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#487928 Death Stranding

Posted by Ocelot on 23 September 2018 - 03:01 AM

Hey guys what is this game?


#487922 The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

Posted by Ocelot on 21 September 2018 - 03:28 AM

I can hold out hope. If Netflix is getting to do this, this means they might have some claim to the rights. If the ATLA remake is successful, it could fund a 3rd series as a netflix exclusive. They'd be crazy not to given how Voltron has gone for them.


That's a good point; it wouldn't be the first show Netflix has saved. If this is what it takes to bring my beautiful baby back to life, I'll keep paying that Netflix subscription as long as they want. I'll suffer however many live-action remakes they can throw at me if it means I get my glorious Earth Kingdom Avatar who will hopefully be another girl with huge muscles. Just like huuuge, though, because she's Earth Kingdom and they're all super buff. Like BIG. I want her to make Korra look like Aang.


So, given that this is happening now whether we like it or not, what kind of show do you want this thing to be? Do you think they'll cast child actors to match the original characters' ages, or will they age it up a bit? Are they going to change the story, maybe bring in Toph earlier or give us more Azula? I wouldn't mind a few changes here and there, I suppose.



#487919 Devil May Cry 5: Bang Bang Bang

Posted by Ocelot on 19 September 2018 - 09:40 PM







Featuring Kylo Ren from the Star Wars series


They also announced a Deluxe Edition, featuring some extra Devil Breakers, skins, and (most importantly) the option to use all the best battle themes from DMCs 1, 2, 3 and 4:




Also, we God Hand now:



#487914 The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

Posted by Ocelot on 18 September 2018 - 11:29 PM

Well, this isn't the news I'd hoped to be bumping the Avatar thread with after almost exactly three long years, but here we go:




I don't want to be a negative Nancy, because I love Avatar to death and I still regularly dream about getting rich and personally funding a third series just so I can have more of it, but... this is not what I had hoped for. Live action anime adaptations are a nope, remakes of things barely over a decade old are a nope, so put them together and you achieve the rare double nope. I mean, I'll keep an open mind, but the way Konietzko and DiMartino throw animation under the bus in that quote and continue this cockamamie idea that your stories don't count until they're filmed with real actors is just really disappointing.

#487911 moving Wicktures that you are watching

Posted by Ocelot on 16 September 2018 - 07:44 AM

I've been watching a million things on Netflix lately, including The Good Place (which I really like. Also, ya basic), season 2s of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist (all pretty unremarkable but still watchable), and finally finishing off Orphan Black (that show's great and I'm super in love with Tatiana Maslany), but I want to talk about this new show called The Dragon Prince, because I really like it. It's a CG cartoon show from Aaron Ehasz (one of the people behind Avatars both Aang and Korra) and Justin Richmond (ex-Naughty Dog, director of Uncharted 3):



I'm six episodes in and I feel like it has great potential. Really enjoyable characters (one of them played by Sokka) and great writing, and just a lovely art style. Fantastic character designs, too. There's big internet controversy out there over its very low framerate, which... yeah, it can be pretty distracting. Fast-moving scenes don't suffer so much, but slower scenes can look terribly stuttery. I don't know why they did it like this, since it's not like you have to draw individual frames with CG animation, but, well, there it is. I can't say it really bothers me once I'm actually watching the show, but I hope they'll change it for the second season (hopefully there is one).


Also I saw Hereditary, which is an excellent horror movie that genuinely made me sick. I watch a lot of horror movies, so I feel like I've built up a tolerance to most of the usual tropes. Jump scares don't work on me because I can feel them coming from a mile off, and the usual monsters screaming at the camera with a mouth that opens too wide are just old hat. But Hereditary doesn't use any of the usual, predictable horror tropes, and it goes some places I absolutely was not ready for, and I didn't feel good for days after watching it. This movie got under my skin in that way where I had to try really hard not to think about it when I was going to sleep that night. So if that kind of thing sounds appealing to you then I definitely recommend it.

#487905 What Are You Currently Playing?

Posted by Ocelot on 13 September 2018 - 06:33 AM

So let me tell you guys about a game called Marvel's Spider-Man, or as it may come to be known in a few months' time, Ocelot's 2018 Game of the Year. I've been spending my every waking hour for the last few days up to my elbows in this game, and I need to tell you guys how good it is because it's all I can think about. I'm in the last third of a surprisingly great story, but I have so many genuinely fun side activities pulling me in a dozen different directions that I can't focus on anything. I'm dawdling because I genuinely don't want this game to end. It's brilliant. I love it.


OK, so check this out: this is the best Spider-Man video game ever made. You all know how much I love Spider-Man 2, and while I still love the raw, pure swinging mechanics of that game, Insomniac's 2018 game does every single other thing so well and even has a fantastic swinging system of its own. The new game fudges the physics and automates a lot of what used to take skill and complex inputs in SM2, which I was a little down on at first, but the more I played the more I realised that this new system opened up a whole new realm of gameplay possibilities. So while you no longer need five different buttons and a few dozen hours' practice to pull off a nice flowing wallrun, for example, this keeps you free to concentrate on doing super awesome Spider-Man stuff like firing webs at enemies in mid-air or catapulting yourself over roofs after a vertical wallrun. Changing direction mid-wallrun. Firing out a web behind you to immediately halt your momentum if you overshoot a turn. Stopping to tackle a group of jetpack-clad bad guys and clobbering them all without ever touching the ground. Kicking the hell out of a dude as you swing by. IT FEELS SO GOOD.


And the mission design takes full advantage of your abilities, too. I know you've heard this one before, but Sony's big expensive games this gen have mostly been very well-executed takes on established ideas, and Spider-Man is no different: this is Batman Arkham Knight with webs. A big open world full of side content, great big one-off setpieces, combat and stealth and gadgets and traversal. We're stealthing through interior areas, fighting in arenas, clobbering bosses; it doesn't transcend its genre, by any means, but it is a damn good one of those games, and the wonderful gameplay has kept me ploughing through all that side content no matter how repetitive it might be. There are even some extra characters to play as (and alongside), which come as a nice little change of pace every now and then.


Oh, and I thought the combat system was going to be an Arkham clone, but it really isn't; it borrows a little from Arkham but actually more from Devil May Cry. You can punch, you can web, jump and dodge, and you can hold those buttons to give you launchers, Devil Bringers and Snatches, and you can even knock an enemy into the air and keep them suspended on web shots. Spidey takes big damage from guns and isn't great at crowd control, so the game encourages you to fight in the air as much as possible, and you can stay up there for a long time if you really try. It's a little clunky to switch between gadgets during combat (it's a radial menu), but if you learn to do it while you're doing a pre-canned finishing animation you can really just wreck dudes all day long. It's absolutely fantastic.


I want to finish the story before I talk about it, but what I've played so far has been great. Excellent voice acting, an older, more experienced Spider-Man than I've seen before, and some really good takes on classic Spidey characters. And some absolutely amazing character faces, for what it's worth. Just... man these people have great faces, and great facial animation, too. Between these ultra-high-fidelity mugs and the gorgeous city I'm swinging through, I honestly think this is one of the best-looking games I've ever played. GORE. JUSS. One of the characters licked his lips, and I don't think I've ever seen that in a video game before. Video games look really good, you guys.


OK, enough raving. This game is excellent and I highly recommend it.

#487895 Mission: Impossible - Fallout/Cruise Missile Appreciation Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 05 September 2018 - 12:24 AM

Hah, no, I've never seen the original series. I honestly always forget that Mission: Impossible existed before Tom Cruise until I see the "Original theme composed by Lalo Schifrin" in the opening credits and think, "...Oooooh, right". I'm glad you took the bullet for me, because I can't say I've ever really been interested in finding out for myself. 


I do think the Avengers TV series is pretty watchable, though, as far as spy shows from that era go. The British one with Diana Rigg (a.k.a. Lady Olenna from Game of Thrones). It's extremely camp, very tongue-in-cheek and a lot of fun if you happen to catch a good episode, though to be honest it's less spy-focused and more "A madman has invented a shrinking ray and we must stop him! Oh dear, I've been shrunk and I have to hide behind this giant cup of tea!".


Wonderfully crisp '60s English accents, Diana Rigg dresses exclusively in catsuits, and the action scenes are all either car chases with the film sped up or fights that are 90% karate chop :P

#487884 John Wick News and also Regular Movie/TV News Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 27 August 2018 - 09:37 PM




#487882 Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt Red's Next GOAT

Posted by Ocelot on 27 August 2018 - 10:52 AM


I bet you didn't wake up today thinking you'd see a FORTY-EIGHT MINUTE gameplay demo of Cyberpunk, right? Well it's your lucky day!

#487868 Devil May Cry 5: Bang Bang Bang

Posted by Ocelot on 22 August 2018 - 01:55 AM



k, lemme get some thoughts out now that I've calmed down a bit:


The good stuff:

- This game looks flat out amazing, which I never expected. This level of detail at 60FPS with environmental destruction on top of it all is absolutely insane. The RE Engine is made of magic.

- The bossfight against Goliath includes more cinematic spectacle elements, but, crucially, still plays by classic DMC rules. No mid-fight cutscenes to break the flow, no unnecessary QTE prompts. You go through three phases, complete with location changes, but the game never takes you out of the action.

- Dante has a motorbike that he can take apart and use like two giant swords, except the swords are motorbike halves. Remember the DMC3 cutscene where Dante used Lady's motorbike like nunchucks? Remember how we always wanted an in-game motorbike weapon? Dreams come true.

- All Nero's abilities are intact, like EX Act (aka sword revving) and charged gunshots, but they seem to have been updated. Rather than charging a shot and needing to keep the button held down until you fire, it looks like you hold it for a little while to load in three sets of double-power shots, and then you can use them at your discretion. Really nice, since high-level Nero play used to mean remapping your controls to shoot with R2 and then holding down R2 100% of the time

- Sin Scissors returns from DMC1!


Something I'm not so crazy about:

Nero's Devil Breaker system is very unexpected. From what I can tell, you have a 'magazine' of four detachable arms in stock, and you pick these up in the environment. If you get hit while using a Devil Breaker it will break, or you can break it on purpose by detonating it to escape an enemy's attack. Once broken, Nero will automatically equip the next arm in his magazine (which you can see at the bottom right of the screen). The thing is, there doesn't seem to be any way of manually switching to the particular arm you want to use, so this isn't a traditional DMC weapon-switch system. You break one, you use the next one, but there's no way to, for example, switch from the electric stun arm to the aerial mobility arm and back again in one flowing combo.


It's a very un-DMC system, and one I'm pretty surprised to see here. We've never seen consumable items in this series before, not even so much as limited ammo for guns, and DMC games are some of the best at encouraging players to play the way they want to play rather than imposing restrictions on them (one of the many things that Ninja Theory didn't understand about the games with their reboot). So... yeah, it's weird. But, hey, I'm not going to panic just yet. There's always a chance there's more to see with this system, or more options in the full game.


EDIT - Look at this cool picture!



#487862 Devil May Cry 5: Bang Bang Bang

Posted by Ocelot on 21 August 2018 - 09:06 AM




March 8th 2019. Dante has a motorbike Devil Arm. Nero is straight up flying through laser rings on his rocket arm. WHAT IS THIS GAME?




Are you seeing that entire building fall to pieces? In a 60FPS character action game? Did actual sorcerers make the RE Engine?

#487857 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 20 August 2018 - 06:38 PM

Well Gamescom is officially underway, so here's a quick roundup of early information:


- ReCore, Super Lucky's Tale and some other previously Windows 10 Store exclusive games are coming to Steam


- Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has a release date of March 22nd 2019


- A Hat in Time is getting an expansion, and it's coming to Switch


- Trailers for Life is Strange 2:



Metro Exodus:



Just Cause 4:



Join me later in my lively Devil May Cry thread as I mark out super hard over the new footage they're going to show today!

#487854 Mission: Impossible - Fallout/Cruise Missile Appreciation Thread

Posted by Ocelot on 20 August 2018 - 01:52 AM

And so we come to Jar Jar Abrams' first foray into his unforgivable plot to ruin all beloved movie franchises by making highly-enjoyable, well-received entries in them, the absolute monster: Mission: Impossible 3. It's great!


It's interesting that we're only three movies into the franchise at this point and there's already a movement towards having Tom Cruise retire from active superspy-ing duty and take on a trainer/handler kind of role. Tom Cruise was 44 in this movie, so you can kind of see why some movie execs who hadn't actually seen the man in action might have thought he was coming to the end of his high-flying stunt days, but little did they know that the Cruise Missile doesn't age like we humans do and that he'd still be going at it twelve full years later and somehow only getting better. MI3's a really fun movie with probably the best cast of the entire series (Larry Fishburne putting in work, Philip Seymore Hoffman as the villain, the introduction of Simon Pegg and Keri Russell absolutely owning her five minutes of screentime with that unteachable action star skill of 'not flinching when you fire the gun'). The big action setpieces are all fun, clever and frantic, and how could anyone forget the single best example of The Cruise Run in all of cinema?




My only complaint with this movie is that it feels very... small, somehow. It's JJ Abrams' first movie, and it just doesn't have that big blockbuster spectacle to it. It actually feels quite a lot like an extended episode of Alias, right down to the in medias res intro that then flashes back a few days earlier (which they did on Alias like every second episode). The IMF agents all work out of this boring office building in L.A., the gadgets aren't really all that impressive, Philly SeyHoff is great but he never really feels like a world-ending threat. It's also dated in its own way, with some veeeery Bourne-derivative handheld camerawork and Bush-era "the government is using the terrorists for its own gain" political machinations. It's still great, though. OCELOT'S RATING: 10 Cruise Run Sonic Booms out of 10


Next up is, of course, Mission: ImPaulable: Ghost Pattoncol, which, if I'm being super totally brutally honest with you guys... doesn't hold up as well as I thought it would...


I mean, it's still a fantastic movie, with absolutely incredible moments, and I still think the whole forty-ish minutes they spend in Dubai is 110% perfect from start to finish, but it's just not quite as good overall as I remember it being. There's this subplot with a Russian cop chasing Ethan all over the world that just bogs the movie down, the music is veeeery low energy and understated, there's a weird moment where you think Ethan is going to go and see Max (and they even outright tease it by having him be forced to put on the same blindfold mask he had to wear in the first movie) but it just turns out to be some random guy and you're like... why, though? But worst of all, this is the movie where they pushed the "Tom Cruise has to retire" angle the hardest, to the point where he has to spend so much time babying all the other members of his team that he misses out on doing a bunch of cool stuff himself. Do you remember what Ethan does at the palace in India? He holds his finger to his ear and shouts orders at the rest of the team while they do all the work. Uh uh. No thank you.


(Also how did Michael Nyqvist, may he rest in peace, end up being the final villain fistfighting both Ethan Hunt and John Wick?)




Paula Patton is in it, though. One day they're going to bring her back, with her big muscly forearms and her purring voice. Ilsa Faust is great and all, but did she really deserve two movies in a row? Well, yes, obviously, because she's wonderful and we all love her, but I'm brave enough to say that there's room for both of them. OCELOT'S RATING: 10 Paula Pattons out of Paula Patton


And to cap it all off, we enter the McQuarrie era with Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation, which is so good! I really think Christopher McQuarrie gets it better than any MI director so far; he manages to balance the best of the action and spectacle with the cleverest of the espionage and plot-twist-ery. Fallout is his real masterpiece, but Rogue Nation was an excellent warmup, and I'd love to see him bang out another one before Tom Cruise hits 60 and we really have to start questioning whether he isn't an X-Man or something. Rogue Nation begins with Ethan hanging off the side of a real-life aeroplane actually taking off for reals, brings Alec Baldwin on board to do his Alec Baldwin thing, introduces a delectably hate-able villain in Solomon Lane and, of course, our angel Ilsa Faust. Also Jeremy Renner is there again. Remember Jeremy Renner? #JusticeForPaula




I'm not a huge fan of the action scenes and setpieces here, with the underwater break-in being a little too... I don't know, swimmy for my taste and the car/bike/plane stuff not lasting long enough to really get my motor running, but I still really like this movie. OCELOT'S RATING: 10 living manifestations of destiny out of 10.

#487842 Resident Evil: Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Posted by Ocelot on 14 August 2018 - 08:23 AM

I've now come full circle in my quest to play all the mainline Resident Evil games: back to the first RE game I ever finished, Resident Evil 5.




Handsome beeflord Chris Redfield's journey through the heart of Africa alongside his spunky sidekick Sheva Alomar, taking his vengeance against the evil Albert Wesker, who is now just a straight up superpowered villain bent on world domination. RE5 takes the third-person action RE formula established by RE4, loosens up the controls a little to allow strafing (though not while shooting, mind), and adds a co-op partner character who'll blast zambamboes alongside you (AI-controlled, if you're playing on your own). The inventory system has been overhauled as a 3x3 grid sorted in realtime, RE4's Merchant has unfortunately lost his job to a bland menu screen, and the overall tone has taken a turn for the... serious? I hesitate to say that about a game where you fight the final boss inside a volcano, but at least we're not running away from giant statues in the image of zany Spanish dwarves :P


So I bought this game on day one and played it to death back on the PS3. I loved shooting the dudes, I loved the ridiculously over-the-top action cutscenes, I loved reading all the files about the history of the Resident Evil series. I probably haven't played it since like 2010, though, and I actually didn't enjoy going back to it as much as I thought I would. Back in the day I remember people being down on the game thanks to the forced co-op, the cover-based shooting encounters and a general feel of trying to go back to the RE4 well, and while I didn't agree with those complaints at the time... right now I feel like they were pretty spot on. I still had a lot of fun playing through it, but RE5 has some pretty big problems and I really don't think it compares to the stone cold masterpiece that is RE4.


OK, let's start with this co-op stuff. I like Sheva, and playing on Normal difficulty this time around I never died because of any AI-related antics. I saddled her with whichever weapons I didn't want to use, mostly left the healing duties to her, and she was totally fine. But with Sheva's inclusion came a host of PS3/360-gen co-op mechanics that really frustrated me. There's a down-but-not-out state stolen straight from Gears of War, for instance, where if your health drops below a certain threshold you'll enter a staggering state and need your partner to come and rescue you. This is fine in a regenerating health game like Gears, but RE5 uses consumable healing items that you can carry with you at all times, and there is nothing more irritating than being separated from your partner and knowing you're going to die DESPITE HAVING A HEALING ITEM IN YOUR INVENTORY. I have literally died on top of a Green Herb that the game wouldn't let me pick up. It's also just needlessly difficult to swap and exchange items with your AI partner, which speaks to some of the same issues I had in RE0. Menu functions that you should be able to do but can't, QOL features that would be such a huge help but aren't there. How many grenades did I unintentionally give to Sheva when I was trying to throw them because I unthinkingly mashed the 'Give' button thinking it was a QTE?


The game unabashedly tries to top RE4, with very obvious callbacks to memorable setpieces from that game like El Gigante, the Cabin, the QTE moments, the giant bosses with special weapons; even the overall three-act game structure of rural village-> spooky castle/ruins -> combat heavy military area. But where RE4 has you saying "Oh yeah, that bit!" with glee as you stumble into a huge fight, RE5 has a lot more "Oh no, that bit" moments. I mean, RE4 has a few areas that aren't great, but RE5 has some genuinely awful parts, particularly when the enemies start shooting back at you. The retrofitted cover system doesn't work especially well, with finicky positioning required to get the prompt to show up in the first place and then iffy protection afforded from damage once you're in place, and most of all it just isn't much fun to kill guys by shooting them in these games. You want to be mixing it up right there in the fray, hitting weakpoints and going for melee hits, but instead you're stuck pewpewing around a wall. Also I still hate the Reaper enemies and their awful one-hit kill attack. I also read some things about the PC and PS4/XB1 versions being a little glitchy in terms of boss health and AI; I'm not sure if that's legit, but I definitely had a harder time playing the PC version than I remember from the PS3 version back in the day. Chainsaw Men took a frankly absurd level of punishment (I literally dumped 12 MAGNUM ROUNDS into one's face before it died), and that one Uroboros boss where you can use the Flamethrower took forever.




But enough complaining, because I still really like this game. Giant muscleboy Chris is the best character redesign in history, and I absolutely love this game's stupid story. Chris is out there mowing down zomboes by the dozen in search of our girl Jill, and when I played this game back in the day I always assumed they must have had a real relationship in the earlier games. Now that I know all the backstory, though, which is to say that they spent the entirety of RE1 separated and then were never in another game together until RE5, it all just seems so delightfully silly. And of course nobody ever has sex in the RE universe, so we know it wasn't a romantic thing, either. Chris and Jill's whole bond is basically invented in this game; "Because we're partners" is Chris' earnest answer to everything in this game, which is so anime it hurts. And now Wesker has gone from the goober in CVX doing slow-mo jumps to the coolest guy in the universe, effortlessly dodging bullets with a flash-step superpower faster than your eyes can follow, clad in a carbon fibre battle suit and purring out every line in D.C. Douglas' positively scandalous villain voice.


RE5's action cutscenes are an absolute treat for a fan of CG fight scenes. They were handled by Just Cause Productions, a stunt/motion-capture/animation company run by none other than our old friend Reuben Langdon (aka Dante, boiz!), and they are just magical. Reuben Langdon and Dan Southworth (Vergilllll) do motion capture, and Reuben voices one of the ill-fated BSAA agents (the guy who drives the Humvee early on and gets squashed by the El Gigante). The choreography, the camerawork, the creativity of some of the ridiculous stuff they do is so good. Too good for plain old gifs, just watch this hot fire and thank me later:



So, that was RE5, then. Not quite as great as I'd remembered, but still really cool. I'd love to see Sheva come back some day, and I hope there's still room for action RE in this new more grounded world of RE games post-7. Speaking of 7, that's the one I'm playing next, and the last remaining mainline RE for me. Wish me luck!


Posted by Ocelot on 11 August 2018 - 02:27 AM

Oh my goodness, that part where he's basically just flying around with double air-dashes and that grappling hook and then the Mick Gordon CHUGGACHUGGAs kick in is just insane. 


Did you see the Hell Knight falling to bits as he blasted away at him? Real-time battle damage? BRO


I'm not in love with the way they're calling him 'The Slayer', like he's Buffy, when we all know his name is Doomguy, but I'll live.




(This is the best glory kill yet, btw)