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Set Review: ENLIGHTEN War of Glory "Dwarf Secret Weapon"!

27 March 2018 - 06:20 PM

Hey, when was the last time I did one of these? It's a LEGO ENLIGHTEN set review!


LEGO has been saving me a lot of money lately, you see... by NOT MAKING ANY CASTLE SETS! I'm sorry, but I don't count Nexo Knights - they're sci-fi, with accessories better suited to Warhammer 40,000 than Castle. The closest thing LEGO has to a fantasy Castle line these days is actually Elves, which is why I've bought a LOT of Elves sets. But they use the mini-dolls instead of minifigs, so...


So that's why I'm reviewing a Chinese LEGO knockoff brand called Enlighten! I wanted to test them out, because they have some neat minifig accessories, so I ordered the Enlighten Castle War of Glory Dwarven Chariot 3 Figures 243pcs Educational Bricks Toy Boy Gift - Without Original Box (which the actual instruction booklet calls "The War of Glory: Dwarf Secret Weapon")




Instructions and bags. Even the bags are LEGO ripoffs!

These "The War of Glory" sets are very clearly inspired by World of Warcraft, by the way. Some other sets include airships and gryphon-riders.




A closeup of some of the parts spilled out. All of the minifig hands are loose to start, and each 'fig comes with an extra hand, probably because the things are kinda flimsy. Note the odd-shaped Technic-style pins and the JOINTED DWARF LEGS (another pic of them later)!




The minifigures aren't quite up to LEGO standards, as expected. Note the huge gap between the legs and hips, and the nicked wrists on the arms (they're almost all like that, strangely). The arms and legs come apart pretty easily too. I would never consider one of these a substitute for a real LEGO fig (I only use real LEGO 'figs in my shop). But the shoulders look pretty nice!




Another look at the 'figs. Interesting that the elf is flesh-tone but the human and dwarf are yellow. The elf clearly has some inspiration from the LEGO Elves line (one of the other sets has a pretty direct copy of a LEGO Elves boat), with a LotR style tiara. Also interesting that the set features a copy of a LEGO spear except smaller and with sharper edges on the spear-head. The horn/wings on the dwarf helmet do NOT detach, by the way. Pretty cool helmet otherwise.




MOVING DWARF LEGS! The beard looks a lot like Gimli's from the LotR sets. And yes, he also comes with a gun, in case you weren't 100% sure this is World of Warcraft.




It's Tyrande on her saber cat! The cat mount is one of the main things I wanted from the set. It looks pretty awesome.




It's also surprisingly articulate, with a hinged tail and opening/closing mouth! Which is more movement than LEGO animals usually offer.




Unfortunately, because of how he's made, his head tends to split down the middle when the jaw is moved, and you have to push the two halves back together again. Not top quality.




Let's get building! The instructions are quite good, although I noticed one error where a piece in the build didn't render, so it looked like one part was missing from a step. The parts fit together pretty well, though some are a bit too lose or too tight.




Details of some odd parts. Note the 2-plates-tall brick. Colors seem to be a very close match for LEGO colors. Studs are imprinted with the letters "ENLI" for Enlighten.




World of Warcraft! I really want a set that includes that elf hood/hair piece. A perfect fit for several WoW characters, like Sylvanas, Alleria, and Valeera.




The completed set. I didn't apply any of the stickers.


Overall, I'd say it's a pretty good quality for a Chinese knockoff! Was it worth the price? Ehhhhh, I'm not sure. It was only slightly cheaper than a comparable LEGO set, and since I really only wanted the figure accessories (hair, armor, etc.), it's not a great value for me. I would never use the actual minifigs; the quality is just not up to par. But will I get another set? Honestly, I probably will. I'm looking at this one, if I can scrounge up enough free dollars to blow on it, haha.

Official Scorp's Minifigs Topic

01 February 2018 - 05:22 PM

Due to website updates, most of the images in my old LEGO topics are broken, so I am starting a new topic to post any new custom LEGO minifigs that I share across social media (usually at least once a week).


The latest: Classic Doomguy vs. imps and zombiemen



The Random Video Game Stuff Thread

10 January 2018 - 09:14 PM

Only 90's kids will get this


Wulfgard LEGO

07 December 2017 - 12:27 PM

From now on, I'll be posting all the new Wulfgard LEGO stuff in here.
NEWEST (these are sort of work-in-progress):
Bomm, Dagfari, Brenna, and Vegnar. I would like to paint some gold highlights on Vegnar's armor and possibly Dagfari's hammer at some point... Also still looking for good hairpieces for when they take their helmets off.
november6_02.jpgBeetle riding! Vegnar is on a HerculesKhepridin, Dagfari on a his Atlas, and Brenna on her Rainbow Scarab.
Daemonique, Hanan al-Saffah, Lord Septimus Plutarch, and Minion
Victor Magnus
Caiden Voros
Venatori (Henryk of Pikeston and Gwen)
The Inquisition: Inquisitor, Ebonguards, and Channelers
Sir Tom Drake
VIGNETTE: Tom vs. Kye in the Tower Dungeon (scene from Knightfall)
More photos of this vignette in the spoiler tag:

VIGNETTE: The Wanderer, Joe, and Cynthia in the Waterfall Dungeon
More photos of this vig inside the spoiler:


30 October 2017 - 04:58 PM

Just for fun.


For best results, pick as few multiple options as possible.


No wimping out on the last one though. Pick the one most important to you.