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In Errant, it is possible for characters to purchase and own their own houses. The cost will vary depending upon where the house is and what kind of house you choose to purchase.


Here's how it works:

  1. Choose a Quality Tier for your home
  2. Choose a location for your home (be sure to look around in the Regions & Locations thread)
  3. Reply to this thread saying that you have enough money and are ready to purchase a home! Be sure to specify the Quality Tier and location for your house.
  4. Your character will have a House Key in their inventory. This is a key to your house. No one else can get in (unless they're breaking and entering, of course). You can always make copies of your key if you want someone else to be able to have access.
  5. Start a ZONE thread for your house (just name it ZONE - [character name]'s House)! Be sure to include a description of the interior, the various rooms, and any important items/decorations/etc. Also be sure to specify, in its ZONE thread, the exact location of the house. This does not mean you have to give it a street address; just say what city/town/village/countryside/whatever it is located in.
  6. Your house's ZONE thread in the IC board will be used every time anyone enters or exits your house.

Remember, houses are VERY EXPENSIVE! You'll have to earn lots of gold before you can buy a house, so only characters who have made their way around and made good money will be able to afford one.


And even though your character probably has some kind of house already, for RP reasons, we're going to assume you don't have one until you buy one. That way, no one can instantly start out with a giant manor. Acquiring a house is a sign of prestige of a long-time character who has earned lots of gold. Only under very unique circumstances might some characters start out with a house, and you'll have to go through the Special Permission thread.


Firstly, here are the different cost tiers of the home itself, in terms of size and quality. These are called Quality Tiers. Obviously, the bigger and nicer the home, the more expensive it will be. You must pick one of these for your home.

  1. Hut - The smallest and cheapest quality home. Huts are relatively inexpensive, generally costing maybe 50-100 gold coins. They aren't very sturdy, they aren't very warm when it's cold or cool when it's hot, and they aren't very well-furnished, but it's a place to lay your head - on the sleep roll it comes with. They consist only of one, small room, and they have a dirt floor.
  2. Shack - Only slightly bigger and cozier than the Hut, a Shack generally costs around 150-200 gold coins. Shacks are relatively sturdy, but they still don't provide much comfort, temperature-wise. They have next-to-lowest quality furnishings, just enough to get by in life, including one small bed. They have more space than a hut, and they have two very small rooms, with dirt floors.
  3. Small House - The Small House offers just a little more comfort than a Shack, generally costing around 250-300 gold coins. It is only a bit sturdier than a shack. The Small House consists of three small rooms, with dirt floors.
  4. Medium House - The Medium House generally costs around 300-350 gold coins. The furnishings are slightly more robust, including a relatively comfortable bed (a second bed is available by request), and the home is a bit sturdier than previous tiers. The Medium House consists of two mid-size rooms and two small rooms, with dirt floors.
  5. Large House - The Large House generally costs around 400-450 gold coins. The furnishings are relatively fancy, including a comfortable bed (second bed available by request), and the home is rather sturdy, and includes a fireplace. The Large House consists of three mid-size rooms and two small rooms; the mid-size rooms have wooden floors, the rest have dirt floors.
  6. Manor - In a price and quality leap, the Manor costs around 1000-1500 gold coins. The manor is large and luxurious, sturdy, and has up to five beds available by request, and includes a fireplace. The Manor has eight rooms: four large, two mid-size, and one small, plus a cellar for food storage. The manor has its own running water and wooden flooring.
  7. Estate - Almost the greatest prestige in homes, the Estate is one's own sprawling mass of land, costing around 2000-2500 gold coins. The estate is large and even more luxurious than the manor, has up to eight beds available by request, includes a fireplace, and comes with one servant. The Estate has two buildings: a main home, which contains eight rooms: five large, two mid-size, and one small; and the second building contains a bathhouse, a cellar for food storage, and a kitchen. Both buildings have their own running water and nice flooring.
  8. Castle - The grandest of all places one could call home, the castle is the largest, sturdiest, and most luxurious of all, costing around 8000-50,000 gold coins. The castle is enormous, containing anywhere from 20-100 rooms, depending on the price. All castles include their own running water and multiple rooms for all guests, storage, food, and more. They also come with multiple servants. There's a catch, though - only a small ruler gets a castle! If you have a castle, you're also going to have to manage your land. Leave your fief unattended for too long, and you might lose your castle to a bunch of peasants rioting and overthrowing you. You'll also have to hold meetings now and then to hear the concerns of the people under your rule, and dole out punishments for accusations as you see fit. The castle may also become a place where your character will pick up new quests!

Please note that these homes apply to both human and "monster" societies. You can purchase these same varying quality and types of homes in the cities of Men, Elves, or Dwarves, or even Beastfolk or Chaos races.


Home location may at least somewhat impact the price, based on desirability.


Special homes are also available, however, for those who do not live conventionally. These will vary wildly in price according to type and location.

  • Mage Tower - Your own personal mage tower hidden away from society, that no one else can access without use of a flying creature or a portal. Very luxurious and sturdy. Only suitable for the Gifted. Costs 4000-8,000 gold coins.
  • Mausoleum - Your own personal grave, where you can hide your undead self away from the sun during the day. Only suitable for undead. Not very pretty, to say the least. Costs 200-400 gold coins.
  • Crypt - Your own larger gravesite - a personal crypt! Comes with a few dead family members to keep your company (note: they are not already raised as undead, do that yourself, if you can). This one also contains a hidden room that is your own personal, cushy lair, however, which makes the price around 400-600 gold coins.
  • Pyramid - Your own giant maze full of traps and undead servants! You get your own lair hidden away inside. This is an extremely expensive home, and suicidal to enter to everyone but you. Costs 6000-8000 gold coins.

More special homes may be added in the future, depending on demand.


(please note the currency here is simplified for RP reasons, and shouldn't be taken as a reflection of canon Wulfgard currency)



So, again, to build a house, simply reply to this thread and say that you want to purchase one. Be sure to specify what size and quality of home you want according to the home quality tier! Also be sure to specify where exactly you want your house to be. You must pick a specific location from the map.


If you ever decide you're ready to attempt to buy a bigger home, you can always try to sell your house to any interested parties! To put a house up on the market, just reply to this thread letting me know you want to sell it. You may have to haggle in-game to get the deal you want, though! Your old House thread will be marked as old (and your house marked as sold), and you must make a new one for the next house your purchase.


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