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#485513 HELP - Special Permission

Posted by Burger Warrior on 11 September 2017 - 07:27 PM

You and the size thing, Burgs. :P


Hm... I know you worked this into her bio and all, but could you cut it down to just one tome? Arcane tomes are extremely rare (and ancient) and even harder to acquire, as not many even exist - plus, the Inquisition keeps a very tight hold on that sort of thing. Their libraries are essentially the only ones in the Empire allowed to have tomes of arcane magic, under heavy guard and constant watch. It's fine for her to acquire one (though she would have to keep it secret from everyone; they're certainly nothing to joke about), but multiple is going a bit far.


Other than that, it all sounds good! Although I'm curious as to how wounds would translate over for changing size, if she can also turn so huge... Anyway, starting currency is 35 gold, 20 silver, 45 copper.


Sounds good! Starting currency is 2 gold, 50 copper. Hey, she doesn't interact with human society directly, right? :P


You and your noms- wait crap that's my thing, too. Dammit.


Alright, I'll do a tad bit of fine-tuning between the two before I make their character posts. ^^



Sounds interesting!


 I'll edit her into the roster once you decide whether or not you want to have any other characters besides Cornelius. I may allow trios for this...


Considering she's just a revamped version of the original Phebei I signed up with, yes I do want to use her :P

#485498 Cornelius Trenico

Posted by Burger Warrior on 08 September 2017 - 12:01 PM

Cornelius Trenico, Knight Templar


Name: Cornelius Trenico

Gender: Male

Race: Achaean

Birthplace: Coronaria

Affinity: Fire

Deity: Astra Aeterna

Faction: Knights Templar

Talents: Education (Old Achaean and High Imperial), Divine Lore, Forbidden Lore, Noble Combat



Strength: 9

Agility: 4

Constitution: 9

Perception: 4

Intelligence: 5

Spirit: 6

Luck: 5


Appearance: A tall, handsome young fellow, Cornelius stands a few inches short of six feet, his rather tanned face framed by long locks of ebony hair. His chiseled features and cleft chin are often graced by a smile so white it could blind a man - or, more particularly, a woman - at the right angle, and his muscles look like they belong to one of the gods. Or all of them. He’s ripped.


Inventory: (Templar Pack)

  • 1 full set of deepgold (with deepsilver trimming) plate and chain armor

  • 1 set of fine clothing

  • 1 holy symbol of Astra Aeterna

  • 1 deepsilver bastard sword

  • 1 holy torch

  • 1 red traveling cloak

  • 1 deepgold (with deepsilver trimming) shield

  • 1 deepsilver dagger

  • 2 vials of holy water

  • 1 book of prayers

  • Water and rations



Born to an old - and quite noble - patrician family in Coronaria’s Silver Ring, Cornelius has known little more than comfort. Granted, his training regime to become a Templar - a life-long dream as his nanny always told him stories of their noble exploits (her own husband having worked in one of their citadels) - was a break from that, but even such hardship can hardly be compared to life as a peasant.


He moved to Starward Citadel as soon as he was able, his family sending him off with their blessings - and thankful he didn’t want to fight his siblings over who inherited what - and leaving Cornelius to do his own thing. The young Trenico threw himself into his studies to become a full-fledged Templar with raw zeal that was rarely found in such an individual, excelling in many studies. It was thanks to this that one of his tutors let him peruse some of the darker knowledge about demons and their ilk… though admittedly it was also the old man’s attempt to weather Cornelius’s excitement for killing the demonic.


Naturally, this knowledge only made him more irritatingly confident in his abilities to do so.


Thus - probably thanks to the tutor pulling some strings - Cornelius’s first assignment is intended to be extremely boring for him: he’s to accompany Malvolio Borgia to Heathrow to sort out some plague, of all things.


Campaign History:



Personality: Cornelius is young, naive, and literally fresh out of training. He’s seen little of the world beyond the Silver Ring of Coronaria and the walls of Starward Citadel, and thus has very high expectations for how journeys should be had, battles should be fought, demons should act, and so on and so forth. Well, less so in that last case, as he has spent considerable time studying demons and their ways… even the ways of their cultists and how to do such ugly things as summon such monsters. Not that Cornelius would ever dream to do such a thing; it is merely a matter of wishing to know one’s enemy to destroy them all the easier.



45 gold, 30 silver, 10 gold

#485497 HELP - Special Permission

Posted by Burger Warrior on 08 September 2017 - 11:33 AM

Well, polished Phebei up a little for use in Sickness and in Health, mostly so she fits with the re-hauled Errant system.




Name: Phebei

Gender: Female

Race: Dryad (Epimeliad)

Birthplace: Imperial Heartland (not too far from Heathrow)

Affinity: Clay

Deity: Demeter

Magic: Spiritual

Faction: None

Talents: Herbalism, Charisma, Subtlety, Balanced Soul, Tailoring



Strength: 3

Agility: 8

Constitution: 5

Perception: 6 - 1 = 5

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 8 + 2 = 10

Luck: 4


Appearance: Phebei is a slim, short epimeliad who stands nearly five feet tall in her elven form. Her skin is pale, as if she hasn’t spent a day of her life in the sun. Her childlike face is neatly curtained by long, curly, light pink hair falling almost to her waist. The dryad’s wide eyes do little to change her childish appearance, wide - and also unnaturally pink - as they are. However, even while dressed in a simple, white, hand-woven robe of wool, Phebei is surprisingly more difficult to pick out of a crowd than some may give her credit for.


Inventory: (Farmer Pack)

-1 full set of simple clothing

-1 small knife

-2 clean bandages

-Ale and rations

-Cooking supplies


-Fresh bread



Living in the heartland of the Empire is an… interesting experience for a dryad, to say the least. The almost consistent felling of trees to feed Achaean industry is an ever-present pain, one that Phebei has dealt with for as long as she can remember. Perhaps it is this that drove the dryad to begin her wanderings, communing with spirits near and far in search of a cure for the constant - if now very dull - phantom pain. From Justantion to Goldcrossing, the epimeliad searched for solace, briefly finding that discovering injured animals to help seemed to, if nothing else, divert her attention elsewhere and give her a fleeting sense of fulfillment.


But it never lasted long.


During her journeys, however, Phebei happened across Heathrow, and was immediately drawn by the sense of fading agony permeating the town. Curious and hopeful to have found some diversion, however brief, the dryad snuck into the makeshift hospital and found row upon row of wounded humans. Often under the cover of night, she consistently returned to try easing their pain or actively healing their wounds with what rudimentary knowledge of alchemy and herbs she collected on her journeys.


For weeks this continued and Phebei’s proficiency in stealth and herbalism improved as she did what she could to care for the soldiers… though she found the patrols thickening and many of the wounded under guard. It seemed her presence had not gone unnoticed, and so the dryad reluctantly retreated from the town; far enough to avoid detection, but not so much that she couldn’t still feel the spiritual turmoil of the wounded. It was a fortunately brief period of agony.


Which, ironically, ended when the plague came: and everything grew worse. Drawn back to the town in the hopes of doing something - anything - to help the sick and dying, Phebei openly revealed herself to offer help… which, naturally, did not end well as she retreated when it was clear she was not being openly accepted.


However, as days passed and the agony only grew worse, Phebei continued to return and try to help openly or otherwise when she was naturally refused - being arguably less humanoid than an elf - while the plague continued to spread. Eventually, her help was openly - if quite reluctantly - accepted, and since then the dryad has found herself in the midst of what others would call a nightmare, but Phebei sees it as a chance to find some ultimate fulfillment: an end to the pain that has permeated her life.


Campaign History:



Personality: Shy is perhaps the greatest quality that makes up Phebei’s character and governs most of her actions. While she has a great urge to heal those who suffer, oftentimes it is not great enough to overwhelm her fear of dealing with others… especially the humans that regularly slaughter trees and animals alike for their various industries. Still, even when these creatures are hurt Phebei cannot help but feel pity for them, and she’s come to understand in her time amongst humans that not all of them are so dedicated to the slaughter of nature as others.


#485351 Werewolf's Art

Posted by Burger Warrior on 18 August 2017 - 01:53 PM

>glances at the Patreon pic


>stares helplessly at his face






...That aside the picture's actually pretty well all around, even though it pales somewhat by comparison to the second drawing (that being fully colored and all). The little details on Kain Talon's armor are really cool, though, in particular. There's a crazy amount of neat designs packed in there between the cloth, chain mail links (albeit a few patches of those seem to be missing ^^; ), and even the plate armor. :D

Though even that can't quite push me to look over the face entirely (though that's mostly in his eye [and nose :P ] position, the lower face looks pretty solid), as well as the slightly awkward bend in his right wrist. It doesn't seem like it breaks anatomy or physics, but it does look like an uncomfortable position to keep one's hand in.


But even with those faults the overall drawing turned out really well! His armor looks like some pretty serious, layered stuff, fancy details aside, and you conveyed that really well. Also the shading, particularly around his hood, looks stellar. It'd be awesome to see a full color version of this with a bit of nose general polish. ^^


Can't wait to see what's up next! :D

#485307 Delving Too Deep OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Burger Warrior on 07 August 2017 - 02:26 PM

I'm definitely up for continuing, buuut I also know you could really use a proper break. Maybe it's time someone else took the mantle of DMing a big Errant thing.


...Which I have plans of doing, myself, on that note, but God alone knows if that'll come to fruition, so don't hold your breath. ^^;

#485220 HELP - Special Permission

Posted by Burger Warrior on 13 July 2017 - 02:16 AM

Aaaand here we've got yet another mage (albeit of the more arcane variety) :U





(Source is kinda in the picture, itself, there :v )


Morwyn Marks



Full Name: Morwyn Marks

Aliases: The Witch of Many Sizes


Sex: Female

Race: Human (Achaean)

Birthplace: Eloh, Achaean Empire


Affinity: Fire

Deity: Astra Aeterna

Magic: Arcane

Faction: None


Talents: Arcane Lore, Subtlety, Thievery, Herbalism, Tailoring



Strength: 3

Agility: 6

Constitution: 3

Perception: 8

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 10

Luck: 4


Appearance: A little on the short side for a young Achaean lady, Morwyn is nonetheless striking in appearance and posture. Clearly of a higher breed, it’s somewhat ironic her clothes tend to be rather travel-worn, what with her being on the run from her family and the Inquisition, as she was proven to be a mage. As her appearance changes little - she’s stubborn like that - besides in size, most Inquisitors in the Northwestern Kingdom could probably recognize her.


Inventory: Merchant Pack

-1 full set of nice clothing

-1 brown traveling cloak

-1 iron dagger

-1 map of the Northwestern Kingdom

-Ale and rations

-1 Satchel of Arcane Tomes

-1 Satchel of Miscellaneous Herbs

-1 Lady's sewing kit



Born and raised the youngest of the Mark family in the mining town of Eloh, Morwyn’s birth on the summer solstice caused more than a few rumors to spread and hang around her for a fairly long period of her life. As the young Marks grew, however, she decided to roll along with it, managing to get her hands on a few tomes of magic spells as a joke - assisted by a few less-than-good doers she got to know in her younger, (relatively, Eloh’s not exactly Illikon, y’know) wild days - and read them.


She grew surprisingly attached to the books, however, spending more and more time studying them. This sudden studiousness surprised her father, but it kept her distracted from trying to vy for his inheritance like her older siblings, so he let it slide. Thus, underneath the noses of her very family, Morwyn discovered and developed her innate Gift of magic.


Had she kept her own experiments in check, Morwyn could still be living amongst her family in the comfort of home, playing with magic endlessly. However, she robbed herself of her own pleasant life when she incautiously cast a growth spell. The space Morwyn had reserved for practice turned out to be… insufficient.


Thus, Eloh was quite briefly visited by one of the jotnar - granted, one who looked suspiciously like the Earl’s daughter - who took her sweet time toying with the helpless humans in fascination before realizing perhaps it was a good idea to leave. While such a large being has not been spotted since, Morwyn Marks had vanished with a number of rather thick arcane books and scrolls and remains missing - but sought for by the Marks family and Inquisition alike - throughout the northern Empire.


Campaign History:




Marks Family (Wanted Dead or Alive)

Eloh (Terrified)

Inquisition (Wanted Dead or Alive)



While it’s been some time since her somewhat self-imposed exile, Morwyn retains her old noble mannerisms and a sense for distinguishing between peasants and those of higher bloodlines. As badly as she fears being taken by the Inquisition and losing the knowledge she went to great trouble to attain, she finds it very difficult to blend in as a nobody wherever she goes, leading the fugitive mage to keep her distance from others… until the need for proper bed and breakfast - even those shoddy shadows of her childhood accommodations provided by roadside inns - finally drives her back to civilization briefly.




#485201 ZONE: The Rusty Axe

Posted by Burger Warrior on 10 July 2017 - 01:23 PM

"Which is a rather long-winded way of saying: 'just passing through'" Holli ‘clarified’ for Lydus without blinking an eye—or ceasing her damned rocking on the stool. "What about you? Been busy lately?"


Sticky-Fingers murmured incoherently under his breath… admittedly, mostly to zone out the damned rocking of that stupid stool and Tom’s quips. Couldn’t have found a half-decent establishment with evenly-made stools, ohhhh no…


Her emphasis on their partnership being temporary was not taken sourly by Lydus. Sure, the elf was a pretty thing - those cheeky pointy-ears all had good genes, it seemed - but that didn’t make her the best of company.


Drake mentioned something about coming from Kemhet, which perked Holli’s interest even as the elf got a drink unasked for. Lydus smirked as they spoke, quietly reaching for the mug… only to scowl as she took a sip of it. She didn’t drink! At least, not as much as Sticky-Fingers did. Hell, she didn’t ask for one-


"I'd like a meat-pie, too!" she called out after the raven-haired tavern wench.


Lydus scowled, looking around for a menu. “By the gods, you two are going to clean this place’s supply of meat out for weeks.” He pointed out. “There’s gotta be somethin’ else to eat here, right, wench?" He demanded of Yel.


Somethin’ cheaper, anyway...

#485174 ZONE - Rimegard

Posted by Burger Warrior on 06 July 2017 - 07:32 PM

"I suppose we do have some time while we wait for the others." She closed her notebook with a snap. "Let's go!"


Korvarl brightened as she agreed without argument, and he let her take the lead by a few paces before hustling after her. He was about to fist-pump in victory - yes, he was just that proud of his performance - when he noticed the heavy tread of one of the larger, bearded, northern humans. By instinct at this point, the dwarf warrior tensed.


"If ye don't mind," the Venator said "I would be happy tae join ye; me belly hungers fer food this early in th' mornin'."


Silvershield sighed, relaxing again. “‘Course I don’t mind, nordlin’. I invit’d every’ne, didn’t I?” He asked rhetorically, saving his gestures of victory for later as he followed close by Elnira.


#485164 ZONE - Rimegard

Posted by Burger Warrior on 06 July 2017 - 01:35 PM

Korvarl had had trouble living down the faint embarrassment of not catching that little scrawny thing ‘Mister Whiskers’ before Elnira did. Granted, he was the only one who seemed to notice that was the case, or that it was an embarrassing happenstance at all.


Whatever. I know it’s deservin’ of great shame!


Fortunately, nothing much else happened on the way to Rimegard. While the trip passed fairly quickly for him - the advantages of long lifespans, and all - the others seemed to be champing at the bit, which resolved itself into some very great impatience to get out of the city by the time they got into it. The dwarf sighed as several members of their party voice their loud opinions about such things, silencing a few others who seemed on the verge of disagreeing.


Korvarl, for one, wanted a beer before they went on.


"We have nothing to gain by staying in the city." One big, scarred-looking fellow decided. Silvershield wondered if he was insane.


Clearly yer all insane.” The dwarf piped up, crossing his arms as he stood before the naysayers wanting to move on. “I, fer one, am gonna have a drink. And seein’ as I have th’ map, if any o’ ye want to know were yer goin’, I suggest y’join me.” He grinned smugly, before turning on his heel and trundling into town in the hopes of finding a pub or tavern or something in-between.


As they - or he, anyway - wandered along, though, he realized Elnira was speaking. All at once, she had his full atten-


"You see, Mr Whiskers..."




She was talking to her cat. Her decidedly uninterested cat, for that matter. "Rimegard has a fascinating blend of Achaean and Northrim culture. I read about its history but nothing beats some field research!"


“Uh…” Korvarl glanced around, noting the stares Elnira was receiving… but fortunately she, herself, fell silent, pulling out a notebook to start sketching. He blinked, subtly approaching the little dwarven woman to see what it was she was drawing.


He sighed, a tad exasperated, as it turned out to just be a building.


“Why dontcha jus’ come along an’ have a drink with me, lass?” He asked, leading the way again. “Th’ buildings’ll be here when next y’visit.” If we g’t through this, anyway...

#485159 ZONE: The Rusty Axe

Posted by Burger Warrior on 06 July 2017 - 11:42 AM

"I muck my boots pretty often," Drake said, taking a healthy swig of his ale. "If the mud deserves it."


Lydus pointedly ignored that remark as Yel finally addressed his needs… though when he was pretty sure Tom wasn’t looking, the knight received an ugly little glare. Sticky-Fingers wasn’t quite drunk enough to do it to Drake’s face, but sooner than later...


On that note, he asked for the menu, only to get another snide response from the nob.


"There's some water in the horse trough outside," Drake interjected casually. "I hear that's free."


“Give your tongue a break an’ have some of that, why don’t you?” Lydus snapped, his temper shortening. “Save your gold for a gladiator school or somethin’.” The Venator grumbled, turning his attention back to Yel as she spook up.


"We have a local ale, two coppers."  She smiled in what seemed like a customary way. But hey, it was rare for anyone to manage a smile in Lydus’s direction (especially high-an’-mighty nobs) so he took what he could get.


The Venator considered the price for a moment - well, he was actually considering how wise it would be to nick Tom’s purse - before shrugging and fishing a couple coppers out of his pocket, murmuring quietly to himself. “Ech, works for me.” He hugged, slapping the coins on the counter.


Wonder how bad ale this cheap is gonna be…?

#485145 ZONE: The Rusty Axe

Posted by Burger Warrior on 05 July 2017 - 06:56 PM

Well, the fancy one? He was as rude as it came. Lydus none-too-silently scoffed at the nob. All high an’ mighty, that one. Bet he hasn’t worked a life in his day, inheriting titles an’ stories an’ stuff. The Venator thought, getting comfortable on his rough, wooden throne while he and Tom exchanged equally frosty quips. It culminated in Sticky-Fingers’ muttered comment, which by some miracle the knight had caught.


Drake remarked, "Might wanna watch your tongue, friend. I thought Venatori were supposed to be respectful."


“An’ I thought nobs didn’t muck their boots with comm’ner mud an’ all that, but here we are.” Lydus huffed, turning to Yel as he approached.


He almost braced for a slap, but he figured she was too much of a pansy to even manage that. Girls these days, can’t even stand fer themselves. Not that they should, anyway.


"What can I get you sir?"


“Well that’s what I wanna know, girlie.” Lydus crossed his wiry arms. “What do ya got that’s cheap? I ain’t money-bags over here.” He grumbled, jerking a filthy thumb in Tom’s direction.


Bet the bastard could buy this whole place. And a frelling mansion. Damn nobs...

#485135 ZONE - Longship on the Rime

Posted by Burger Warrior on 04 July 2017 - 03:30 PM

Elnira smiled at Korvarl, filling the dishonored dwarf with a tide of warm feelings.


And then, quite abruptly, her face fell. Nay, it plummeted.


"Oh no! Where did Mr Whiskers go?"


Oh fer the love of the gods… Silvershield barely restrained a groan. Women.


Still, Korvarl sheathed his axe and followed after Elnira as she started to look around her for the cat. Evidently, it - he - had slipped away during the skirmish… to somewhere. For a boat with no crannies whatsoever, this cat had somehow managed to find one.


“The hel?” The dwarf grumbled, bushy eyebrows furrowing. “Where could it- er, he go?” He wondered aloud, peering beneath the rowers as the ship began moving again. It was the only place he could think of where the cat could hide...

#485133 ZONE: The Rusty Axe

Posted by Burger Warrior on 04 July 2017 - 02:30 PM

"You must have had all kinds of adventures, wandering like that."


“Yeah, him an’ me, both.” A new voice huffed from the door. Lydus Sticky-Fingers shuffled inside, cracking a rather crooked grin at the gorgeous knight and better-than-average lass. Eh, I could do better. He figured, shaking the dirt off his boots. Said action did nothing noticeable to the appearance of his ragged footwear.


If it wasn’t for his signature blue cloak, Lydus would have looked like any other bum coming off the streets of Stonebridge. Granted, the quaint little town didn’t have many of those…


He took the first stool he could reach, altogether too close to the pair as he sized them up. “Bu’ I can see you're both very busy so I’ll leave you to it.” Lydus added, his grin turning mischievous as he looked around… and slowly frowned, realizing no one else was working the counter.


“...Orrrr I’ll interrupt an’ ask for a drink. Lousy service.” The Venator murmured the last bit under his breath, sure the other two couldn’t make it out, supernatural hearing aside.


#485070 ZONE - Longship on the Rime

Posted by Burger Warrior on 02 July 2017 - 03:28 AM

Korvarl groaned as he was tossed to a corner of the ship, his armor scraping against the deck. Adrenaline pumped through his veins, though old discipline regimens kicked in and helped keep his limbs and extremities steady. The dwarf quickly pushed himself to his feet, whatever pain there was from the inevitable bruising all but shrugged off. The threat stood still, and loomed dangerously over Elnira…


Not t’day!


With another battlecry, Silvershield surged to his feet and charged back over, brandishing his axe as he moved in to finish the job. This monster was not going to escape if Korvarl had anything to do about it.

#485056 HELP - Special Permission

Posted by Burger Warrior on 30 June 2017 - 11:41 PM

Requesting special permission for: demonic magic. Also sort of for having a girl disguised as a boy, too? :P






Gavia Saunio



Full Name: Gavia Saunio

Aliases: Gavin Saunus


Sex: Female

Race: Achaean

Birthplace: Arcadia


Affinity: Lightning

Deity: Nemesis

Magic: Demonic

Faction: Imperial Legion (Skirmisher, beneath Agnus the Butcher's command) - Sagittarium


Talents: Education (Old Achaean/High Imperial), Forbidden Lore, Marksmanship, Subtlety, Diplomacy



Strength: 5

Agility: 5

Constitution: 4

Perception: 7

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 10

Luck: 3


Appearance: A little on the short side of things in many ways - her height and her hair, namely - Gavia is good at being unnoticed simply because there is little about her that really sticks out, beyond her somewhat infamous last name. It also helps that she isn’t particularly shapely in any way, allowing her to blend in with other younger Legionnaires pretty effectively.


Inventory: Legionary Pack

-1 full set of Legionary armor (lorica segmentata; includes helmet and sandals)

-1 set of simple clothing

-1 steel gladius sword

-1 recurve bow

-30 steel-tipped arrows

-1 soulstone (empty)

-1 wooden stake

-1 set of eating utensils and small bowl

-1 set of personal hygiene utensils

-water and military rations



Growing up to a relatively influential noble family in Arcadia, Gavia Saunio had few friends besides her older brother, Verno. Both were fascinated by the darker side of their home’s history, delving into it voraciously. It was unfortunate they were so good at covering their tracks, for it was this interest of theirs that led to Verno’s death and Gavia’s life-long misery.


A few dark discoveries and the eruption of a small rebellion found Verno heading there to… ‘interven’, so he told Gavia. A few days later Agnus the Butcher and a contingent of his Legionnaires made a brief stop to drop off Verno’s head, labeling him a mage and traitor to the Empire. Appalled, but unwilling to speak out publicly, Gavia returned to her studies with newfound vigor… and discovered some hidden notes her brother had left.


He really had been a mage. Well, in a way… but even with this dark secret revealed, Gavia felt no disgust or hatred for her brother; no, it was that damned commander...


Figuring this was her chance to get revenge for Verno’s untimely demise, the younger Saunio followed right in her brother’s footsteps, forming a contract with the demon lady Nemesis to receive unnatural powers.


Taking as many old scrolls and books as she could with her, Gavia ran far away from home, hiding away in Coronaria for a time as she studied, prepared… and finally searched for whom Agnus commanded. It did not take long to discover the regiment, and with little work Gavia managed to make a new identity for herself as she joined up with the Legionnaires as a Saggitarium.


It’s been… interesting, pretending to be a man - not to mention one of lower birth - but Gavia has had the drive to keep going… and keep getting closer to her brother’s murderer.


She’s kept soulstone close by just for him.


Campaign History:




-Saunio Family (Believe she’s dead)

-Her brother, Verno Saunio (Deceased)

-Agnus the Butcher (Superior officer and the aim of her vengeance)



Gavia is easily described as ‘emo’ in modern terms thanks to her fascination with the dark arts, demons, and magic… and with how quiet she tends to be, bottling up her emotions and thoughts. She is also extremely determined, what with the memory of her brother’s severed head fresh in her mind almost all the time… and with her goal so very close. It’s actions like those committed by Agnus that have led her to believe there is no form of balance or real justice in the world, which is ultimately what led her to actively signing an agreement with a demon lord.




Health: 20/20

Conditions: n/a