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I guess I should get some kind of post up to explain my own choices >u>

I personally voted for shotguns and crazy guns, when it comes to weaponry. Shotguns are my first true love in any particular shooter (mostly because I'm plain bad at aiming for people's heads, or at them in general beyond a certain range. Also high burst damage, baby) but crazy guns often turn out to be more fun in games that have them. In Warframe in particular, I've gathered combinations of the two. Automatic shotguns that fire more ammo per shot the longer you hold the trigger, a small cannon that floods a fair-sized area with a wace of radiation, a gorram rifle that shoots glass to explode and carve up clusters of bad guys...

I also had to pick the mage when it came to voting for classes. I am and always will have a love for technical magic, pouring over spellbooks and immersing myself in the minutiae of complex systems like Pathfinder's and D&D's. And there's nothing quite like being able to hurl a fireball or simply grow the Barbarian to massive size to deal with a crowd. Choices, choices...

For the final choice, though, I had to go gamist.

It's not that I dislike simulation games or narrative games; I have a good few hundred hours put into Arma, as well as a couple games I've barely touched if only because I played the story once and felt satisfied (i.e. Undertale, for example. Still can't bring myself to do a genocide run). However, I place gameplay over this because I often find solid gameplay can help you create your own stories. For example, Planetside 2: most times I pp
op into this massive-scaled Battlefield-esque shooter, I end up as part of a campaign or loosely-tied squad battling across a continent. I have both witnessed and led charges I still try to put into words around other people - and often fail because I'm a socially awkward mess IRL. However, my point is that ultimately I get a lot of really cool war stories out of Planetside 2, an all-multiplayer PvE shioter, because of its solid gameplay features that help craft those experiences. It's kind of amazing and I regularly find myself wishing for similar experiences.

Anyway, that's about it. Soyeah.

#485896 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Burger Warrior on 25 October 2017 - 02:49 AM

Both Korvarl and Percula let out sighs of relief - one more reserved than the other while doing so - and as the pixie moved off to one side to watch the goings-on and keep Caiden company, the dwarf took Huo’s book without question.


If this tome held the knowledge they needed to defeat such a monster as the demon below them, there simply wasn’t time to waste. Silvershield flipped page after page, admittedly a little incautious with the old book as he scanned line after line for previous learning. A smile actually worked its way through his beard as he did, however; indeed, this book seemed to be the answer to all of their problems.


Granted, Korvarl had never been a terrifically strong advocate of the gods, but if there was any time they’d listen to him, it was now. A plan rapidly formed in his mind as he tried to memorize the pattern that made up the summoning circle required for both parts of it. Finally, he closed the book with cautious but hearty enthusiasm.


“I dunnae where y’got this from, ol’ man, bu’ it’s got what we need.” The dwarf grinned, turning to the group. “Th’ tricks in summonin’ circles; we c’n summon celestials, an’ they c’n do the fightin’ for us ‘gainst tha’ monster. Grant’d, if that doesn’t kill it, it might jus’ distract it enough t’make a circle ‘round the big demon and send it righ’ back t’the ‘ells it came from.”

“So, did anybody pick up chalk?”




Perkula, meanwhile, watched the group read and discuss their options, glancing between them and Caiden. “...Sooo, I guess we’re gonna end up fighting big snakey down there, huh?” She mused, glancing at his expression.


“Whiiich means we’re gonna have to go ‘all out’, right?” The pixie suggested with a gentle nudge of her elbow into his arm. She would have gone for his ribs, but there was a little too much bicep in the way. “I swoop in and save the day and you… do your thing?” Saffron prodded him jokingly, giving Caid an encouraging smile.


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Posted by Burger Warrior on 01 October 2017 - 10:53 AM

Korvarl frowned as, in the end, it was Valya who got the gate to lift. Muttering into his beard, he watched her finally set it down, addressing himself and Elnira.


"I can hold it long enough to get one of you smaller ones through at a time." She explained.


Silvershield set his jaw. “I ain’t leavin’ Elnira alone out here.” He decided, looking around. “There ought ta be another way…”


"There is a pipe that seems to lead inside, but I think only you two"---the elf spook up looking at Korvarl and Elnira---"could fit through it."


She paused, and frowned. "Either way, whoever goes through would be on their own, without our best fighters. I do not think we should split up like that."


Silvershield frowned right back, crossing his arms. “Ah’m a pretty damn good fighter, lass. Elnira an’ I’ll be fine. We c’n find a way ta open the gate from inside, no trouble.” He decided, ignoring her window option. Anyone wearing armor was going to have trouble getting up there, and Korvarl had no wish to go leaving the ground climbing places.


“What d’ya think, lass?” Silvershield turned to Elnira, searching her eyes for an answer. He was loathe to leave her, and as unpleasant as crawling in a pipe was… it was an option to proceed and prevent them from being separated.




Percula stood there, pointing at Huo, daring him to make a move, the room now undeniably colder. Standing in his circle, the demon said nothing, watching in silence. Her remarks had evidently irritated the priest, as the air grew warmer, undoubtedly from Huo’s Gift. For a brief moment, Saffron wished there was an inquisitor with them.


In lieu of that, Caiden stepped forward - though he noticeably stayed out of Percula's path, standing by her side instead. But he faced Huo, looking the priest in his blind eyes.


"Us fighting over it is exactly what it wants," Caiden said. It was clear from his tone he was looking to avoid any fights, but it was clear from his stance that, if it came down to one, he would back every word Percula had already spoken. "Your word is worth nothing to a demon. Whatever boon it's promising, sooner or later, will blow up in your face. Just leave it here and let's go find the others."


And that was that.


"I'm...sorry," Huo began to say, "I-"


"I have willingly given you aid already," the demon said, perhaps a bit quietly, "and received nothing in return. Blah blah blah blah blahblah - blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah…”


Percula naturally shut the demon’s voice out before it could get to her, though she finally cooled down with the magic. Caid, as usual, knew what was best. The pixie shot him a brief, thankful little smile for his support before she began to follow him out, pointedly ignoring Huo’s bitter laugh as he followed.


She couldn’t help but catch the man speaking in a language she’d never heard before, though, and Saffron snuck a peek behind her. Yeah, of course he’s still talking to it. Ugh…


Shaking her head, Perky stayed close to Caiden as they made their way out of the damned temple. “Welp, guess it’s about time we found where everyone else went…” She sighed, keeping an eye out.

#485702 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Burger Warrior on 27 September 2017 - 01:53 PM

"For a man with 'experience' you seem unsure, priest. It's contained the demon for this long. Besides, what boon could this creature possibly offer that we would want?" Garandros pointed out.


"Maybe you misheard him when he told us of Dainsleif's location! Maybe the boon was that he would guide us to where the damn thing is!" Huo snapped back, the irritation he felt towards them quite clearly showing.


There was a brief pause, during which it looked like the priest was going to attack the gruff man. Percula frowned, the room starting to grow perceptibly chilly as she prepared for what might transpire.


Huo calmed himself, however, before continuing. "I am a man of my word; I gave my word that I would free him in exchange for the information he gave us, and I am not willing to break my word because of what he is or what he might do to us."


“...It’s a demon.” Perky found herself saying. Yeesh. I can still remember when I was as naive as he is about these things. “If you let it out, someone is gonna die. I’m not gonna let you risk us doing the dying.”


The room had definitely grown colder as Percula simply pointed at Huo, her mouth an unusually stern line as she all but dared Huo to make a move. It was rather blatantly obvious one of the two of them was Gifted. I’m gonna freeze him solid if he doesn’t leave that thing alone.

#485687 Winter Errant Campaign

Posted by Burger Warrior on 24 September 2017 - 09:40 PM

Though I guess it did spoil it a bit to set the werewolf one in civilization..


To be fair, that's what got me to vote for that over the other options. A werewolf group dealing with #werewolf problems in a city is great. The only problem is we all made our werewolf characters with less civilized surroundings, I suppose XD

#485677 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

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"If the strongest of us try," Malvolio figured, "maybe we can lift this thing up high enough for the others to get by."


Before Korvarl could point out that that was insane, given he was talking about a portcullis - and one made of deepgold at that - Valya gave the Templar a silent nod of agreement, sheathing her sword. The dwarf’s jaw went slightly slack as she stepped forward beside him, crouching low to grab the gate and using her legs as well as her arms to lift. Tensing her muscles, she exerted her full, considerable strength towards lifting the golden bars.


Grumbling into his beard, Silvershield trundled over and added his own muscle, arms straining with the effort. “May as well give ye a ‘and…” He mumbled, though he knew once - well, if - they lifted it past him there’d be nothing for the dwarf to do but move on.


Or stick around, if Elnira so wished it.




As Huo hunted for something that could help them, Caiden imparted some wisdom to Percula; "I wouldn't hit it with anything. Summoning circles tend to explode if they aren't destroyed properly."


“...Oh.” The pixie deflated slightly. “Damn.”


Much to everyone’s surprise, the blind man managed to locate books. Well, Perky knew he was Gifted, so it wasn’t terrifically surprising, but she was starting to wonder how no one else noticed he had some kind of unnatural way of seeing things. Then again, she didn’t know anyone could be blind until she met Huo. Maybe it was just a rare thing.


...Heh, rarer than mages. Heehee…


At any rate, they poured over the books, though inevitably it was realized that no one could read. At least, not dwarven and, as Caiden pointed out, demonic.


Then the demon spoke again, to the surprise of everyone. "You cannot read it?" it asked, its eyes squarely on Caiden.


Percula bristled noticeably as Voros replied."I just said that," he said flatly, turning his attention away from it once more and adding to Huo and the others, "It's not like that thing's going anywhere. We should regroup with the others. Maybe at least the dwarves can read one of these books."


But the abomination, calm as ever, replied, "I simply imagined that, considering the taint upon your soul, you would know at least some rudimentary Demonic... or something concerning summonings."


Calmly, Caiden looked at the demon again. "I don't talk to demons. But I do know you can't do anything in that circle, so you're trying to use your mouth to get us to turn against each other. It won't work, so shut up."


The demon faked innocence, but Perky sincerely wished she could freeze it and then explode it into a million little pieces. Agethar cut in, though, and not in a way the pixie expected - but in a way she agreed with, nonetheless.


"Amen to that," Agethar said as he sheathed his axes, "we should leave this...thing here tae rot and git on tae the middle o' th' city."


"Could we not simply destroy the ring?" Huo suggested, seeming quite firm in helping this monster. Percula frowned at the blind guy, her standing with him falling a few feet. Below ground.


He went on about being a priest and knowing how to destroy summoning circles and what-not, but Saffron simply walked right in front of him. “Just leave it.” She told him, her tone the most serious it had been so far. It was all but an unspoken threat that if he didn’t, there would be consequences.


Returning to Caid’s side, she nudged him. “Let’s get going.” Perky mumbled, eyeing the demon distrustfully. To think, she’d once wondered why everyone disliked such creatures...


#485668 What Are You Currently Playing?

Posted by Burger Warrior on 23 September 2017 - 10:42 AM

Oh, also, with Lone Wolf characters a party member focused explicitly on Summoning is borderline OP. Their incarnate thing becomes a freakin tough-as-hell minotaur at summoning lvl 10 (so level five or lower with the Lome Wolf talent). And, later on, they can also get skills to summon other crazy things with suitably awesome powers (besides a certain feline met in Fort Joy).

#485662 What Are You Currently Playing?

Posted by Burger Warrior on 23 September 2017 - 02:53 AM

I'm on my phone and it's late so I would just like to add after you get to a certain point in Divinity II you do get the option to make more custom characters to join your party. Granted, you have to get through a whole chapter of the game first, but the option is there without mods intervening.

#485632 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

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Korvarl shook his head with a heavy sigh, glancing at Valya. “We’re both lucky and unlucky, lass.” He decided. “Yer somehow not booby-trapped to death, but we’re gonna need a key. These things ain’t like nothin’ I’ve had t’break before.”


The sound of footsteps descending behind them prompted the dwarf to lay a hand on his weapon as he turned back toward the way he came… though he relaxed noticeably when he recognized it was just Malvolio and Allya coming to check on them. And give me paperwork. He noted silently, eyeing the sheaf of documents in the Templar’s grip. “Ah, just what I was looking forward to. Reading for the illiterate…” He muttered dryly. It was mostly a jest - he knew humans that could afford that much plate armor tended to be given some kind of education. Just not the kind that was useful when delving into old dwarf ruins.


Hard as it was to read by torchlight, Silvershield did his damnedest to skim the papers, grumbling at every useless document. “Bloody census-”


"THIS IS AMAZING!" Elnira’s voice had become slightly squeaky again as it pierced the darkness - and Korvarl’s darkening mood. He didn’t resist as she took the paper out of his hands, beaming widely. "This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!"


She kissed his cheek excitedly, and ran over to look at more papers.


Even under his thick beard and in the darkness, it was hard not to notice Korvarl blushing. He cleared his throat gruffly, trying his best to cover up as he looked through more of the documents… though his gaze did flicker back toward Elnira, each time bringing a small smile to his lips.


He’d scarcely finished reading with a small sigh of relief and a rub of his tired eyes when the Templar cut into his thoughts, however. "What do they say?" Malvolio asked. "Anything of use to us?"


“Surprisingly, aye.” The dwarf nodded, carefully stacking the papers again. “We’re gonna need to find King Hreidmar himself. Or rather, what’s left of him. Both th’ key to this place - an’ every vault in the city, sounds like - an’ Dainsleif are on ‘im, or at least in ‘is quarters. No point in lootin’ without snatchin’ both first.” Korvarl finished, tucking the papers under one arm. “So… unless you wanna check fer booby traps on these vaults the hard way, let’s get to ‘is palace. It’s tha’ big building in the center, or I’m six feet tall.”




Percula had gladly stayed by Caid as they - and Agethar and his dog - headed to the local temple in the hopes of finding the others. Halfway there Caiden’s stomach made quite a bit of a racket, and the pixie gave him a funny look; it was almost teasing as she eyed him up, though she quickly stopped before Agethar noticed, hopefully. She almost forgot he was present.


What they saw in the temple was noticeably scarier than Voros’s lack of lunch - it was a demon, apparently trapped in some kind of summoning circle. Saffron stared at it in unconcealed awe, though she couldn’t help but pout a little when Caiden inches in front of her, blocking her view ever-so-slightly. “H-heyyyy…!” She protested quietly, slipping around him with inhuman grace.


Agethar was - of course - automatically suspicious of the old blind guy, who seemed to have been talking to the monster, but Perky herself wasn’t so quick to jump to conclusions. Besides, the demon didn’t exactly seem unfriendly. Right now, anyway.


"May I ask to what purpose mortals such as yourselves would enter a place such as this?” The demon was asking, mostly that weird blind guy. “You spoke of those with you who fancy themselves demon slayers. I must warn you: if you came to slay demons, you should turn back. It is not myself of which I speak, but a far, far greater power. Unless you are here because of that binding upon your souls...?"


So polite! ...Wait, what? Bindi-


"I cannot tell you the nature of it, only that it is there. I sense a power hanging over each of you - the power of a binding contract. The only one present free from that binding," he pointed a long, black claw at Percula, "is her."


Caiden said nothing, but he did look at Percula and set his jaw.


It dawned on the pixie once she caught that look in his eye: she had been tiny and stowed away back in the tavern, when this all started. She remembered something Caiden had told her - that he hadn't wanted her to sign the contract... Agni's contract to return Dainsleif to him, one way or another. Now it was suddenly very clear why he’d done such a thing.


“...Wow, I didn’t think dwarves were weird like that.” Was the first thing that came to Percula’s mind, escaping her lips before she could even think about what she was saying. “Contract magic. Who would’ve thought?”


Perky shrugged to herself, wandering closer to the Huo - and the demon, as a result. “How do we banish this thing, anyway? Do I need to zap it or something?” She asked, more curious than anything, and not minding the humans in the room judging her magic. She’d cast spells in front of an Inquisitor before, after all. Venatori should be fine with it… and a weird old man who was tooootally not Gifted, too.


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Korvarl frowned at the mess that was the district hall, muttering something into his beard. “O’course. Shouldn’t’ve put it past demons t’wreck a place like this…”


Still, Malvolio began to search, and Silvershield figured there might be some stone left unturned by the invading malevolent forces. He wasn’t going to waste time giving up on potential leads, no sir. Walking past the Templar, he cleared his throat. “Tell me if there’s anythin’ tha’ looks important, aye? Gonna check th’cellar out…”


‘Cellar’ was one way to describe the stairway that led down toward what was inevitably going to be some kind of vault - or prison - but Korvarl didn’t bother explaining further as he passed through the large, open doorway and into the cavernous stairwell - one hand still holding his torch aloft and the other clutching his shield tighter with every step downward.




Caiden gave a brief sniff of the air as he glanced around another time. Then he added, "Mostly demons."


Perky screwed up her face in an adorable - well, to Voros, anyway - pout. “Caaaaaiiiid, lighten uuuup…!”


The building Percula picked out at random turned out to be a tavern, and as she threw the door open and they all peered inside, taking in the view. Not that it was a very cheerful one, and for the first time since she’d laid eyes on the grandeur of the Forbidden Halls Saffron felt the weight of dread and loss. “...Oh.”


Still, she led the way inside, and as they entered they heard nothing... but Percula felt the tendons in Caiden's wrist shift as he curled that hand into a fist. That was enough for her to know something was off.


A sound split the utter silence so abruptly it made all of them start. Something thudded against the boarded-up door to the right side of the counter, most likely leading downward into a cellar. It thudded hard. But, apparently, it couldn't get through... and perhaps it had been thudding against that door for an untold number of years.


"If I didnae know it would make thing's worse," the Northern Venator muttered as he drew both his axes. "I'd put a bolt through th' door an' twixt th' thing's eyes."


"...if it has any."


Percula bit her lip, glancing at her lover. “Eheh, uh… I think I’ll give that door a pass… unless you can feel something?” She asked, her curiosity threatening to get the better of her. It was evident in the way she rather quickly added that last question. Please tell me it’s safe so I can open it I gottaaaaa!


#485567 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

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Korvarl had largely stayed silent for his own reasons as the group made their way to the Forbidden Halls, musing over their quest, his poor choice in companions… and the one exception to that, the beautiful Elnira. He often had trouble not staring at her, and with every passing night it seemed his love - and jealousy, when any of the other men in the party so much as glanced at her - only grew.


It was, for Elnira, probably a little creepy by the time they headed down below.


In any case, Silvershield stayed as close to her as he dared - which was pretty much as close as she made it clear his limits were - holding his own lit torch aloft as the party headed down into Clan Dimmlundar’s ancient home. Of course, with the glowing crystals he realized that was a waste of a torch, but by then it was far too late. The regret that came with that realization only made the weight of pure evil settle heavier on Korvarl’s soul; even the sight of Elnira being herself could not alleviate the darkness of this place.


For the first time on this journey, Silvershield truly regretted his decision to join.


"We should get in and get out as soon as possible," the Templar, Malvolio, said as he raised the lit torch that he had found. "I prefer not to have my head stuck on some demon's spear."


He turned back toward the group. "We should head towards the District Hall: maybe we'll find some records about where Dainsleif is...was held."


Korvarl brushed past him, leaving Elnira’s side for the first time since they’d taken leave of Arrowfall. “Well dun’t jus’ talk about goin’ there, get movin’!” He growled, having no patience for the human just standing about. Silvershield briefly considered putting out his torch so he was less of a target for whatever monsters still lurked in the shadows, but they’d probably heard him coming anyway. May as well be able to see them, too.


In any case, Korvarl Silvershield made surprisingly good progress towards the District Hall despite his short legs and heavy armor. It seemed this was the fastest he’d moved since any of the others had laid eyes on the dwarf.




Percula had remained openly with the group since she met them - well, a few of them, anyway - at Arrowfall, keeping close to Caiden as they headed into the Jagged Edge. She didn’t vanish again, but like Korvarl with Elnira, the pixie in disguise pretty much always stayed at Caid’s side during their travel into the Forbidden Halls.


Naturally, once they were inside, her curiosity overwhelmed her urge to stay by Caiden as well as the gloom that seemed to weigh so heavily on everyone else. It was a small miracle that Percula managed not to glow or take off flying through the strangely empty halls. Granted, she did just about everything short of that.


“WHOOOAAAA!” She echoed Agethar’s apparent amazement a lot more verbally. A lot lot more verbally. “This place is so cool!” Percula went on at only a slightly lower volume, glancing back at Caiden only long enough to catch his wrist, which was quite a feat, considering the diameter of said muscle-bound wrist. “C’mon, c’mooon! There’s gotta be all sorts of stuff in here!” Saffron urged him, not unlike a child in a shop stocked with a multitude of sweets.

#485519 Morwyn Marks

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Only changes between here and Special Permissions is the reduction in number of arcane tomes on Morwyn's person.





(Source is kinda in the picture, itself, there :v )


Morwyn Marks



Full Name: Morwyn Marks

Aliases: The Witch of Many Sizes


Sex: Female

Race: Human (Achaean)

Birthplace: Eloh, Achaean Empire


Affinity: Fire

Deity: Astra Aeterna

Magic: Arcane

Faction: None


Talents: Arcane Lore, Subtlety, Thievery, Herbalism, Tailoring



Strength: 3

Agility: 6

Constitution: 3

Perception: 8

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 10

Luck: 4


Appearance: A little on the short side for a young Achaean lady, Morwyn is nonetheless striking in appearance and posture. Clearly of a higher breed, it’s somewhat ironic her clothes tend to be rather travel-worn, what with her being on the run from her family and the Inquisition, as she was proven to be a mage. As her appearance changes little - she’s stubborn like that - besides in size, most Inquisitors in the Northwestern Kingdom could probably recognize her.


Inventory: Merchant Pack

-1 full set of nice clothing

-1 brown traveling cloak

-1 iron dagger

-1 map of the Northwestern Kingdom

-Ale and rations

-1 Satchel with an Arcane Tome (which she constantly needs to peruse to cast most of her spells)

-1 Satchel of Miscellaneous Herbs

-1 Lady's sewing kit



Born and raised the youngest of the Mark family in the mining town of Eloh, Morwyn’s birth on the summer solstice caused more than a few rumors to spread and hang around her for a fairly long period of her life. As the young Marks grew, however, she decided to roll along with it, managing to get her hands on a few tomes of magic spells as a joke - assisted by a few less-than-good doers she got to know in her younger, (relatively, Eloh’s not exactly Illikon, y’know) wild days - and read them.


She grew surprisingly attached to the books, however, spending more and more time studying them. This sudden studiousness surprised her father, but it kept her distracted from trying to vy for his inheritance like her older siblings, so he let it slide. Thus, underneath the noses of her very family, Morwyn discovered and developed her innate Gift of magic.


Had she kept her own experiments in check, Morwyn could still be living amongst her family in the comfort of home, playing with magic endlessly. However, she robbed herself of her own pleasant life when she incautiously cast a growth spell. The space Morwyn had reserved for practice turned out to be… insufficient.


Thus, Eloh was quite briefly visited by one of the jotnar - granted, one who looked suspiciously like the Earl’s daughter - who took her sweet time toying with the helpless humans in fascination before realizing perhaps it was a good idea to leave. While such a large being has not been spotted since, Morwyn Marks had vanished with a number of rather thick arcane books and scrolls and remains missing - but sought for by the Marks family and Inquisition alike - throughout the northern Empire.


Campaign History:




Marks Family (Wanted Dead or Alive)

Eloh (Terrified)

Inquisition (Wanted Dead or Alive)



While it’s been some time since her somewhat self-imposed exile, Morwyn retains her old noble mannerisms and a sense for distinguishing between peasants and those of higher bloodlines. As badly as she fears being taken by the Inquisition and losing the knowledge she went to great trouble to attain, she finds it very difficult to blend in as a nobody wherever she goes, leading the fugitive mage to keep her distance from others… until the need for proper bed and breakfast - even those shoddy shadows of her childhood accommodations provided by roadside inns - finally drives her back to civilization briefly.



35 gold, 20 silver, 45 copper

#485518 Phebei

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Only change between here and the Special Permissions post is that she's not officially allowed to help, but a couple of individuals have decided it's worth turning a blind eye to her stealthy sojourns into the hospitals.






Name: Phebei

Gender: Female

Race: Dryad (Epimeliad)

Birthplace: Imperial Heartland (not too far from Heathrow)

Affinity: Clay

Deity: Demeter

Magic: Spiritual

Faction: None

Talents: Herbalism, Charisma, Subtlety, Balanced Soul, Tailoring



Strength: 3

Agility: 8

Constitution: 5

Perception: 6 - 1 = 5

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 8 + 2 = 10

Luck: 4


Appearance: Phebei is a slim, short epimeliad who stands nearly five feet tall in her elven form. Her skin is pale, as if she hasn’t spent a day of her life in the sun. Her childlike face is neatly curtained by long, curly, light pink hair falling almost to her waist. The dryad’s wide eyes do little to change her childish appearance, wide - and also unnaturally pink - as they are. However, even while dressed in a simple, white, hand-woven robe of wool, Phebei is surprisingly more difficult to pick out of a crowd than some may give her credit for.


Inventory: (Farmer Pack)

-1 full set of simple clothing

-1 small knife

-2 clean bandages

-Ale and rations

-Cooking supplies


-Fresh bread



Living in the heartland of the Empire is an… interesting experience for a dryad, to say the least. The almost consistent felling of trees to feed Achaean industry is an ever-present pain, one that Phebei has dealt with for as long as she can remember. Perhaps it is this that drove the dryad to begin her wanderings, communing with spirits near and far in search of a cure for the constant - if now very dull - phantom pain. From Justantion to Goldcrossing, the epimeliad searched for solace, briefly finding that discovering injured animals to help seemed to, if nothing else, divert her attention elsewhere and give her a fleeting sense of fulfillment.


But it never lasted long.


During her journeys, however, Phebei happened across Heathrow, and was immediately drawn by the sense of fading agony permeating the town. Curious and hopeful to have found some diversion, however brief, the dryad snuck into the makeshift hospital and found row upon row of wounded humans. Often under the cover of night, she consistently returned to try easing their pain or actively healing their wounds with what rudimentary knowledge of alchemy and herbs she collected on her journeys.


For weeks this continued and Phebei’s proficiency in stealth and herbalism improved as she did what she could to care for the soldiers… though she found the patrols thickening and many of the wounded under guard. It seemed her presence had not gone unnoticed, and so the dryad reluctantly retreated from the town; far enough to avoid detection, but not so much that she couldn’t still feel the spiritual turmoil of the wounded. It was a fortunately brief period of agony.


Which, ironically, ended when the plague came: and everything grew worse. Drawn back to the town in the hopes of doing something - anything - to help the sick and dying, Phebei openly revealed herself to offer help… which, naturally, did not end well as she retreated when it was clear she was not being openly accepted.


However, as days passed and the agony only grew worse, Phebei continued to return and try to help openly or otherwise when she was naturally refused - being arguably less humanoid than an elf - while the plague continued to spread. Eventually, her help was quite reluctantly accepted by a handful of open-minded individuals that made arrangements to help her in and out, and since then the dryad has found herself in the midst of what others would call a nightmare, but Phebei sees it as a chance to find some ultimate fulfillment: an end to the pain that has permeated her life.


Campaign History:



Personality: Shy is perhaps the greatest quality that makes up Phebei’s character and governs most of her actions. While she has a great urge to heal those who suffer, oftentimes it is not great enough to overwhelm her fear of dealing with others… especially the humans that regularly slaughter trees and animals alike for their various industries. Still, even when these creatures are hurt Phebei cannot help but feel pity for them, and she’s come to understand in her time amongst humans that not all of them are so dedicated to the slaughter of nature as others.



2 gold, 50 copper

#485513 HELP - Special Permission

Posted by Burger Warrior on 11 September 2017 - 07:27 PM

You and the size thing, Burgs. :P


Hm... I know you worked this into her bio and all, but could you cut it down to just one tome? Arcane tomes are extremely rare (and ancient) and even harder to acquire, as not many even exist - plus, the Inquisition keeps a very tight hold on that sort of thing. Their libraries are essentially the only ones in the Empire allowed to have tomes of arcane magic, under heavy guard and constant watch. It's fine for her to acquire one (though she would have to keep it secret from everyone; they're certainly nothing to joke about), but multiple is going a bit far.


Other than that, it all sounds good! Although I'm curious as to how wounds would translate over for changing size, if she can also turn so huge... Anyway, starting currency is 35 gold, 20 silver, 45 copper.


Sounds good! Starting currency is 2 gold, 50 copper. Hey, she doesn't interact with human society directly, right? :P


You and your noms- wait crap that's my thing, too. Dammit.


Alright, I'll do a tad bit of fine-tuning between the two before I make their character posts. ^^



Sounds interesting!


 I'll edit her into the roster once you decide whether or not you want to have any other characters besides Cornelius. I may allow trios for this...


Considering she's just a revamped version of the original Phebei I signed up with, yes I do want to use her :P

#485498 Cornelius Trenico

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Cornelius Trenico, Knight Templar


Name: Cornelius Trenico

Gender: Male

Race: Achaean

Birthplace: Coronaria

Affinity: Fire

Deity: Astra Aeterna

Faction: Knights Templar

Talents: Education (Old Achaean and High Imperial), Divine Lore, Forbidden Lore, Noble Combat



Strength: 9

Agility: 4

Constitution: 9

Perception: 4

Intelligence: 5

Spirit: 6

Luck: 5


Appearance: A tall, handsome young fellow, Cornelius stands a few inches short of six feet, his rather tanned face framed by long locks of ebony hair. His chiseled features and cleft chin are often graced by a smile so white it could blind a man - or, more particularly, a woman - at the right angle, and his muscles look like they belong to one of the gods. Or all of them. He’s ripped.


Inventory: (Templar Pack)

  • 1 full set of deepgold (with deepsilver trimming) plate and chain armor

  • 1 set of fine clothing

  • 1 holy symbol of Astra Aeterna

  • 1 deepsilver bastard sword

  • 1 holy torch

  • 1 red traveling cloak

  • 1 deepgold (with deepsilver trimming) shield

  • 1 deepsilver dagger

  • 2 vials of holy water

  • 1 book of prayers

  • Water and rations



Born to an old - and quite noble - patrician family in Coronaria’s Silver Ring, Cornelius has known little more than comfort. Granted, his training regime to become a Templar - a life-long dream as his nanny always told him stories of their noble exploits (her own husband having worked in one of their citadels) - was a break from that, but even such hardship can hardly be compared to life as a peasant.


He moved to Starward Citadel as soon as he was able, his family sending him off with their blessings - and thankful he didn’t want to fight his siblings over who inherited what - and leaving Cornelius to do his own thing. The young Trenico threw himself into his studies to become a full-fledged Templar with raw zeal that was rarely found in such an individual, excelling in many studies. It was thanks to this that one of his tutors let him peruse some of the darker knowledge about demons and their ilk… though admittedly it was also the old man’s attempt to weather Cornelius’s excitement for killing the demonic.


Naturally, this knowledge only made him more irritatingly confident in his abilities to do so.


Thus - probably thanks to the tutor pulling some strings - Cornelius’s first assignment is intended to be extremely boring for him: he’s to accompany Malvolio Borgia to Heathrow to sort out some plague, of all things.


Campaign History:



Personality: Cornelius is young, naive, and literally fresh out of training. He’s seen little of the world beyond the Silver Ring of Coronaria and the walls of Starward Citadel, and thus has very high expectations for how journeys should be had, battles should be fought, demons should act, and so on and so forth. Well, less so in that last case, as he has spent considerable time studying demons and their ways… even the ways of their cultists and how to do such ugly things as summon such monsters. Not that Cornelius would ever dream to do such a thing; it is merely a matter of wishing to know one’s enemy to destroy them all the easier.



45 gold, 30 silver, 10 gold