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Yesterday, 06:08 PM

Perhaps :)

And yes, I do know the answer.

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17 February 2018 - 07:49 PM

That piece is from General Magma from the Nexo Knight series.

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17 February 2018 - 12:53 PM

Because I didn't forget about Valentine's Day...





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16 February 2018 - 05:51 PM

Hello everyone and welcome back to more Minifig Showcase!


So let's get to it!






Let's go over the custom parts. Helmet, armor, vambraces, spurs, and greatsword are all from BrickWarriors. This guy was originally designed because I wanted to use the cape from one of the recent CMF space guys. What I ended with really surprised me.


Sir Alcott is one of the many knights from Highlands. To be more specific, he's one of the knights of Korsven. The Highlands are home to many old houses that once stood before the First Era. Often referred to as, "The Old Kingdom," the Highlands is no stranger to war. As kingdoms rose and fell by the hands of various invaders, the remaining noble houses formed powerful knight orders to create some form of unity. This ultimately resulted in the creation of many knights, each of whom had  the ability to command armies and run cities. As order and unity were restored, these knights were eventually moved solely to high-ranking, military leaders. Sir Alcott serves one of these houses, and acts as one of the defenders of the Highlands. He is frequently seen fighting the barbarians in the southern mountains. 


He is a strong and capable knight, often choosing the most direct approach to deal with his adversaries. His ferocity in battle is known to rival that of the barbarians he faces, often leading to many bloody battles. That being said, he doesn't risk the lives of his men, knowing full well that most are unable to survive such long drawn out battles.





Prince Caelan Alexandros


Another pretty simple minifig, the only unique pieces are his cloak (CapeMadness) and waistcloth (Arealight Customs).


Do not be fooled by his title! Caelan is the ruler of Western Dakerion. So, before I get into who he is, time for a lore dump on Dakerion. Long ago, during the First Era, the Dakerion Empire took up the majority of the northwestern continent. The original Emperor wasn't a nice guy, so multiple houses rebelled leading to the formation of Ankora and Hislith. This shrunk the power of Dakerion, but not their hatred for the new, rebel neighbors. As time passed, one of the emperors wound up having two sons. Rather than hand the entire empire to his eldest, and thus create animosity between the two, he split the empire in two and gave each half to one of his sons.


Caelan, the eldest, has turned Western Dakerion into a military powerhouse. Because of its supreme power, he is in charge of fighting Hislith. Furthermore, he is also responsible for the protection of his people against the vampire armies of the Necropolis. Western Dakerion is very strict and often seen as a cruel place to live in. Truth be told, this is because of the nature of their enemies. Ever devoted to the reunification of Dakerion, he will stop at nothing to put down the Hislithians and his own that would oppose him. Despite being the Emperor, he is frequently seen in battle alongside his elder dragon, Malacondra.




Of course, one cannot speak of Caelan without bringing up his brother Varian. Both men have great respect for each other, but their overall goal for Dakerion is slightly different.




Unique Parts: The same for Caelan, but the claymore is from BrickArms.


Prince Varian Alexandros is the ruler of Eastern Dakerion. He is tasked with the conquest of Ankora. Unlike his brother, who maintains an iron grip on his land, Eastern Dakerion is a rough, lawless land. Only those nobles under the Prince's protection and the military experience any form of civility. His own citizens mean very little to him; he has been known to order executions simply because he felt like it. In terms of his goals, he would have Ankora burned to the ground, and all of its citizens enslaved. There is no desire for unification, only domination. Among the many things he is known for, the number of wives he's had executed is well known across the lands. Most of them were killed simply because he got bored of them. His most recent wife was slain for supposedly assisting the enemy, even though she wasn't. He is often scolded by his brother for the lack of respect for his own people and for his enemy. Currently, he holds back the true might of Eastern Dakerion, hoping to unleash it when Ankora is at its weakest.


That's all for this week!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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16 February 2018 - 02:48 PM

Shortly after the tavern opened, they received their first visitor for the day.


He was tall and lean; from his attire, it was clear he was venator. He kept the hood of his dark blue cloak pulled over his head as he entered. Once inside, he carefully examined the tavern; it appeared friendly enough, at least more friendly than several others he had visited. He breathed a sigh of relief ad he walked towards the counter.


"Mornin' sir, what's on the menu?"