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Fall from Grace

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 05:34 AM

There he was, a flying ace,
and this is it, his fall from grace.
Soldiers below were wont to die,
Just as he would always fly,
In this final combat race.

The battle was more fierce that day,
A battle of loss, the news would say.
Any God above would be appalled.
Unkown to him, once and for all,
Beneath the ground he soon would lay.

That one pilot flew too near,
The troops below were full of fear
Of this diving Daedalus.
They all prayed that his plane would miss
And therefor not create more tears.

One cannonade on hill below
Fought against this ebb and flow.
It fired a shot, a single shell,
That could send ten men to Hell.
To the pilot time seemed then to slow.

The shell burst on the edge of the wing
And plane began downwards to swing.
The Ace cried out out and screamed his plight
Realizing now this was his last flight.
The plane it seemed to sing.

The pilot crashed against the ground.

*Author's note: I know that in the myth of Daedalus and Icarus it was Icarus, not Daedalus that fell. Daedalus just sounded better.
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O hai everybody!

So, it is now October 2011. I haven't been on in...2 or 3 years! How about that? Lots to catch up on, send me a message if you remember me!

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