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#413738 Warframe

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 09 October 2013 - 05:39 AM

YES!!!  I knew I'd find another Warframe player here!  My username is ValgusOrdo, and I'd be honored to fight at your side.


All I have so far is the Excalibur warframe, which is perfect for novices like me.  It's got well-balanced abilities and easy-to-learn powers, allowing me to get comfortable with the game.  Which warframe did you pick?

#413629 Versetrotters!

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 06 October 2013 - 06:09 AM

Yikes, that's a very serious way of phrasing that... :P But honestly I would just say to take the "aspiring" part out of "aspiring comic maker." I don't regard Altrax V all that highly now that this much time has passed, but if I hadn't just made it and kept making comic after comic, I never would've improved as a writer. 



#413196 Versetrotters!

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 29 September 2013 - 11:12 PM

Jl's character in the RP "Beyond Redemption", Alrandria - married my character, Ethan. So yeah. Inside joke. XD


 Oh...ok.  That explains the signatures I've been seeing, including your previous one.  I was going to ask about that.  Thank you for the explanation!


 To get back on topic, let me put on my reporter's fedora and press badge:


 Mr. Jlblue, now that you've completed your last comic project, what advice would you give to aspiring comic makers eager to carry on your legacy of excellence and emulate your creativity?

#412481 Speak No Evil - Whisper's Tale

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 17 September 2013 - 06:36 AM

Huzzah!  It's good to see you taking a (virtual) pen to short stories again.  I've been having trouble finding the ones you used to have on the site, but that's just an off-topic gripe that has no place in the presence of such awesomeness.  I look forward to learning the backstory of Whisper, she's looked impressive throughout your various drawings.

#411743 Wulfgard Comics Discussion

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 07 September 2013 - 09:22 PM

I don't know how to help you with inspiration, Saber-Scorpion, but allow me to roll a charisma check as I remind you that people are still interested.


I may not be the most  active of your forum members, but I've been a fan of your work since your days of making complicated and slightly-poorly-lit comics with Xerxes Fett.  Your work was a major talking point between me and those who would become my best friends over the years; as well as the inspiring standard by which I judge all other Lego art to this day.  As for your writing and drawing, your skill has increased as the years have passed, while your attention to detail and weaving of narrative have continued to delight and surprise.  G4M3 and Warrior Born's quality speak volumes (pun intended) of your creativity, and Wulfgard looks like it might make them pale in comparison.  From the looks of your characters to the lines they speak, you have achieved a delicate balance between referencing icons we love while showing original ideas that transcend mere fan fiction (not that there's anything wrong with that).  


Life and its random encounters will delay us all from time to time, but telling stories like this is something you are very good at, and I hope it continues to be something you love doing.  Let the inspiration strike when it will, and we will do our best to keep from gnawing off all our fingernails in anticipation.  :lego_hehe:


To summarize: We are still interested, please don't give up, and You. Are. Awesome.

#345056 xarkon vs victory who would win?

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 04 December 2011 - 09:46 AM

Ok... I'm caving in... RAVEN LOOKS TOATALLY AWESOME!!!!

And Xerxes... Doesn't. ;)

*changes NR faction to Xarkon*


:shock: Blasphemy!!! >:( Repent thy sins and cast off thy decadent red and black before it is too late! ;)

To address the armor issue, Dr. Goldy brought up some good points, but don't forget these factors:

1. Only the reckless Enomegs like Barracuda and maybe Raven would consider exposing themselves long enough to intimidate their foes; and they're all trained to be the best, so that very consideration would probably not last very long. Thus, intimdation would be a wepaon they rarely use.

2. Unless you have the firepower or reputation to back it up or are facing really cowardly opponents, intimidation will only last a few minutes, at most. Then you just become a scary target, but a target nonetheless.

3. All the advanced armor has nanomesh for camouflage, so neither red nor blue will show if the soldier doesn't want to be seen and has the equipment/armor.

#334659 The Official LEGO Sets Topic

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 05 October 2011 - 09:16 AM

Looks like Lego is really outdoing themselves with this new set. And yes, it would be nice to see more any historical sets that aren't just architecture.

That would be nice, but I highly, highly doubt we'll ever see it happen unless it's connected to something licensed somehow.

It wouldn't sell otherwise. Kids don't want that stuff nowadays. They want CLONE TROOPERS and NINJAS and LIGHTSABERS and SPINNING and yeah I think you get the idea.

"Too right, mate." Kids these days. I remember when we spun armed minifigs around with our hands while making swishing and clanging noises, and we were more than content with that! (Great, now I sound like my grandpa.)

#334654 TTOM: The Final Chapters

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 05 October 2011 - 08:39 AM

*sniff* The mighty Xerxes has fallen. Taken from this plane of existence by the blade of a Main Antagonist. His life in the story was all too short, but his memory shall live on in the hearts of all who knew and admire him. And someday...the Blue and White shall soar in a day of reckoning, as the forces of justice and freedom avenge this fallen hero. Rest in peace, Sergeant. Victory or death!

Now that I'm done with that impromptu eulogy, congratulations are in order. At long last, another chapter of this magnificent tale has been drawn to a masterful close. As much as I love Wulfgard, I sincerely hope you'll capitalize on the momentum you've built and complete TTOM once and for all. The updates you've made, your marvelous artistry, and your compelling dialogue will only leave us in despair if you should stop here.

#320073 Custom Mandalorian Minifigures

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 17 July 2011 - 10:19 AM

Vore, burc'ya. (That's Mandalorian for "Thanks, friend.")

Again, Saber-Scorpion made the decals. I just ordered, paid for, and painstakingly cut out and placed them. But still, I appreciate the compliments.

#319895 Custom Mandalorian Minifigures

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 16 July 2011 - 10:29 AM

I've been a fan of Mandalorians ever since Karen Traviss' Republic Commando series turned them from a few solitary bounty hunters and mercenaries into an organized, fascinating race...of bounty hunters and mercenaries. Of course, I also enjoyed Knights of the Old Republic's take on them from their glory days and subsequent fall, so I'lve incorporated elements from both settings into my characters' backstories. But enough exposition, you're here to see some pictures, aren't you?

These first two are a small, poorly lit action scene featuring my characters, Valgus and Alcestis Ordo, ambushing a Death Watch outpost. The later pictures are much better, I just haven't found time to remake that shot.



Valgus Ordo is a proud young mercenary of a prominent Mandalorian clan. Though most other Mandos around the time of the Clone Wars don't value heritage as much as prowess, the descendants of Mandalore the Preserver (Canderous Ordo) still hold to numerous martial and cultural traditions. (At least, they do in my backstory.) Valgus hires himself out as a professional fighter and trainer for militias or private armies. He's not the strongest, fastest, or most accurate warrior out there, so he makes up for it with an adaptable and devious approach to combat and tactics. He is clever, sometimes devious, and utterly unpredictable on the field.

Here's Valgus posing with my Brickarms AC8, a Verpine shatter rifle modified as more of a DMR than a sniper.

Posted Image

This picture shows Valgus taking a swordsman's stance...or at least a semblance of one in Lego. Though he specializes in training and tactics, Valgus prefers to lead from the front, and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty...or bloody, as the case may be.

Posted Image

Next is Valgus' younger sister, Alcestis. Mandalorian women defend the farms and villages while the men fight, and are often reputed to be tougher than the men. Allie, as Valgus (and no one else) affectionately calls her, is no exception. While she can be a bit self-conscious about the state of her armor or her hair's braid under her helmet, she is a fierce and tenacious warrior, with surprising strength and speed for her gender.

Posted Image

Alcestis is not as subtle or devious as her older brother, and prefers clobbering her clansmen in games to studying the tactics of the ancients. Still, she respects Valgus, and has a knack for making his plans come to fruition. Her weapons of choice are a heavy flechette "shotgun" (A Brickforge concussion rifle) and a heavy mace.

Posted Image

Finally, here's a picture of what's under the helmets:

Posted Image

Weapons were provided by Brickarms and Brickforge, parts were bought from Bricklink and custom-painted by me. Oh, and the kandosii decals were made by our forum's grand administrator, the one and only Saber-Scorpion!

#319874 panther's revenge

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 16 July 2011 - 09:26 AM

Twinky already took most of my advice out of my mouth, so I'll just try to add what I can.

I can see that you enjoy making comics, otherwise you'd have given up after the bad reception you've gotten for your other works. However, starting a new comic is not going to make people like your work more. Improving your work, listening to those with experience, and being teachable will get you making comics that people want to read instead of correct.

Lighting has already been mentioned, so I'll leave that be. As for the timestamp on your pictures, go to your camera's menu, if it has one, and see if there's a way to disable the time stamp feature. Even older digital cameras can have that option, so you may not need to purchase a new camera.

Your speech bubbles have gotten a little better than with your previous works; but the speech within them left much to be desired. The dialogue was unimaginative and nonsensical, and the font forced me to squint and lean toward my screen to see what the characters were saying. I would advise checking your work before posting, to ensure that it reaches the quality you desire.

Next, I will address your attitude:

right now i'm broke because my mom took all my money cause i broke her itouch so i won't be getting a new camera. :brickwall:
next,i am using the flower setting with a desk lamp. i'll try to cover up the flash next time and see if that helps.
the reason they left panther is because the silver and red commando is an @$$.
he doesn't look like jango fett because he got plastic surgery :lego_tongue:
you'll see how he escapes in the next part.

That's sad how your mother took such harsh measures, but this should be more of an obstacle than an excuse. If you can't afford a new camera, find creative ways to improve your technicque with what you have. Try taking photographs in the late morning or early afternoon with the blinds open, and make sure that natural light hits your set right.

Okay, characters can be jerks at times. Sometimes that adds to their depth. However, in this case you appear to have skipped some background research on your subject matter. As a Star Wars fanboy, I can tell you that clone troopers were bred for loyalty and discipline. Sure, they're individuals with their own personalities, but leaving an unwounded brother behind, when it would take minimal effort to help him, would be anathema to their very being.

Furthermore, this is Star Wars. Even if they do have plastic surgery, which they don't need thanks to prosthetics, medical droids, and Bacta, why would a clone commando get it? They don't get paid, and it would offer no tactical advantage for a frontline fighter, especially since he wears a helmet that covers his face. Such a proud, unapologetic attitude will get you nowhere on this forum.

In short, you need to clean up your act by listening to those trying to help you, do some fun reading in your chosen subject matter so you can appear more competent(Karen Traviss' Republic Commando series should help you in this case), and make an effort...to show you made some effort.

Incredible. Bravo, sir. You have truly mastered the art of photography, writing, and sharpie. Teach me, sir. Show me your ways.

As for you, I must quote Dr. Horrible: "Wow, sarcasm. That's original!" Seriously, such remarks will hurt more than help here. I make remarks like that to my friends all the time, but I don't think you've met this kid (I sure haven't), so show some respect and try to say something constructive. Worst case scenario: he'll think you're being serious and continue in his ways. *shudder*

@ Jethro Turtle: I agree with your sentiments, but there's no need to get emotional like that. Let's just set this youngling on the right path, okay?

#316643 xarkon vs victory who would win?

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 02 July 2011 - 10:48 AM

@Wolf-Perseus: I understand your point. I am not trying to impose historical patterns on Saber-Scorpion's story, I'm just using comparisons from our world to support my arguments. And yes, as the author and owner of this wonderful intellectual property, Saber-Scorpion is sure to conquer the science fiction book market...in my opinion, at least. I wonder how much progress he's making on Saber's Edge...

@V. Metallica: Fascinating! Now, let's stop this from turning into a World War 2 topic before it's too late. ;)

I'm not sure how many other planets the factions control...but space stations sound like fun. That gives me an idea for a mini-model...

#316212 El Lobo Loco's “Video Game Vignette Contest” entry...

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 30 June 2011 - 07:23 AM

Nicely done! Actually...better than nice. That vignette is kandosii, an elite masterpiece! Your scenery is masterfully constructed, and your minifigs are equally stunning in their design and "choreography." I've only played a little of Splinter Cell: Conviction...but this work shows me that I've been missing out!

#315619 So You Wanna Be A Director?

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 27 June 2011 - 11:16 AM

What a brilliant idea! When I have something worth showing, you'll be the first I come to with it. I've enjoyed your work in the past, and the short teaser you put here is no exception. I especially liked the French joke, can't wait to see that monsieur bumble his way through your next few episodes.

#314866 Black Thursday

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 23 June 2011 - 11:05 AM

This ending is as dark as Joseph's hat...yet it rings with such truth. Joseph's moral strength held out longer than anyone else's, yet he still bent to his more sinister side. Yet, hope still remains, as your epic ending stated.

Your comic's finale did not posess the humor that is so amusingly prevalent on these forums...but I found myself not caring a bit. This fine piece was melancholy, yet entertaining; dramatic, yet realistic. I applaud your masterful work, and find myself with only one remaining question: What do you plan to do next?