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In Topic: Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

01 July 2019 - 08:53 AM

So, it's time for the Art Update! All of this stuff is stuff I made in June, but never got around to uploading for various reasons.


First up, some fantasy doodles:




Next, an Orc riding a Gorgosaur, based off of some drawing suggestions from Nightstalker and Neyo Wargear:




Next, an Endgame spoiler:




Lastly, more art based around my family's RP:




As always, Comments, Critiques, and Suggestions are always appreciated!

In Topic: moving Wicktures that you are watching: John Wick 3 Edition

20 June 2019 - 07:42 PM

Finally saw Endgame and I gotta say that my favorite part was:




I would give a longer review, but since I'm planning on doing actual movie reviews on my youtube channel, you guys will have to wait until then to see my thoughts on them.  

In Topic: The Video Game News Thread

05 June 2019 - 12:20 PM

Known insider Shinobi062 is teasing... well, I'll let you work out this extremely subtle hint:




Has he ever said anything about Doomguy being in Smash? I've heard the rumors, and if they're true, we're in for a hell of a time. ;)

In Topic: Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

26 May 2019 - 06:47 PM

This was quite a good art update. I enjoyed the gnome militiaman, the Hellzion Hussar and Cyclopes and the piece of the dragon burning the city.

You did an excellent job with the fire and the lighting of the scene. Well done.




Yeah, it took me a while to get it to look right. Turned out really well in the end!


Anyways, on to the art! You'd think that since I have more free time with the semester being over to be able to do this stuff, but I'm lazy.


First up, an old drawing of some elves that I don't think I've uploaded to here yet:




Next, here are some more Fantasy Doodles:






Lastly, a redraw of the original Adventurers and NPCs from my Family's RPG:



Almost done with the mini-series of Dragons from my old writing, so I guess I'm going to be starting on redrawing the Player Characters and NPCs from that RPG.


As Always, Comments, Critiques, and Suggestions are always appreciated!

In Topic: Game of Thrones: Chaos Is A Ramp

20 May 2019 - 01:00 PM

As if to add insult to injury.


I understand that we want this show to be over as soon as possible, but come on.