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Of the Dagger and the Rose > I have moved.

Posted 26 November 2010

You may now find my blog at the following link:


Of the Dagger and the Rose > Infiltration - A Short Story

Posted 21 February 2009


Of the Dagger and the Rose > Wylfgard - The Tale

Posted 08 January 2009


Of the Dagger and the Rose > Breaking News!

Posted 29 September 2008

Bruce Springsteen - having just finished his worldwide tour - will now go onstage in front of his largest audience. He will play in front of over one-hundred-and-forty-million people - that's right...
Bruce Springsteen is playing the Super Bowl Half-Time Show!

Alternate link:

Of the Dagger and the Rose > The Killer and the Man

Posted 12 September 2008

The Killer and The Man

The man stood inside the killer’s home. Not home, really – it was actually a trailer. The killer moved from place to place quite often. He’d started on the West Coast, and now he was here, on the East Coast. The man didn’t know where the killer was, currently, but he knew the killer would be back soon. The man knew this,...