 AM

-image of donation pan-

I'm giving your post a + because you used a Baldur's Gate image. Does my rep go up now does it does it?! The Flaming Fist keep giving me a hard time!

Also, new status feature is lame. What is this, Facebook?

I agree, but it's not my idea. *shrug* I just installed the update. And it's not worth trying to get rid of.

#203280 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 09:30 AM

I have now disabled the ability to rate your own posts. MUAHAHAHAHAAAA.

I might add that you used "where" instead of "we're" in the tagline. Just me being pedantic :lol:

I do like the theme itself, especially the profile updates - the new group logos are slick. I find the OP thing in topics confusing though.

1: You think I would do that unintentionally? :blink: http://www.mspaintad...ff/?cid=005.jpg

2: Again, the OP thing can be disabled. See earlier discussion.

#203276 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 09:25 AM

Heh. My reputation's just 6 (Neutral) right now. Nobody likes the guy in charge. Especially now, I suppose. :P

Smaller sigs: Booh.

Actually, they're no smaller than before. THe images are the exact limit the old one was. And now you can have text too, so in a way they're bigger... as long as you're willing to edit images to fit.

Mass Effect 2

NOT A WORD! My preordered special edition PC copy just arrived yesterday and I haven't gotten to play it yet. :(

Also: Hyperlinks still show up in red, and it's kinda weird looking against this background. Could we get something that contrasts better? And can we get the thingy in our profile that displays location back? I had a lot of fun with that.

They look fine to me... I could try making the red darker and see if it helps. But not now. Too busy.

As for the Location thing... I was trying to keep the post side area slimmed down as much as possible, since the new avatars and rank icons make it pretty big...

#203216 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 08:33 AM

Glad to be getting some positive responses now. Thanks guys. I knew this would be a tough sell since it's such a big change, but I believe in it and worked hard on it.

Remember that time you stepped out of the Vault and got blinded by the outside sun? That. This is sooo bright.

Well, I'm adjusting. Can't hate it, that's for sure, cause it's got the awesome Desert theme. However, my only huge complaint is the First Post Reminder thing on every page. It keeps tricking me into thinking I'm at the beginning. :P

About the brightness: I've noticed that on some monitors it looks ridiculously bright. Maegan's LCD, for instance, makes it this really horrid yellow (which she, surprisingly, doesn't seem to mind). All of my computers and Ryan's, however, show it the intended sand color. In other words, try tweaking your monitor's color settings and see if it helps.

The 'first post' issue: See the previous posts in this thread for a fix related to that.

#203208 Official Wulfgard Q&A Topic

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 08:23 AM

Are there any plans to continue The Legend of the Five and the Choosers of the Slain?

I'm totally going to finish that. This I swear. I may even provide illustrations for each chapter ala Warrior Born.

What is the Empires main flag color.

The flag color of the Empire itself is red, with gold trimmings. This is the color the Emperor, his Paladins, and the Praetorian Guardsmen wear.
Guards and soldiers in other cities, different legions, etc., sometimes wear other colors, however. So the LEGO Castle minifigs can still be used in some instances. Illikon's main color, for example, is blue.

5) Are there any faiths that believe in 'God' as in, the God people worship today?

Ah, you mean the Judeo/Christian/Islamic God? No. No no no. This is a fantasy world where all sorts of mythological pagan gods actually exist. The aforementioned religions deny the existence of any such gods. Therefore the two cannot coincide in Wylfgard. There are, however, some monotheistic cults in Wylfgard. Specifically, there is the cult of Astrum Aeternum. They believe that a single god exists who is as far beyond the Olympian or Aesgardian gods as they are beyond mortal men. This god is the Astrum Aeternum, who is compused of a male and female aspect (Aster Aeternus and Astra Aeterna respectively). In order to better understand this unreachable god, who has never spoken with men and has never been recorded to meddle in their affairs, monks of the Astrum cult separate themselves from society, denying everything possible that is mortal and earthly (food, wine, pleasures of flesh) in order to transcend reality. They used to be considered nutjobs, but the latest Emperor favors them and has given them a greater social standing and even their own knightly order. Their symbol is a four or eight pointed star. Aster/Astra/Astrum is the High Imperial (Latin) word for star, used for their god because he is said to live beyond the stars themselves, and they are his kingdom.

Is there a city akin to venice in Wylfgard?

The medieval world would certainly not be complete without a Venice. One of the greatest trading centers of the ancient world, a republic in days of kingdoms, the setting for so many Shakespeare plays, and the city that helped to topple Byzantium. I've had a spot for it on my eternally-under-construction Wylfgard map forever now, just trying to come up with a good alternative name. Any suggestions?

PS: I'm getting ready to add a new article to the Wylfgard database, this one about demons!

#203159 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 07:31 AM

It says you can edit your posts in the settings. I'll remove the time restriction. Try it now.

Also, thanks about the banner. I was trying to visually convey my more artistic direction that I want to move the site in. :D

Oh, and Thrawn, I have blurred up the background a bit, which I hope will help. Try refreshing and see if you can read more easily on the sand now. I'm going to use it on the background of my site too, so I want it to be readable.

no remote avatars?

That was done in response to complaints about huuuuuuge animated avatar files slowing down peoples' machines. Try lowering your avatar's file size by making it a jpeg or increasing the compression.

#203148 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 07:20 AM

Interrogative: is there any way to disable or hide that "Featured Entry" thingy? I've been poking around my settings and I can't find anything.

Rebuke: That is a valuable new feature for making website news clear to forum goers who do not bother to check it! :P Although I admit the font in it is too big and space-consuming for my tastes. I will look for a way to slim it down.

EDIT: Also, I have a suggestion: disable the sand texture in the post display area, it'll make posts easier to read.

You having trouble reading it? Hm. I'll try to make it less contrasty and see if it helps.

Also why is the original post like, always shown on every page, it kind of bugs me since some topics OP are really long.

I'll be honest: That was mainly done so I could put Google ads beneath the first post. It's the only way I could find to do it in IPB.

If any OPs are too long, let me know and I can try to edit them down somehow.

Otherwise, *sigh*, it is possible to go back to the old view. Just go to "My Settings," select "Forums," and change "Topic Display Mode" to "Standard."

well, my edit button does not appear on the bottom right. Is there a way to fix it?

Are you SURE it's not there? Can any other Free members confirm this?

Here's a screenshot to help you find it:
Posted Image

#203138 Nova Refuge Official Q&A

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 07:10 AM

Alas, I have shirked my duties in this thread for far too long. I have had the following answers floating about on my PC for some time now, so i will go ahead and post what I have. If your question was not answered and you still seek a response, please repost it in a reply. I'm sorry I could not get to you.

Osolis asked: "I just read something about fan-fictions becoming canon, and I was curious: if I send you the plot of Ray's story (which I have begun work on - it's ALREADY better, which is kind of sad, lol) will you do me a favor and canonize it for me, if there are any errors? I've changed Ray's history to something less... well, stupid, and I really think you'll like it. Also, after checking over the story plot, can you let me know if Ray's history and the history of E'Oveai Rho are still canon? "

A: Can you give it to me in brief again? It's taking forever to answer all of these questions... Oh, and also, where did you get the name E'Oveai Rho from? it's rather hard to spell and I have no idea how to pronounce it, so I wonder if it's really the right name to use for a Human planet. It would make a great Sarran word though. That what it's supposed to be?

Star Wolf asked: "When I was reading the History page I noticed that in the last bit of info I saw that Amy Archer's name was blue does that mean she is working for Victory?"

A: Hm, that was definitely a mistake, but it does tie in well to the events of the second novel, in which she is suspected of being a spy. That's really all I'd better say about that. :D

Star Wolf asked: "What stage are the Slashrim technologicly speaking?"

A: When the Mahlok found them, they were basically in the iron age at most. Now they use whatever technology the Mahlok give them or they can find elsewhere. There are very few Slashrim technological engineers or inventors, but they can man a starship as good as anybody.

Star Wolf asked: "Since some factions are alied with each other (Xarkon and Zygbar V.S. Victory and Yavakaro) would they fight side side by side in the battlefield or not usually?"

A: Sometimes, yes.

Star Wolf asked: "Does Zigbar or Yavakaro have a Super Soldier project? If so what are they called?"

A: Zygbar has the Highlanders (not really supersoldiers, but they are the best Zygbar has to offer), and Yavakaro has the Shadow Ops and Hands of the Six. Both are pretty L33T.

Ginger asked: "You said that things like nuclear weapons and chemical weapons are big no-no's. But I had forgotten if that applied to ALL WMD's or just those particular ones. Are there any WMD's developed or used by any of the Big Four, and if so, are they used on planets for the bombing of bases and stuff, or in space combat against ships?"

A: Yes, WMDs are sometimes used in space combat, but never against planets... you know, unless it's Helexith. They have a tendency to, well, destroy any planet they can't conquer. Heh.

Ginger asked: "HPG weapons are powered by electricity, which makes it vulnerable to EMP's and stuff. Would anybody go far enough to actually make it so EMP's render their enemy's weapons useless? And if not, would it be a moral sort of thing, or just a practicality?"

A: Yep, that's one of the downsides of HPG weapons. In fact I was working that into the CCG I was making, with cards like "EMP bomb" that make all but chemical-based firearms and solid blades useless. Some weapons are shielded from EMP, but not all of them.

Ginger asked: "Speaking of morals: A lot of the humans (well, at least the more civilized humans and their leaders) in Nova Refuge are honorable and have strict morals. Does this come from a sort of "we were almost brought to extinction, we have to better ourselves to leave a better legacy" thing, or a "now that there are aliens, we have to prove humans aren't just despicable rascals". Very general, but I just want to know which direction it comes from."

A: Good observation. I do touch on that subject a bit just before the final battle in Warrior Born, so you can check that out if you're interested. Basically it's a cultural phenomenon that developed from a variety of reasons that no sociologist can fully explain. It's a combination of the reasons you mentioned as well as the evolution of weaponry that has dehumanized war by making it easy to bombard places and kill people from miles away with the push of a button. The answer to all that was to revert to the old ways: to glorify man-to-man combat and personal honor. Of course not everyone goes along with it, but it's definitely something the governments try to encourage.

Luxes asked: "Are there any new sports in NR either physical(soccer, basketball etc.), mental(as in chess etc.) or mechanical(racing etc.)?"

A: The only new sport I've invented so far is Screamer Ball (see my answer to Dragon waaaay down at the bottom of this post).

Luxes asked: "for a while in your shop it said posters but then disappeared what happened"

A: College happened. <_< But the posters WILL be for sale at some point, i swear it!

Luxes asked: "Where can i find the warbringer comic? i can't seem to find it. did you remove it or something?"

A: Yeah, I removed it. there might still be some pages floating around the web, but basically I woke up one morning and hated it. But it was a learning experience, and I'll do better next time.

Luxes asked: "What do you think of the mahlok i made?(it's in my gallery)"

A: Nice! The solid dark "mouth area" is interesting. I haven't had any solid dark areas on my Mahlok before - just lines. I may have to use that idea myself when my Mahlok start looking too much the same. :D

Luxes asked: "Are wheeled vehicules like motorcycles or quads still in use or do they hover?"

A: Wheeled vehicles are still in use since they are often deemed more reliable and are less expensive than hover vehicles. Also hover craft cannot carry really heavy weights like down-and-dirty wheels and treads can.

Luxes asked: "Are there hardsuits in Nova Refuge(like robot suits but not large robots)?"

A: Yes. They are usually used for space-jumps, zero-gravity combat, and hazardous environments.

Iron Corsair asked: "Do the Big 4 and Harmony and Helexith have asteroid bases, either for mining, or for military purposes, or for any other reason for that matter?"

A: Certainly.

Iron Corsaid asked: "How does artificial gravity work on a ship?"

A: Same way it works in other sci-fi settings: magic! :P Of course, only big ships have the mysterious "gravity device," not fighters and such. Though that kind of invalidates the beginning of that old Warbringer comic I had going... heh.

Osolis Mantis asked: "What year does The Takeover of Mordark take place in?"

A: Depends on when I set my next novel. I want it to begin a while after the events of Warrior Born, possibly in 334 or 335. TTOM takes place at this time. In fact there are references to Warrior Born's storyline in the comic if you can spot them. Not only does Zegaldorph reference them in the big negotiation meeting, but one of the Victorians mentions something horrible that the Xarkonians did to one of their leaders to start the war. This is in the book. :D I may even include some of Ryan's activities in Mordark in my next novel.

Darrkness asked: "What factions are at war with what factions?"

A: In the Ultimate War, it's Xarkon, Zygbar, and Grimm's Army vs. Victory and Yavakaro. Naturally the two Native factions don't pick any Human sides and hate each other's guts all the time. :)

Darrkness asked: "Xarkon has Enomegs, Victory has Immortal Soldiers, Yavakaro has Shadow Ops and hands of the six, Grimm's Army has Aerials,
Helixith has Infernals, And Harmony has Knights of the Temple. Is Zygbar working on a super soldier project?"
Not really. The closest thing they have are the Highlanders and possibly the Chancellor's Guards, as others have said.

Ter Loki asked: "On Babylon 5 the Narns (who had a particularly high mortality rate) made a custom of adopting a new permanent name replacing the one they were given at birth once they reached a certain age. Given what we know about the Slashrim so far, would it be reasonable to assume they have a similar practice?"

A: That certainly makes sense. I couldn't really imagine most Slashrim parents actually sitting down and naming each of their children anyway. Their childhood names are probably physical attributes like "Hey, you! Yes, three-horns! Stop trying to kill your sister!" :lol:

Ter Loki asked: "Was the Xenocide war basically a three way free-for-all (Humans v. Helexith v. Harmony) or did the Natives all work together against Human settlers?"

A: Definitely three-way. Part of the reason the Humans were able to win was because the major Native factions were too busy fighting each other to spend many resources helping their colonies against the Humans.

Ter Loki asked: "What are the Sarran and Mahlo-Slashrim words for "Human" and names for "Terra Nova"?"

A: It's funny, I was working on a big page about the Mahlo-Slashrim langauge, but then when I tried reading a Mahlo-Slashrim sentence out loud, it sounded stupid. It didn't have the terse, guttural, sharp sound I was going for. Bah. But anyway, your question...
Mahlo-Slashrim word for Human;

Ter Loki asked: "The latest version of the Mahlok species page mentions that each Mahlok's name is one word and represents something they need to improve about themselves. Are these names only ever given to a single Mahlok (excepting Zuhaxellod of course), or are there repeats and names that are passed down?"

A: Since the names are basically compound words in Old Mahlok (slightly different than the modern Mahlo-Slashrim langauge), you naturally get repeats now and then, and some Mahlok get a parent or ancestor's name since they naturally may share the same flaws.

Ter Loki asked: "And I can't believe I haven't asked this yet, since one of the major cities I've come up with is built around one of these: Space elevators, have they been/can they be built by humans or not?"

Oh yeah, certainly, they can make 'em. But why bother when you've got aerospace craft that can get up and down as easy as Bob's-your-uncle? :P

Wylfgard Warrior asked: "Is Warrior Born's sequel giong to open up with..."

Actually the sequel (the working title is "Saber's Edge" - you heard it here first! :P) is going to open with a raging space battle because the first book didn't have much of that stuff. But

Small Poor Child asked: "It seems that your universe is much like that of Mass Effect [...] OK... my real question is, what is the capacity of carriers, and do other ships have fighters/bombers? Also, what are the distances and speeds we're talking about with ship to ship combat? Is it like Halo, Star Wars, or Mass Effect?"

A: The comparison to Mass Effect is a very apt one, actually. I was surprised by the number of ways Mass Effect mirrored Nova Refuge, and I guess that's part of why I like the game so much. The ship sizes I have in mind are indeed very similar to that. I really don't know the fighter capacity of the carriers though. If you can make up a rough estimate based on the size of the carrier in question that's good enough for me. I'm not good with technical specifics. As to your question about speed and combat, it's definitely closer to Halo or Star Wars than Mass Effect in that regard. Ships typically have sufficient armor and shields to get in close, so battles can last a while.

Dragon asked: "How do you play screamerball?"

A: I had an old page of rules written up, but I can't seem to find it right now. Basically it works like this... a screamer ball is a ball that hovers off the ground and makes a screaming sound as it flies through the air because it has grooves running through it that produce a strange whistling noise. In its normal form, it's a lot like dodgeball with sticks. Each player has a hammer (screamer maul) that they use to smack the ball toward other players. It is programmed to aim for them, and they have to try not to get hit. In a team game of screamer ball, each team tries to direct the ball toward the opposing team's goal. Either type can be dangerous because of the speed of the rather hard ball, but sometimes it is kicked up a notch into a deadly form of screamer by Grimm's Army and the like. They use it for training and gladiatory pit-fights, equipping the screamer balls with electric shocks, spikes, and sometimes blades or guns. Then the goal becomes to destroy the hovering ball and survive through the game!

Dark Phoenix asked: "When are you going to update your Nova Refuge figures to match your book?"

A: I really don't know. The main ones that need updating are the Xarkon 'figs; everything else is mostly alright. But yes, I do need to update them. I'll get around to it when I can.

Dark Phoenix asked: "When is your next book coming out?"

A: Possibly next year, depending on how busy I am. I may produce some NR comic books before then. :D

Nemesis asked: "i have started making my own universe but it was origonally a fan add-on to nova refuge so a few vehicles do look a bit (only a tiny bit BTW) like they fit in with Nova refuge is it still ok for me to post it as my own thing?"

A: There's no way I can stop you, but I'd prefer if you either kept it in NR or else changed things significantly.

Wylfgard Warrior asked: "how does an Enomeg prevent their fingers from being cut off by their Startalons when if they were to flex their fingers up and back?"

A: As several have said now, the wielder must keep his hand in a fist in order for the blade to remain active. If the fingers move from this position, the blade shuts off.

MS_DOS asked: "Is there any list of Ship sizes (i.e the biggest warships?) Because I'm putting together some specs for Epsilon ships, and could use something to compare them to."

A: The largest ship is about 1000 meters, like Volen said. No Super Star Destroyers in the Refuge, sorry.

Loard Boar asked: "When you say that Blackwings are rare, how exactly rare are they?"

A: Well, the "Blackwings" is actually the nickname for a small pro-Sarran organization (not associated with Harmony) operating in Nova Refuge, named such becuase their original leader had the rare trait of black wings. As to the rarity of the trait itself, it's like... in a Sarran city of several thousand, only a dozen or less might have black wings. It's not as rare as albinism or something, but it's unusual.

#203123 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 06:54 AM

Dump posts count now!
Oh god what have I done.
Please let us keep them.

Dump posts will never count. It's the dump.

I did make posts in this board count now though. I don't know why they weren't counting before... hm.

Question: How do you edit posts in the new forums?

Should be right down there at the lower right corner of your posts.

#203110 The HALO Topic

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 06:39 AM

Hey Zero...

Why's everything so... ugly?
The sleek style is what I liked most about Halo. This game looks like... like... well, like something I'd normally might just pass on.

#203104 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 06:31 AM

Observation: There appears to be a reputation feature.
Query: How does it work?

There's a little plus and minus in the corner of all posts. You click one or the other. ;)
Right now the limit is 25 ratings per day for freebies, 50 for Novas, but that could change. I'm pretty unfamiliar with all this myself.

#203077 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 26 January 2010 - 04:19 AM

Please look over this post BEFORE you reply! Especially the FAQ section. Thanks.

Welcome to the brand new SSLF, gang! I hope you like the new look!

You may be wondering why I made this big change to the website. Well, there are several reasons. First of all, I was sick and tired of the old one. I've had a black background with red and black UI elements and white text for at least a decade now, and it was starting to give me a strong negative vibe. I'm hoping to move the website in a new, more positive, more artistic direction. Also, this new site is much cleaner code-wise and uses all that newfangled CSS stuff. That means I can make changes to the site's look and feel much more quickly and easily. And that's good for everyone. But especially me.

And now, I'd like to address some issues about the new site. Please read over the following BEFORE you reply, thanks!

Questions & Answers

I want the BLACK back!: I may make a black-background skin available in the future, either a nighttime version of this skin or a Nova Refuge skin. For now, however, try to get used to this one. Learn to lighten up!

The colors in this particular spot look weird/hard to read...: I am skinning the forum by hand, so if you see any colors that look weird or are very hard to read, please report them in a reply here ALONG WITH a screenshot or description of the place where you saw the weird colors.

This new feature is weird/doesn't work right: New features in IPB 3.0 are totally alien to me too. I have no idea how the new PM system works, nor how this "reputation" system functions. If you have any issues with new features, or any glitches, report them here.

The new rank picture is too big!: No, it's really not. Why? Because your avatar can now be 150x150! Like mine, over there. Personal Photos in profiles can now be larger as well (200x200). Once you get a new bigger avatar the rank icon won't seem so big.

Cool! I get a bigger avatar!: I may impose more restrictive avatar limits in the future if I see people using lots of horrendous avatars of anime and bands/album covers and such, so please try to use something cool. And by cool I mean my definition of cool, which means movies, video games, comics, LEGO, soldiers, monsters, jet fighters, dinosaurs, etc.

Uncool! I get a smaller signature...: Yes, the signature size limit now works differently, since my old siglimit code doesn't work the same on the new version of IPB. Luckily there is one built in now.
Images above 800x250 pixels are now not allowed at all, and you may not use more than one image. If someone has major issues with this, please explain them here. (and by explain, I mean give a reason WHY the new limit is a real problem for you)

Blog updates on main page, huh?: Yeah, I may get rid of that if I end up not updating my blog as often as I hope to. But if my plans work out, I will be updating the site more regularly this year (that was my resolution, you see), so this is a good way to tie in the main site updates with the forums.

My favorite smiley is gone!: My old smilies had black backgrounds, so I had to get new ones. If you would like to help me out, feel free to submit new smilies here. They MUST fit the look/size of my current smilies and MUST have a transparent background to be accepted. If they fit those criteria, then I'll be glad to add them!

What's with the first post displaying at the top of every page?: I set Linear+ to the default view mode for several reasons. If it is bothering you, you can go into My Settings > Forums > View/Posting/E-mail Prefs > Topic Display mode and set it to Standard.

And now that you've read all that... a few more things:
- The Nova Members got to see the new look and critique it before it went live. Thanks for the help, guys!
- Congratulations to 880_ZERO, new Red Base Local Mod. Also, if you were a local mod who was demoted due to inactivity, you may explain your absence here and I may restore your position.

Hope you guys enjoy the new Lair!