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Yesterday, 03:19 PM

The whole thing is really sad. Observe what has become of Star Wars gaming since Disney gave LucasArts the axe. When I was a kid, Star Wars had an awesome new game every few months - I basically grew up on Star Wars games. There were titles of almost every genre for a while: RTS, FPS, RPG, racing, flight sims... But since 2010, what has come out? SW:TOR, Battlefront, and a bunch of mobile trash? All rife with micro-transactions and bite-size DLC - things which guarantee a steady stream of income from each title, which is all EA cares about.


Bioware is next on the chopping block for sure. Earlier today, I saw Mass Effect Andromeda up on Amazon for $11.88. A game that came out this year. Brand new, sold & shipped by Amazon, for PS4. $11.88. The Witcher 3 came out two years ago, and it's still $45. The sword of Damocles is inching closer. EA is already having Bioware move away from their story-driven RPG roots to develop a Destiny knockoff, just like they no doubt wanted Amy Hennig to do. Once Bioware's new thing becomes the next Lawbreakers, well... I will shed a single tear for what the studio once was, many years ago.

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15 October 2017 - 06:22 PM

To no one's great surprise, I've failed to keep up with the #inktober schedule, but I'll keep trying anyway. So here are some werewolves!




Yeah, it's one of my old Wulfgard drawings again. :P

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13 October 2017 - 12:54 PM

So I'm finally about to finish the first Divinity: Original Sin. Still can't say much for the story. Anyone remember that old Cliché Epic Story Formula page I used to have?




"Long ago, the Big Badguy was defeated by the Greatest Hero(es)...

Now, 100000000000 years later, the Big Bad has returned!

Only the Chosen One(s) (that's you) can gather the Ancient Things and defeat him once again!

You are the greatest heroes alive... no, the greatest heroes who have EVER lived... NO! The greatest heroes who EVER WILL LIVE!"


Apparently even the guys who come along in the next 100000000000 years won't be as awesome as me. Sucks to be those guys.  :smug:

Uuuugggghhhhhh. Larian, why must you torture me so.

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10 October 2017 - 09:04 PM



This forest troll was gonna be for #inktober day 8 "crooked", but since I missed that day, I guess it works for day 10 "gigantic" too.


Real ink instead of digital for the first time. Thanks to Wolfy for lending me her pens.

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10 October 2017 - 05:52 AM

I missed a couple days, but here's one for day 9: "screech" I drew last night:




Ciri kills the cockatrice in The Witcher 3