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06 February 2011 - 06:24 AM

I just wrote this story for my literature class, I want to make a lego stop-motion series based loosely on it. And I want everyones opinion on the general premiss. Here it goes:

Not so great the cost of losing

Gunshots fly through the air, bodies hit the ground, and the Portal opens.
“We can’t do anything about it!”, Quinn screamed to his colonel.
“They have the Address code!” Multiverse Team One ran while under fire to the Portal. Their Colonel John Malcolm’s Submachine gun tore bullets into the air, neutralizing three targets, and tearing holes into the gray cement-like wall.
“Go, go go!” He yelled at his men, ordering them to step through the portal, to go back home. John saw over his head an explosion from an alien plasma weapon erupted and knock out the lights. Darkness fell. Except for the light that was coming out of the center of the round portal, John could almost see through what looked like fog that was in the portal. “De’cho’Ck’na’Ti kru!”, The team heard as they ran up the steps that lead into the portal, three out of the four members of Multiverse Team One ran through the portal, while the fourth, Colonel Malcolm, looked over his shoulder. As he saw the carnage and destruction, he noticed that the firing had stopped, and thought: Why are the V’Aleen letting his team through? In any case, I had better get out of here. And Malcolm stepped into the portal.

Colonel John D. Malcolm then experienced one of the strangest discomforts man has ever felt. It would be best described as this: Being frozen in a bathtub that is being used as a roller-coaster car, on a roller coaster that runs underwater. Or it would run underwater if the lava was water. While on this insane coaster the bathtub would fly off it’s tracks and hit the wall, and the person in the car would have almost certainly had a concussion if he was not already a fluid. Then the bathtub would find the track again and drive up out of the lava, and the passenger would come back together as though he did nothing more than ride the train. That is how it feels to jump from universe to universe.
The Colonel stepped out onto the disembarkation platform of area 51.

Area 51 is infamous for housing alien technology. The rumors that they had UFOs parked in the hanger are mostly incorrect. What they really have there is this: The base of operations of the Multiverse program. It is where Earth’s Multiverse Portal is kept, and used, by the Multiverse Program teams.

The program was founded when the US received a distress call, from another universe. In the message were blue prints to the portal, all adapted for Earth technology. The United States then went and built it. The first time it was used, Earth encountered their greatest enemy, the V’Aleen. The V’Aleen are by all analysis, psycho. They do not seem to want anything other then to conquer species after species. It’s almost like a drug to them. In the small times of peace they grow resentful, hateful, a civil war breaks out, and all their slaves revolt. This makes them all very happy. So far, the Humans have tried to keep our universe’s address secret, but on Earth’s last excursion, they realized that all the bullets they left behind, have been analyzed, and the V’Aleen now have Earth’s Universal address. Time is running short.

“General, sir, the V’Aleen now know where we come from.” Quinn anxiously told General North. “We must act!” He added, shouting, as the Colonel walked down the metal ramp that lead up to the portal. The room was large. To the left, the colonel could see the control and briefing rooms. Around him blank cement walls stretch upwards four-hundred feet to the surface of the earth. “We must defend ourselves!” Quinn shouted, very disrespectfully at the general.
“Lieutenant!” The Colonel yelled, disciplining his soldier.
“Sorry, sir...”
“As you should be, go to your quarters.”
“Yes, sir.” Said Quinn as he walked to the left, out of the embarkation room.
“I apologize General, he can be disrespectful at times.”
“I understand” Said the corpulent General, not resentfully. “But I think you and your team should propose a defense plan.”
“Yes General.”

In the barracks at area 51, Quinn, the nerdy Alien expert, was pacing.
“So what can we do?” Said Quinn freaking out and rubbing his glass’s lenses with his shirt.
“We need a defense! Nuclear warheads maybe.” Said Miranda, the tech expert on the team, as she sat on a bed.
“That will be useless.” Said Anthony, a humble member of the strong silent type. He sat on a chair with unusually good posture
“How would you know Tony?” Snapped Miranda back.
“He’s right. The V’Aleen do this for the combat, the pleasure of killing, nuking them will simply make them happy.” Reasoned Quinn, taking deep breaths.
“Fine! But I still think-” The door opened and The Colonel stepped in, Miranda shut up really fast.
“I have my orders to proceed with caution and find a way out of this mess.”
“Yes, sir.” The others said quickly.
“So, I need answers. Does anyone have anything?” John Asked anxiously
“I might, sir.” Said Miranda timidly. “We need to hook up our Multiverse Portal to one of theirs. The wormholes are one way”
“Right...” Said John and Quinn questioningly.
“So, we connect to all of their Portals at the same time.”
John then had a followup: “Can you do it?”
Miranda thought hard indeed, but, “Yes it can be done.” Everyone looked surprised and were thinking hard when Quinn asked, “What happens if someone walks through it when it’s like that?”
“Well...” Miranda paused to think, “Either, one, you get torn into a million pieces, or you get copied... Either way, don’t walk though.” “Indeed.” Replied Jonas.
“Well, let’s take it to General North!” Said Quinn emphatically. They all got up and walked into the hallway.
As Miranda passed Quinn, she remembered the practical joke he played by breaking into her Facebook account. She grabbed his arm and held him back.
“You know that I know you broke into my account.”
“What?” Said Quinn in a bad impression of innocence.
“You know what I mean” She said menacing.
“I’m a Hacker, remember? I’m the one who knows how to break into the alien database, your PC was hacked in thirty seconds.”
“Okay... Sorry.”
“You will be.”

“Sir! We have a proposition. Miranda!” Called Colonel Malcolm as he looked around the briefing room, she was not behind him, she was not in her seat at the conference table. “Where is she?” Malcolm wondered aloud, “Right behind you.” She said as she and Quinn stepped into the room. “Tell the General about your plan.” “Well, sir.” She started, “It is that we lock onto all of the V’Aleen Portals at once and keep them busy, so that when they launch their attack they will be unable to send their soldiers through the portals.” She stated, with her usual certainty.

“That’s very well and good, but how much more power will that take? We already take up sixty-five percent of area fifty-one’s power generation.” Miranda thought about this for a moment, that was a very valid point. But what if... “I think ... I think that if we connect to their portals, their power sources will compensate.” She spoke slowly, and deliberately. “And if they don’t?” North asked, concerned. “Then set up more reactors, and redirect the power from Las Vegas.”
After lots of theorizing, it was concluded that they would set up a nuclear reactor in the base.

“Begin dialing.” Miranda ordered. Outside of the control room window she could see the huge round portal begin to dial. On the portal at various intervals were four large round lights. Each light usually represents a dimension, one to four, Space and Time, these lights only lit up when the portal is synchronized with each of the other universes dimensions. Once all four dimensions line up, then you connect with the fifth light, and the device is activated. In order to connect to more then one portal you must simply put in the most basic of information, like time, the space dimensions can be general. Like between points A, B, C, and D, and all receiving portals in the area will open.
This is what they used to stop the V’Aleen from coming though the portal.

After five hours the portal was open to over ten-thousand others, Miranda would have thought that this would use up more energy than was humanly possible to generate. But as it turns out, the portals on the other side were supplying most of the power. So the human portal could remain open almost indefinitely.

While monitoring the computers three hours later, General North requested that the Colonel and Miranda come into the briefing room.
“I just got a call from the President,” General North informed them, “And?” The Colonel anxiously asked, “He wants to put NASA on alert.” Miranda spluttered “Why?” “Because the President is concerned about space craft.” The General answered. “Space craft can’t get into other universes!” Miranda was furious! The General looked her in the eye and said, “Tell that to the President”

NASA and SETI were put on guard, just in case any ship entered the solar system.

A week after the portals were connected, a blip appeared on one of the SETI computers. After some rapid communicating SETI and NASA both saw the same blip, and both knew that this was no ordinary space rock.
Area fifty-one was contacted.

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” Said General North and then he hung up. The general activated the intercom and requested that Colonel Malcolm and Dr Miranda Lock come the the briefing room.
“Yes?” asked Colonel John Malcolm as he and Miranda entered.
“Colonel, there is a ship detected just past Neptune.” The grave General said.
“What?” Said Miranda, her mind was just blown. “It will be here in five hours.”
Miranda was disoriented, she of all people should have seen this coming. She felt so responsible. She sat down in one of the empty chairs around the table. She rested her head on her hands. And she thought, ‘What could I have done?’ Okay, calm down Miranda, if the V’Aleen can take a ship through, can they take another portal? Yes, they must have taken one. Oh, they’ll probably be coming to kill and enslave us all! Why?! Why?! Why must so many die, just to feed their need to kill! “They’re speed is increasing” drifted into her head. “They will be here in two hours.” Miranda felt so sorry for all the things that she could have done better in her life... In fact the last time she talked to Quinn she threatened him over Facebook. She hacked his computer, (Her mind was in such a state that random words flew into here mind) Hacking .... Computer .... There is a portal on the ship ... Help... Wait, her mind started to kick in. There is a portal on the V’Aleen ship, she is the only one who can hack their computers, they do this for the violence. A plan started to form in her head. “There is nothing we can do...” Said the depressed General. “Wait!” Miranda yelled excited, “I have an Idea!”

An hour later, one hour until the V’Aleen ship will arrive, the Colonel and his team are read to embark. “We never dialed our universe before.” Quinn stated. “It should be easy, we don’t need to sync anything” Miranda consoled, and the added quietly to Quinn, “I am sorry I got mad at you for Facebook and hacked your PC.”

“All right men!” The Colonel called to attention. The good Colonel stepped onto the embarkation platform, turned around, away from the portal, facing his soldiers, and he began his prep talk. “Men and Women, In order to defend our beloved people, our wives, our children, and our country. Soldiers, we must win!” he yelled patriotically. “We must be the soldiers every commander throughout history has dreamed of! These V’Aleen SOBs have no CLUE what they’re up against! We have seen brutal and crucial times before, but none like this!” He shouted, and his men applauded in loud patriotic return.

The Colonel continued, taking a deep breath, “These V’Aleen, have killed race after race of other aliens, and do you know why? For the fun of it!” He bellowed, “We are not going to be the playthings of these SOBs!” The soldiers gave an incredibly loud applause that shook the portal. The Colonel looked over his shoulder at the Portal, and when his men had calmed down, he spoke softly, we are going into the belly of the beast, we need men who know what they are fighting for, we need men who can stand up to a GOD! Are you with me!” His men responded in a way that would make any leader proud.
“Sir, we are ready to go.” announced the General from the control room.
“Yes sir” replied the Colonel, “Begin Dialing.”
The four lights around the ring started illuminating almost instantaneously, “Are we ready to lock?” asked the General from the intercom. Colonel Malcolm turned around and looked that the portal, “Yes sir.” The fifth one locked, and then brilliant light came out of the vortex. “Men, it’s time to go!” shouted the Colonel as he ran forward into the light.

The Colonel, Tony, Miranda, Quinn, and the rest of the team rode that ridiculous roller-coster. Colonel John Malcolm saw a flash of light, and fell out of the enemy portal. Plasma fire flew over his head, he could smell the stink of the V’Aleen Vessel, and the plasma. “Get up sir!” One of his men shouted from behind the Colonel. He stumbled to his feet and could see the situation at a glance. The hideous, slimy, and orange V’Aleen were all around them. Looking over his shoulder the colonel already saw some of his men down. He shouted with a fury that no alien has ever known, and shot up the enemy until they were all dead.

“Sir?” Quinn breathed with awe.
“It’s time we moved! Men take those doors, Miranda, hack that computer so that we can have the ship’s security system on our side!”
“Yes sir,”

His men followed the orders. After a minute when they locked the room down. The Colonel called for more men to come through the portal. “Sir, I have an idea.” Miranda informed her Colonel as she hunched over a computer panel.
“Well, the ship is very much unguarded, and undersupplied.”
“Why would that be?” “It looks to me like they left in a hurry, like they wanted to tick off the rest of the V’Aleen by dealing with us first.”
“That was dumb of them.”
“And even as much they like fighting, it is obvious that they had never fought a cyber war, their computer is practically unguarded, all we need to do is get to the bridge. And then, this ship is ours.” Miranda explained, and the Colonel was in agreement.
“Where is the bridge?”

BOOM! one of the blast doors flew off of the wall, and the V’Aleen flooded in. “Fire!”
“Jit’Ti Kru!”
The humans fought off the V’Aleen, and protected the portal. But at a great cost. Now there were five left, Malcolm, Quinn, Miranda, Tony, and a particularly strong soldier, Jonas Jackson. “Men we have to make it to the bridge, and soon.” The Colonel ordered, “Wait, I can put up force fields around where you don’t need to go.” Miranda spoke anxiously typing. “Do it.” The Colonel ordered, a few clicks later and force fields were up in the halls and where the door broke way. The Colonel signaled for them to go out of the room. They stepped up to one of the four doors that were in the room. Miranda ran back to the glowing controls to open the door, when, KABOOM! The door that the rest if her team was standing behind flew off and killed the rest of the team.
Her world was shattered, all she could do was sit and stair.
“NO!” she screamed as the huge aliens walked into the room.
“V’Aleen, Str’ee!” The lead alien shouted to his men, before they could kill Miranda. The V’Aleen soldiers reluctantly lowered their weapons.
“Human,” It said in bad english. “Fight!” shouted the alien.
“No.” She shouted defiantly.

As the huge V’Aleen came down on Miranda with an electronic spear. Miranda typed a few course changes into the computer. “AHH!” cried the alien. Miranda ducked out of the way just in time. The Electronic spear fell onto the control panel and shorted out the ship’s computer. The engines were at full blast, the ship was heading straight for Venus. This was a smart move on Miranda’s part. 
Since the spear shorted out the ships computer, there was no stopping it anywhere. The ship would most certainly dissolve in Venus’ poisonous air.
Miranda stood up. She lifted her right hand, and said: “I will blow us all to heck!” She had a grenade in her hand, and she obviously intended to detonate it.
“We win.” growled the Alien leader. “Your world is doomed!”

“I don’t think so.”

The grenade detonated.

From Earth, the General and his men saw the ship on the radar go way off course to the planet Venus. “We live.” Said the General softly, breathing for the first time since this began. “We lost some good men sir...” Said one of the operators. “Yes, we have...” Agreed the General, and he rested is head on his hand. “We won at a great cost, but not so great the cost of losing.”


Please tell me what you think.