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30 October 2017 - 04:58 PM

Just for fun.


For best results, pick as few multiple options as possible.


No wimping out on the last one though. Pick the one most important to you.

Fantasy Minifig Contest: RESULTS!

24 March 2017 - 02:29 PM





Custom Minifig Contest #1: Fantasy

This will be a pretty simple contest: Design a custom fantasy minifig, and post a photo of it. Easy! The "Fantasy" theme specifically means medieval fantasy or ancient mythology - not sci-fantasy or steampunk or anything like that - those will probably come later. Your minifig can be based on a fantasy universe (Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, Legend of Zelda, etc. etc. etc.), or from your own head! It can also be based on a character from one of those universes, or it can be a completely original character. Note: if your entry is based on our own fantasy world of Wulfgard then you're eligible for an extra prize!*


Only LEGO entries are accepted, but you may use off-brand accessories of any and all kinds, including stickers from Saber-Scorpion's Lair! Feel free to cut, paint, use clay - whatever you like. Or you can go purist, if that's your thing.



A panel of 5 judges will decide the winner for the contest. So far the judges are Saber-Scorpion, Maverick-Werewolf, and Brickshipyard. Each winner will get a code they can use to take a certain amount of money off one order from my shop (it also subtracts from shipping, so your order can be completely free!) and a medal icon added to their account here on the forums as seen in the Hall of Fame!

1st Place Prize = $24 shop code & gold medal

2nd Place Price = $16 shop code & silver medal

3rd Place Prize = $10 shop code & bronze medal


*Wulfgard themed entries will also receive a Wulfgard bookmark and a big pile of Wulfgard minifig stickers if they win! And possibly even if they don't win!


New rule: For every 5 contestants who enter the contest, I will add $1 to each prize!* It's a very easy contest to enter, so spread the word, and you could win even more stuff!


(minifigs in this image by Nightstalker)

*Up to a certain limit, to be decided by me. Hopefully we reach it!



Just reply to this topic with a link to your entry!

Yes, you must have a forum account to enter, and I encourage you to post your entry as a topic in the LEGO board here on SSLF! But you can post it elsewhere if you prefer.
You may submit up to 2 entries.



If you have a question about the contest, please ask in a reply! I will paste important questions/answers here.



Custom Minifigs Contest Poll

03 March 2017 - 06:01 PM

I'm planning to run a series of contests that will last pretty much all year, focused entirely on Custom LEGO Minifigs. These contests will be promoted across social media and LEGO communities.


I think the themes of my last contest series were too broad, so these will be LEGO entries only, each one concentrating on a different category of my shop. There will be a new contest every 2 months or so, until we've used up every category.


So, to those who are interested: which category do you guys like best? The poll will remain open and influence which contest I run first, and then the next one after that, etc. Feel free to post suggestions too. Thanks!

Quick Reference Lore Dump

12 February 2017 - 04:15 PM

I thought I would post a thread containing various assorted bits of lore that have been established as canon in the novel and comics.


To be expanded over time.


Various Terms

TSC - Terran Standard Cycle (Earth year)

The Breach - the alternate dimension utilized by most starships for FTL travel. Some craft use established jump rings to enter the Breach, while those with Interstellar Drive punch their own holes into the Breach. These can often be tracked by enemies. "Breach Space" is a highly volatile place where many normal laws of physics do not apply.

Blazer Weapons - Most weapons in Nova Refuge are "shielded" by "hot energy". These are called blazer weapons. Blazer guns fire bullets surrounded by hot energy shields. Blazer knives and swords feature solid metal blades with energy shielding around them. They are considered more effective against armor since neither anti-ballistic or anti-energy armor can stop a sufficiently powerful blazer weapon.


Mahlo-Slashrim Words

The common language of the Helexith Empire is called Mahlo-Slashrim. It was compiled by the Mahlok from the common language elements of the Slashrim tribes, with some Mahlok words and written letters thrown in to fill the gaps. A terse and guttural tongue, its colorful swear words are used by all peoples of the galaxy.


Common Expletives:

Gogk - damn (literally, "curse", as in "Helexith curse you")

Kragduk - worthless scum, idiot, cannon fodder

Klagk - a word for dung, used as a generic expletive, a favorite of Grimm III

Gekbo - another word for idiot or moron

Gogklagk - a combination of gogk and klagk, for extra emphasis


Other Mahlo-Slashrim Words:

Helexith - The one true all-powerful creator god in Mahlo-Slashrim religion. Often called a god of fire, since he is the god of light, heat, and liquid - the three elements necessary for life - opposed by darkness, cold, and solid, which are the elements of death.

Sessith - An evil Slashrim spirit or dark god, related to fear. His name was carved over the entrance to the Cave of Fear that the training Enomegs had to face in Warrior Born.


Sarran Words

Afaelya - Goddess of the Sarran people. Seen as both a creator being and a great spirit that connects all living things. They believe that their psionic powers stem from Afaelya, and those more in touch with their own spirit have stronger psionic abilities.



Here are some canon creatures of Nova Refuge.

Mocca - long-tailed, colorful jungle bird mentioned in Warrior Born, native to Terra Nova

Kegric - large, ugly, buzzard-like bird mentioned in Warrior Born, native to Terra Nova

Korgon - Often called "Korgon Hellhounds," these are powerful dog-like creatures sometimes used as pets by Slashrim and Mahlok for battle and hunting

Copperbug - A species of large, beetle-like insect with a coppery shell, which has been spread to many planets due to its habit of stowing away on starships. An eater of detritus, it is mostly harmless but considered a pest by many. Some Slashrim consider them sacred.



Screamer Ball - A popular sport throughout the galaxy, known for its violence. The ball uses hover technology to remain in the air and seek out players, attempting to strike them. It often makes a screaming sound as it flies. Though the exact rules vary, all involve players dodging the ball and/or hitting it toward enemies or into a goal. Some variations are played on hoverbikes or feature a ball equipped with deadly blades to make it into a blood-sport.



CP12: standard large blazer pistol of Xarkon police
X33 Carbine: standard Xarkon assault rifle
Ironslinger: An old lever-action rifle employed by Xarkon during the Xenocide War, due to its highly armor-piercing rounds capable of punching through Mahlok hide. Favored by Saber-Scorpion.
Dirge: A Xarkonian magnum blazer pistol favored by Lucas Mars and Magnum-Coyote.
Harpy Eagle: A Victorian magnum blazer pistolf avored by Ryan Arkanian.
Outlook Arms PQ6: Silent but deadly pistol with a built-in suppressor that cancels nearly all noise. Favored by Shadow-Cat.
XM-62C ‘Buzzsaw: Light Machine Gun favored by Gun-Barracuda
XK61 Scorpion: Sub-machine gun favored by Saber-Scorpion
The Black Widowmaker: Lisa Sharp's custom sniper rifle
Bowie-II: Energy knife used by most Victorian troops. The blade can be extended to sword-like length.

Historical LEGO Suggestions?

24 January 2017 - 02:08 PM

Do you know what the best-selling items in my shop are? I took a look at my statistics from the last 2 years and noticed some interesting things...


1: Flesh Tone - My best selling "item" was just the old button to make all minifigs and decals flesh tone instead of yellow (before I switched to the current system of choosing skin color per-item). Pretty sad, but not unexpected.


2: Brickarms Damien Blade & M1911 pistol - again, not unexpected, since these are the standard sword and pistol items from Brickarms.


3: Historic Stickers - Ever since the Halo craze from the early days of my shop died down, most of my best selling minifigs and stickers have been Historic ones. My all-time best-selling decal is simply the Historic Medieval Tabard & Shields (Knight Templar).


Other tabards also sell well, and so do my Roman legionary and Ancient Greek stickers. Other top-selling categories include Post-Apoc, Fantasy, and Space Wars.


With that in mind, I would like to add some new Historic items to my shop. So I thought I would ask for suggestions!


The Question: What do you guys think I could add to my current "Historical" selection?

Perhaps some more Tabard & Shield designs? If so, what designs/patterns/emblems? Other types of Roman armor maybe? Armor from other cultures, like Chinese or Japanese or something? Suggest items that you or someone you know would certainly find interesting, and feel free to provide reference pictures! Thanks!