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In Topic: The Witcher (Netflix Series)

06 January 2020 - 07:28 AM

I was ill a couple weeks ago, so I binged it then. I liked a lot of it! Especially liked the fights with Geralt and the different monsters. Although, I did feel like there were a few lost opportunities for some of the social commentary that makes the games so great. Like the show tried, but didn't quite get there.
I don't get why they decided to play it out of sequence though? Didn't feel, to me, like it added anything to the story and it made some stuff a little confusing. I guess it was their best way of telling three stories at once maybe? I wasn't into it I guess. The dragon episode was by far my favorite from this season though.
This song wasn't featured in the show, but it's about Geralt.

I almost feel like it portrays the central core of the Witcher story better than eight episodes did...

In Topic: SSLF's Runner-Up GOTY of the Year 2019 Thread

13 December 2019 - 05:28 PM

That made it worth it, honestly.

Ill be honest... its the only part I watched. :P

In Topic: SSLF's Runner-Up GOTY of the Year 2019 Thread

13 December 2019 - 03:35 PM

I was into the part where Roger Craig Smith was live mo-capping Mirage for the Apex Legends Holo-Day bash announcement.


If you don't want to look it up or dig through the whole video of the award show here:


But yeah, the technology these days is wild, guys. Like, I didn't even know they could do stuff like this...

In Topic: What Are You Currently Playing?

04 December 2019 - 05:02 PM

I did it you guys! I beat Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception! Greatest video game ending to one of the greatest video game trilogies of all time? Uh - duh! 


But I'm mad! Someone is gonna have to come clean! Which one of you guys forgot the memo!? Which PERSON forgot to fill me in that



What an incredible way to end that game! And the final boss battle was epic. I don't know, maybe I'm wired differently than your average gamer because I have heard complaints about that fight and I just think anyone who has an issue with it is wrong, to be honest with ya.



More games should be like the Uncharted HOLY TRINITY you guys. Serieously.


I regret not playing these when they were all the rage because I have a bunch of favorite parts I want to talk about now! So many awesome moments followed by MOAR awesome moments!


Well. Now I beat em. Gonna play them again for sure. But now that I have a PS3 any suggestions for other exclusives I missed out on? I'm open to suggestions. It's finals week and I need stuff to do lol.


Also - as an aside note. I play online. I'm on XBONE I play Apex Legends and Overwatch and Destiny 2 if any of you want to join up and get some DUBS! That's how the kids say it, right?

In Topic: What Are You Currently Playing?

03 December 2019 - 05:23 PM

How we doin, SSLF? It’s been a while.


I did a thing. I bought a PS3 and the Uncharted trilogy and experienced it the way Wolfy always told us was the right way. I never had a PS3 because I didn’t have money or time enough and now that I’m going to school and working full time and have even less time than ever I decided it was a great chance to play these games.


Guys, some of you are babies and you don’t know, but when these games came out it was a major thing on the forums. Like, it felt like everyone was excited. Not the least of which was our very own Wolfy who was way, way too good at them. And it was such a surreal experience finally playing them because… well, it’s weird. I watched the trailers and the E3 reveals and like, even the Subway commercials, over and over. Dozens of times. I have never been more obsessed with a game I knew I wouldn’t get to play. We were Xboxers in my teenhood home (pops worked at ol’ M-Soft and got a discount, that’s the only reason we had a game console at all) and owning a PS3 seemed like a pipe-dream.


But over Thanksgiving weekend I decided since the girlfriend was going to be gone visiting family, and I was gonna be back at my apartment alone it’d be the PERFECT time to get a PS3 and the Uncharted HOLY TRINITY and play them back to back over the four day weekend. (I had to work on Friday but whatever, still PLENTY OF TIME, right!?) Anyway.


Fam-alama-ding-dongs... These games are incredible. I played them in sequence and my mind was blown. Just little bits all over my room. I think the most fun thing about playing them in sequence was seeing the new features they added to each game. Stealth kills in Drake’s Fortune were more seldom and pulling them off was a tad more tricky, vs stealth kills in Among Thieves where you can, like, seriously sneak around and clear out stages using nothing but stealth kills. And Drake’s Deception… They added even more to the CQC system. Everything from the music, to the voice acting, to the plot twists, the production value of these games is incredible. It’s without a doubt one of the greatest video game adventures I’ve ever been on.


My complaints are few, and lie more regularly with myself and how bad I am at video games. I have been playing Xbox my whole life so it was pretty bad at first. The prompts on the screen would pop up and I’d have to LOOK AT MY CONTROLLER TO FIND THE BUTTON LIKE YOUR LOVELY GRANDPARENT OR UNCLE OR AUNT DOES WHEN THEY ARE TASKED TO WATCH YOU FOR THE AFTERNOON AND YOU ASK IF THEY WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU AND THEY AGREE TO JUST TO BE NICE BUT THEY DON’T KNOW THE CONTROLS OR THE CONTROLLER SCHEME AND THEY ARE LIKE HOW DO YOU JUMP AND YOU SAY A OR X OR WHATEVER AND THEY SQUINT AT THE CONTROLLER LIKE WHICH ONE? Uh… that was me… but by Among Thieves I was fine, slamming triangle and square and circle and ex like, yeah, I know what a play station is, wut!? Come at me! Oh crap, R1 is which one? Wait pause, pause, pause um… OH, found it. GAME ON! COME AT ME!


Every game had something that stood out to me. But I will say this - these games are the most immersive I’ve played in an actual forever. Ever so rarely you might get stuck on a jumping puzzle or a firefight that you just get too excited about and lose track of who is where and someone shoots you dead and then the spell is broken and you're back IRL… but aside from one’s own stupidity, these games are a portal to an experience unfathomable by anyone who hasn’t played them and you just have to do it.

Now I’m gonna drop some spoilers and I’m spoiler tabbing them because even though I’m one of the last people to ever play these games, there are some out there still and if they’re here on the forums I want them to experience these things for themselves, spoiler free.


Uncharted Drake’s Fortune:
I was excited to play this because I knew it was gonna be fun to see how far the franchise has come, but also see what they did back when Uncharted 1 came out. How did they push those envelopes back then? And there are some seriously fun times in Drake’s Fortune!


It was tons of fun. I found 50% of the treasure on my first try. I’d definitely play it again. I’d rate Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune 10/10 possible arbitrary rating system points. It’s a good game.


Uncharted 2 Among Thieves:

This one was hard for me to come to terms with. Because this was the one I saw all the promotional material for and wanted to play SO BADLY but never did. But I couldn’t help myself. Thanksgiving morning I beat Uncharted 1 and immediately threw Uncharted 2 in. And it was a trip. Nate is 100% better at kicking dudes so they don’t get up anymore. There are SO MANY scenes in this that come to mind. But my all time favorite is this part



U2AT is a masterpiece and will from this point on be one of my favorite games of all time. Gonna play this one again too for sure. 

I’d rate Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 10/10 possible arbitrary rating system points. It’s a good game.


Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception:

I mean, come on. We all know what part I’m gonna mention...

Like, holy bawls, bois. Just so many good parts. I knew I was in for a treat with this one, but snack crap shack. They even
So now I’m at chapter 20. I’m right up at the end. Two chapters from the end of a series that I have taken more than a decade to finally play. It’s bitter sweet. The plan was to play this series over the course of a four day weekend, and I knew I’d be rushing a little, but it’s a hard pill to swallow realizing that something you’ve wanted for so long has come and gone. 

But it’s not gone. I can play these games over and over. I still have two more chapters of Drake’s Deception anyway! And when I visit my family for Christmas I’m going to leave the PS3 and the Uncharteds for my siblings to experience. At least until it’s time for me to play them again.


I can’t rate Uncharted 3 yet because I haven’t beaten it, but thus far I’d give Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception 10/10 possible arbitrary rating system points. It’s a good game too. They’re all good games, brent.


I play on a current gen console and buying a PS3 to play three old gen games was, like, the best thing I ever did. So if you’re like me, and you never got a chance to play these incredible games. Go buy a preowned PS3 from gamestop for $100 and the uncharted trilogy. You won’t regret it.


Not that I need to tell you that. You’ve all played these games by now, right?