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Legocat5's Decal Workshop

18 July 2008 - 02:04 AM

Welcome to my workshop! Here is where ill make head decal. you can look at them. and no they cant go on a lego figures head cas its too big. Ill have to resize it. :S

Lego Face - Mad

Lego Face - AssassinsCreed

Lego Face - REALLY MAD

Lego Face - Scared

Lego Face - SuperHero

Lego Face - Zombie

Lego Face - Zombie Attacked

Lego Face - Vampire

Please give me tips on how to make lego faces... look better... uh. Oh and Ill make a face decal for you. just post the photo of anyone so i can make a lego face of them. smile.gif

A decal i made one day... made out of boredom. Just Print it out and cut it out with a knife or something and put it on a figure with glue or something. If you dont like the head, then dont use it. Just use one of your lego heads smile.gif

Lego Werewolf

18 July 2008 - 01:01 AM


I dont really see anymore Lego sets with Werewolfs in them (Wich sucks). Maybe Lego will make new sets with werewolfs... or maybe not >_> but they were cool huh :-/