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#486668 WG Weekly Comic (and other updates)

Posted by Nightstalker on Yesterday, 06:08 PM

Perhaps :)

And yes, I do know the answer.

#486660 Fantasy Funnies

Posted by Nightstalker on 17 February 2018 - 12:53 PM

Because I didn't forget about Valentine's Day...





#486653 Minifig Showcase!

Posted by Nightstalker on 16 February 2018 - 05:51 PM

Hello everyone and welcome back to more Minifig Showcase!


So let's get to it!






Let's go over the custom parts. Helmet, armor, vambraces, spurs, and greatsword are all from BrickWarriors. This guy was originally designed because I wanted to use the cape from one of the recent CMF space guys. What I ended with really surprised me.


Sir Alcott is one of the many knights from Highlands. To be more specific, he's one of the knights of Korsven. The Highlands are home to many old houses that once stood before the First Era. Often referred to as, "The Old Kingdom," the Highlands is no stranger to war. As kingdoms rose and fell by the hands of various invaders, the remaining noble houses formed powerful knight orders to create some form of unity. This ultimately resulted in the creation of many knights, each of whom had  the ability to command armies and run cities. As order and unity were restored, these knights were eventually moved solely to high-ranking, military leaders. Sir Alcott serves one of these houses, and acts as one of the defenders of the Highlands. He is frequently seen fighting the barbarians in the southern mountains. 


He is a strong and capable knight, often choosing the most direct approach to deal with his adversaries. His ferocity in battle is known to rival that of the barbarians he faces, often leading to many bloody battles. That being said, he doesn't risk the lives of his men, knowing full well that most are unable to survive such long drawn out battles.





Prince Caelan Alexandros


Another pretty simple minifig, the only unique pieces are his cloak (CapeMadness) and waistcloth (Arealight Customs).


Do not be fooled by his title! Caelan is the ruler of Western Dakerion. So, before I get into who he is, time for a lore dump on Dakerion. Long ago, during the First Era, the Dakerion Empire took up the majority of the northwestern continent. The original Emperor wasn't a nice guy, so multiple houses rebelled leading to the formation of Ankora and Hislith. This shrunk the power of Dakerion, but not their hatred for the new, rebel neighbors. As time passed, one of the emperors wound up having two sons. Rather than hand the entire empire to his eldest, and thus create animosity between the two, he split the empire in two and gave each half to one of his sons.


Caelan, the eldest, has turned Western Dakerion into a military powerhouse. Because of its supreme power, he is in charge of fighting Hislith. Furthermore, he is also responsible for the protection of his people against the vampire armies of the Necropolis. Western Dakerion is very strict and often seen as a cruel place to live in. Truth be told, this is because of the nature of their enemies. Ever devoted to the reunification of Dakerion, he will stop at nothing to put down the Hislithians and his own that would oppose him. Despite being the Emperor, he is frequently seen in battle alongside his elder dragon, Malacondra.




Of course, one cannot speak of Caelan without bringing up his brother Varian. Both men have great respect for each other, but their overall goal for Dakerion is slightly different.




Unique Parts: The same for Caelan, but the claymore is from BrickArms.


Prince Varian Alexandros is the ruler of Eastern Dakerion. He is tasked with the conquest of Ankora. Unlike his brother, who maintains an iron grip on his land, Eastern Dakerion is a rough, lawless land. Only those nobles under the Prince's protection and the military experience any form of civility. His own citizens mean very little to him; he has been known to order executions simply because he felt like it. In terms of his goals, he would have Ankora burned to the ground, and all of its citizens enslaved. There is no desire for unification, only domination. Among the many things he is known for, the number of wives he's had executed is well known across the lands. Most of them were killed simply because he got bored of them. His most recent wife was slain for supposedly assisting the enemy, even though she wasn't. He is often scolded by his brother for the lack of respect for his own people and for his enemy. Currently, he holds back the true might of Eastern Dakerion, hoping to unleash it when Ankora is at its weakest.


That's all for this week!

Hope you enjoyed it!


#486626 Honest Review: BrickForge Hexibrix

Posted by Nightstalker on 11 February 2018 - 06:48 PM



Ladies and Gentlemen of SSLF, today I present a review on the BrickForge Hexibrix. I hope to shed some light on this relatively new custom piece. I won't be covering the huge specifics about this piece or its usage, I'll be covering my opinions on it as a whole. If you want more information on it, please see the links below:





Let's begin!


Why did I buy these things?

- I personally bought them because I've wanted a hex shaped brick specifically for army building. As of now, I can say I own close to 400 of these little bricks (if you ever check for the 2 stud, black ones, you'll notice they're always out of stock).


What are some uses for it?

- Minifig display, army building, board game building, and MOC displays.


How durable are these things?

- Pretty darn durable. They hold a very similar quality to TLG bricks. 


Are they expensive?

- For $0.85 you get a hexibrix, hexibrix link, and either a 2 or 4 stud plate for the center. I should also note that the center disk can be swapped out for TLG pieces. You can also buy a pack of 6 for $5. However, if you buy a 6-pack, be aware that you get 3 2-stud disks and 3 4-stud disks. So, if you're looking for one or the other, I would not recommend spending the $5.


How big are these things?

- Slightly bigger than a typical hex based unit in a tabletop game. If I had to compare it, they are probably about the size of a standard Heroscape hex.


Any cool features?

- Yes! First off, the disk in the center can be popped out an exchanged for other pieces. This includes other round plates that are the size of a 2x2 round plate or tile. Also, 1x1 round pieces can also be placed in the center. Using the hexibrix link, you can connect hexibrix together from the underside, creating group minifig displays. Furthermore, they can be stacked on each other, so no minifig gets stuck in the dark, blotted out by the more popular figs! You might have noticed that I mentioned board game building earlier. Because of the way these pieces work, you can actually create a massive landscape for table top games using the different colors of the hexibrix. Also, you'll notice 2 studs on the pad that: one in the front, one in the back. These allow for other cool uses such as additional accessories. I personally use them for flag poles for commanding units and an inventory slot.


So, is there anything wrong with them?

- Yes! This is where I have to drop my, "Buyer Beware!" First off, the disk that goes in the center is advertised as being able to rotate easily when a minifigure is on it. From the +350 units that I own, I can easily say that is false. The round disks are firmly in once they're inserted. If you happen to set it at a weird angle, you will need a standard pipe (like a lightsaber pole or a medieval axe) to poke out the disk. On rare occasions does it actually work as advertised. It should also be noted, like other BrickForge items, they sometimes don't stick to minifigs as well as they could. Now, this could just be the individual minifig part, so don't rule that out; I've found that swapping out a set of legs sometimes solves the problem. Some people might also be put off by the overall size. While this does not bother me in particular, I would make sure to check the measurements against your standard hex pad.


Would you recommend buying one?

- For a custom piece, it has a lot of potential. Furthermore, for $0.85 you have a pretty cool piece. Yeah, it has a disk flaw, but I can personally overlook it because of the overall quality of the product. However, if the rotating disk is one of the main points you were looking forward to, you might want to give it a pass.


That's about it for now. Feel free to leave any questions. If you all want, I can post some pictures!


#486615 Minifig Showcase!

Posted by Nightstalker on 09 February 2018 - 07:31 PM

Mo' Minifigs mo' problems!


Except minifigs don't cause problems...


Where was I going with this again?


Who cares? MINIFIG TIME!!!





Paladin William Telpors, Lord Commander of the Order of Lions


So, let's go over the cool pieces. Helmet and vambraces by BrickForge. Everything else is from TLG.


William Telpors is the chapter master of the Order of Lions. The Order of Lions is one of the divisions of the Paladin Order, specifically responsible for fighting vampires. He wields an old, holy warhammer called Judgment, which happens to be one of the relics of the Paladin Wars from long ago. Having survived numerous encounters, he is no stranger to the powers that vampires possess. His order is the largest chapter of the Paladin Order. The majority of paladins become Lions specifically for the Divine Armor spell, which alerts the caster when vampires are near. With the excommunication of the Order of Vengeance and Order of the Sun, he and his paladins have become the foremost crusaders of the light. It should be noted that both excommunicated orders are still vastly superior to the Lions. 





Mercia Helmsplitter


Let's go over the cool gear! The helmet, sword, and shield are from BrickWarriors. The chest armor is the BrickWarriors Gladiatrix Armor prototype (can't wait till it releases). Lastly, the loincloth is from Arealight Customs.


Mercia was the daughter of a Hislithian noble, but all of that changed when her family's manor was assaulted by bandits. Many members of her family survived, but she was captured and sold to Dakerion slavers, who then sold her in the Savadjik Desert. Fortunately, a band of Sareeshi barbarians raided the caravan that held her. Once she arrived in the Sareeshi city, she was left with two options: survive in the world and go home, or start anew. For obvious reasons, she chose to stay. She turned out to be quite the agile fighter, and was eventually taught the unorthodox, acrobatic fighting style that many Sareeshi were renowned for using. Mercia gained the surname, "Helmsplitter," for the high number of people that died by head wounds. 






Shanna Ysari


I spent a lot of time finding the perfect gear for Shanna. I eventually settled on a recolored variant of Althenia's armor combined with BrickWarriors Spiked Vambraces, TLG Spiked Shoulders, and an Arealight Customs loincloth. The hardest part was deciding what face to use, but thanks to the Thor: Ragnarok sets, I was able to get the perfect face. Of course, her weapons still remain an issue today, but I think I'm good with the dual BrickWarriors Chakrams.


Shanna was born a Sareeshi, and knows she will die a Sareeshi. Having been born to a proud huntress, Shanna received nothing more than best training from some of the greatest barbarians. She is quite skilled with thrown and bladed weapons, but is easily at home with polearms and blunt weapons. Eventually, she was given the privilege of becoming one of the royal guards for the Sareeshi Queen. Along with being a royal guard, Shanna is also in charge of all raids that occur in Savadjik. 




Mercia and Shanna training.

#486584 Fantasy Funnies

Posted by Nightstalker on 06 February 2018 - 06:49 PM

That's just because that happens to always be my situation... ya know... since all of PCs are black...




*-1 salt for Dalton*

#486545 Fantasy Funnies

Posted by Nightstalker on 03 February 2018 - 03:31 PM

Blame Saber-Scorpion...

#486534 Minifig Showcase!

Posted by Nightstalker on 02 February 2018 - 09:32 PM

It's Friday folks!


You know what that means?




Nuffsaid... LET'S GO!!!







Inquisitor Huric Anslow


First off, helmet, jetpack, and bracers are from AreaLight Customs. The gun is the JSF Heavy Pistol Proto from BrickArms. The face is from EclipseGrafx. The body and legs are standard TLG pieces.


In the far future, after the Order of the Holy Blade basically runs everything, the need arises to stamp out demonic filth and all who would follow the Demon King. While the paladins secure the front lines and push back the darkness, rumors of cults arise within several planets. That's where the inquisition comes in. Rather than taking people from within cities, the Inquisition pulls dangerous mercenaries and criminals into its ranks, hoping to grant them a chance at redemption. That being said, the highest ranking inquisitors keep a close eye on their inquisitor underlings.


Huric Anslow happens to be one of those said criminals. Imprisoned for aiding the once influential criminal organization, Omega, Huric was one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. He along with several key members were eventually caught by VSF operatives. Many a year later, following the unification of the galaxy, the High Priestess requested his assistance as one of the original members of the inquisition. He was given two choices, rot in prison, or assist the war. The choice was fairly obvious. Now armed with the best equipment the Order could provide, he and several others hunt the cults that rise in the streets. It's just like bounty hunting.





Stalker: Champion of Light


Let's go over the equipment. The helmet is the Resistance helmet from BrickWarriors. Left bracer, belt, ninjato, kunai, and claw are all from Brickforge. It should be noted that the Brickforge weapons are no longer available in trans-light blue. 


The characters that have all been shown up-to-date, all belong to the same universe. However, this is not the only universe in existence. Others exist, but they happen to fall outside of the jurisdiction of the Titans. One such universe, is known as the Champions Universe. That being said, I should note that this universe is not at all a creation of mine; it was created by my bro. The two of us actively work on that universe nowadays. That aside, this is one of the many characters that exist in it.


Stalker is one of those characters. He is a Champion of Light, as opposed to a Champion of Shadow. He possesses a unique control of frost magic and stealth (yes he's a frost ninja). Along with being a Champion of Light, Stalker is also a Champion of the Forgotten. The Forgotten are a hidden group immortals, left behind to guard an ancient seal, which locked away a powerful, cosmic entity known as Legion. He protects this seal alongside two other Champions, Nightshade and Dreadfang.


Onto his backstory, which will be shortened! His real name is Akira Ishida. Of course, Ishida is his mother's maiden name. Had he been given his father's name, it would be Akira Mitsuna. Sound familiar (probably not because it's been ages since I've posted). Stalker is technically a being that was born in the Titan's universe and taken to Champion's Universe by his mother. For years, he has protected the Forgotten from various threats that have attempted to break the seal. He's a bit of a hard @$$, especially when it comes to his sister; he plays the role of, "overprotective brother," very well. That being said, he means well, always putting the safety of others above himself. I'd love to dive more into his story right now, but that's for another day.





Nightshade: Champion of the Light


Bracers, bow, and arrow are all from Brickforge.


Stalker's younger sister, Nightshade, is yet another one of the Champions of the Forgotten. Like her brother, she is also a ninja, but she specializes in using the bow, short blade (not pictured here), and a whip, made of pure lightning, which she can summon (think Dragon's Dogma). Her bow is technically a magical catalyst, that allows her to fire magical arrows at her enemies. Now, before I get to her story, (which won't be fully explained), more pics!





Above is a picture of Nightshade without her helmet. And hey! She looks real familiar to another character!


Nightshade's real name is Kyora Ishida or Kyora Mitsuna. She's Tera's, older, twin sister. Going back to the story of Stalker, her mother managed to remove her from the Titan's universe and pulled her into the Champion's universe. The means through which she did this might be discussed later. Despite being raised in a completely separate universe, both her and her sister share similar personalities and attitudes. The only difference is their combat abilities and a few social interactions. Also, she's quite a whiz when it comes to tech, making her the Forgotten's chief engineer.


You'll hear more about her and Stalker later... once I get a minifig of their mother... one of these days...






Nightstalker: Fantasy Funnies Acquisition Unit


Belt, helmet, nightvision, watch, and gas mask are from Modern Brick Warfare. Pistol, M4, and vest are from BrickArms. Pants and head are from EclipseGrafx.


This is my military sigfig. There's no stoy here. It's just me... all me. Oh yeah, and he's part of the mythical Fantasy Funnies Acquisition Unit (FFA Unit). Ya know, the unit responsible for capturing fantasy based minifigs and misappropriating them for the entertainment of the internet.


That's right... Fantasy Funnies is run by an evil organization.


That's all for this week!

Great to be back!


#486497 General LEGO Discussion

Posted by Nightstalker on 29 January 2018 - 12:05 PM

No words can describe my feelings on CMF Series 18:




The only thing that might have my interest is the dragon man.



#486496 Auric Khasmin

Posted by Nightstalker on 29 January 2018 - 12:00 PM

Full Name: Auric Khasmin
Aliases: None
Sex: Male
Race: Human - Aethiopi
Birthplace: Axa
Affinity: Earth
Deity: Astra Aeterna
Faction: Venatori
Talents: Finesse Combat, Monster Lore, Education (Common/Imperial), Survival, Acrobatics
Strength: 5
Agility: 8
Constitution: 7
Perception: 7
Intelligence: 8
Spirit: 5
Luck: 2
-          Hair Style: Shaved Hair
-          Hair Color: Black
-          Height: 6’0
-          Eye Color: Brown
-          Body: Slim with pretty good physique
-          No real distinguishing features such as tattoos, scars, or an oddities
-          Wears the standard Venatori outfit
Venator Pack (steel scimitar and Bow w/ arrows)
- Compass
- Small Journal
- Bloodstained Astra Aeterna pendant
- Although he was born and raised in Axa, Auric has always found himself more at home on the road than at a single location. Because of this, he left his home and family to seek adventure, taking nothing more than the skills he learned from surviving during excursions into the Blasted Lands. Though he traveled many roads, he always found himself in the Empire in the end. This eventually led to a growing interest in understanding the language and culture of the Imperials. He accomplished this by befriending a wandering Achaean scholar, who joined him on many adventures. It was not until his friend’s death, at the hands of an unknown monster, that he sought out to join the Venatori, hoping to avenge the fallen scholar. 
- Auric is a quiet and reserved fellow. He prefers to talk, only when he has something of use to say. Whenever he does speak or act, he is quite charitable and friendly. He isn’t prone to violence, but is more than ready to scrap when the occasion calls for it. It should also be known that he is a patient man, and not susceptible to sudden outbursts of anger. 
Campaign History: None
Relationships: None

#485877 Minifig Showcase!

Posted by Nightstalker on 23 October 2017 - 03:54 AM

The gun combines one of the Brickarms blasters with a minigun barrel. Typically, I just use a white poster board. I use to have a light box, but had to trash it.

#485859 Scorp's Art

Posted by Nightstalker on 21 October 2017 - 03:34 PM

Because it still counts as Scorp's artwork:




Received in a card along with some Patreon swag!

#485858 Minifig Showcase!

Posted by Nightstalker on 21 October 2017 - 03:32 PM





Based off of my Destiny 1 Titan



#485824 Fantasy Funnies

Posted by Nightstalker on 17 October 2017 - 01:36 PM

Dot Dot Dot








#485753 Werewolf's Art

Posted by Nightstalker on 06 October 2017 - 05:23 PM

I'm also diggin' that armor!