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In Topic: Minecraft names for whitelist

10 January 2012 - 11:28 PM

My account is Fjordbaanger, not sure how much I'll be on though with school starting up again.

In Topic: Gears of War?

10 November 2011 - 12:34 AM

First of all, Not really mercs, they are a Military that is part of the 'RDA'. Either way, it was made very clear that they're a Military occupying an area, and are "destroying the land with their weapons and technology", Which, anyone could guess, is an imagining of the War in Afghanistan and Iraq. Second, thanking fate for the meal, and dancing around their food thanking it is different. My family thanks God for our meals, but we don't dance around our food, I mean, Seriously, would you? And I'm sorry, but most critics of Ben Stein's Expelled said it was a movie that didn't prove anything and was an insult to science. And then, do you let a movie critic voice your opinion? I see a movie that I think will be good, when I hear the setting. I don't look at reviews until after I see the movie. and quite often, they differ from most people i know's interpretation of the movie, Especially in films like Avatar, 2012 and The Day the Earth Stood Still, and let's not forget Super 8, the monster that killed a lot of people, and then got justification because it was "a captured poor beast that needed to be free from the Evil Government that was holding it and going to use it for experiments". right? I look at both sides. You have the Government who are harvesting the planet, and the "poor defenseless" natives here. It's highly dramatisized, where the Military is the "overpowering force" and the natives are losing so badly against a threat to their life.

Alas, My Opinion, your Opinion doesn't matter.

I refuse to rise to yor bait from here on out.

The whole reason the alien in Super 8 was killing people was because it was captured by the military and had a ton of invasive experiments done on it (it was also probably sexually assaulted, but that's just my assumption)

Seriously, how would YOU react if you were the alien, far away from home, confused, probably scared. I'm not saying it's right that it killed people, but it's not right what happened to it.

In Topic: Gears of War?

10 November 2011 - 12:26 AM

it's like George Lucas when he made Padme fall in love with Anakin instead of Obi-Wan. who is much cooler, and probably closer to her age. and later, HE GROWS A BEARD!

chicks dig beards. lol

What drugs are you on, and where can I get them?