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#416364 Introduce yourself!

Posted by PaintYourReality on 23 November 2013 - 06:56 PM

Hola. Me llamo PaintYourReality, y no puedo hablar con las personas porque estoy muy timido. 



I joined this because my boyfriend is mean and made me. I'm terribly shy, so I'm basically dreading this whole "communicating" thing. I'm primarily an artist, but I do some writing on the side. I'd love to be a professional artist, but like that's going to happen, so instead I'm going to college for social work and a law degree. We'll see where that goes. I love Star Wars, I have since before I can remember. When I was little I wore a princess ball gown with a tiara and a Darth Vader mask around my house every day. I also love Doctor Who. Tennant is the best doctor so far. Lord of the Rings and Supernatural are some other favorites. I'm Christian, but open-minded. I work at a day care center. My favorite color is purple. I like the word amagical. I love to sing. I'm really short, like 5'2" short. And I'm ticklish. That's basically it, I think.