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Official Minifig Tales Rules

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Posted 02 April 2008 - 11:11 AM

All forum rules from the CoC apply here, of course, but there are some specific rules that apply to this forum alone:

1: LEGO only!
Made a comic or movie with action figures instead of LEGO? Made it on the computer using sprites or renderings? Drew one yourself? If you did, then post it in the Old Drawing Board under the Creativity section, NOT IN MINIFIG TALES!
Also, regular LEGO creations (other than comics) should be posted in Around the Block, not in Minifig Tales.
Minifig Tales is strictly for LEGO comics and movies only.

2: Resize your images!
Please keep your images NO LARGER THAN 900 PIXELS WIDE! The best width, I think is around 700 pixels. If your images stretch the screen, your topic could be deleted by a moderator.

3: One at a time, please!
Only post as many comics as you can keep up with, and try not to start a new one until you are finished with the first. Your readers will appreciate it too.

4: Post constructive feedback!
To all you people who comment on comics/movies: Rather than making posts saying "why did i die?", "when is the next part?", and "cool comic", try to devote your post to giving constructive feedback. That way people will know what they are doing wrong, and fix it, or what they are doing right, and continue like that. If the person hasn't posted in a while, you can make an exception to bump the comic, but give him/her some time to make the next part.

5: Do not post spam of ask for more!
The creator of the comic does not appreciate when you spam up his comic, especially by asking for more like saying "! rEAlly <3 this komik! Moar plz?!?!" That is utterly unacceptable, and you will be warned. Also, just normally asking for more in the topic is not accepted, as it merely creates another post that is not constructive feedback, and forces the comic creator to look through pointless posts of "When wil the next part come?" If you really need to know, please PM the creator, and not ask in the topic.

I just added the fourth rule. I think it was needed. -Bolty

And I added a fifth.




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