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ZONE - Castle Blood, Southwestern Wilds

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#121 Dalton Westmoore

Dalton Westmoore

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Posted 15 June 2016 - 09:35 AM

As the Minotaur went down on one knee, and the other one was destroyed, Bartholomew acted quickly: going off of what he had seen earlier about the effects of the preservative fluid, the Beetle man grabbed a jar of the explosive stuff and then ripped one of his arm wrappings off.


After inserting the cloth into the bottle, he then lit it via one of the burning corpses on the floor and then yelled "Metallon! Get out of the way!"


Basim then threw the makeshift bomb at the insectoid abomination, hoping that it would do some damage. If it didn't, he prepared to attack with his Scimitar and Dirk.


(Summary: Create Molotov Cocktail and serve it to the Minotaur thing, shaken, not stirred.)

#122 Burger Warrior

Burger Warrior

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Posted 16 June 2016 - 05:35 PM

Rona blinked, seemingly unable to believe what was happening around her. Fen found himself hoping she could cope with that.


"I... I can't do much," she said to the pixie. "I can pray, and hope the gods answer, but I... Wait! Where is the half-elf who took my dagger - Kyle? The dagger is holy! It's an artifact of Vesta, from my days as a priestess in her temple. It might help! But, I'll try calling upon Astra as well..."


“R-right!” Ambreeze agreed, the vast majority of that information going right over his head. Holy stuff hurt demonic stuff, that much he’d picked up from… somewhere. That was important. It was just a shame the thing was a dagger and not a pike. Or a minotaur-scaled warhammer.


While the pixie was wishing for better luck, Rona set him down on one of the nearby tables before raising her hands up toward the heavens and beginning to chant. Her voice was clearer than before, the words louder. But it seemed to be a long prayer, and it might take some time. Fen vaguely found himself wondering if he could just sit still and enjoy the view, but it wasn’t just the sickly smell of rot coming from the table he was on that urged him to move. Wincing and inhaling sharply, Ambreeze managed to get to his feet despite the pain he suffered, taking stock of the situation.


They’d wiped out most of the smaller ‘golems’, and he’d seen - hell, he’d felt - the cyclops’s demise. The armored insectoid abomination was still raging, though, preparing to attack again… and there was no telling what it might hit. Barty the beetleman was busy trying to make flaming alchemical cocktails and hurl them at the monster, and the others seemed to be weighing their options. Considering the only one really posing a threat at the moment was Rona, it didn’t take long for Ambreeze to decide to focus on protecting her.


Well, he was going to cover her, anyway, but he decided working on his excuses now rather than later was a good idea.


As he began to focus his will and conjure his Gift, Fen quickly came up with an even better idea. Deciding the creature was almost definitely too stupid to really notice the difference, he conjured an illusion of himself at full health, and directed it to dart straight toward the creature. Pouring all of his knowledge and skill into the illusion, Ambreeze also attempted to make it send illusory fire blasts at the monster, though he knew that would do no damage.

He just needed to buy time for everyone else.


((Summary: cast Illusory Image to create a double, then make it actively distract the remaining abomination))


#123 Maverick-Werewolf


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Posted 20 June 2016 - 07:50 AM

Kyle was about to rush in headlong and aid Metallon, but he caught sight of Bartholomew preparing some kind of bomb - and then he shouted for Metallon to move aside. His keen ears, however, had caught something of interest...


"I can pray, and hope the gods answer, but I... Wait! Where is the half-elf who took my dagger - Kyle? The dagger is holy! It's an artifact of Vesta, from my days as a priestess in her temple. It might help! But, I'll try calling upon Astra as well..."


She then began to chant. Kyle drew the golden dagger from his belt and gripped it tightly as he steeled himself. Once Bartholomew's bomb was thrown and finished, he charged in, aiming for whatever he could reach of it, be it its arm or even its torso... as long as he could find a good weak point to stab in the holy dagger ((Critical Strike)).


#124 HalfBaked139



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Posted 21 June 2016 - 08:54 PM

Kairn couldn't help cracking a smile when he heard his knife crack deep into the skull, only to have it wiped away when the cyclopean hulk pitched forward. That had been one of his favorite daggers. Now, it wasn't worth retrieving. Insofar as he was concerned, nothing was worth digging through that undead mass grave, even a knife he'd had for at least a decade. There had to be enough good steel in the world that he could replace it. Or, failing that - it was a genuinely good blade, and good blades weren't that easy to find - he'd settle for something throwable.




Even more shameful, he'd have to attribute killing the thing to someone else. After all, he was merely here to document things. As a general rule, it was in poor taste for bards to poeticize themselves too much. That was the whole point of invoking muses - not that Kairn really put much stock in them, though failing to acknowledge them was improper-


He shook his head, blinking. This was another trick - the shadows from before slipping through, distracting him, making him think about anything but the task at hand. That, or he'd gone far too long without a decent nap. 

As he approached the other beast and took up a defensive stance - better to let it make the wrong move - he hoped his momentary distraction was the latter.



#125 Harry Monster Princess

Harry Monster Princess

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Posted 22 June 2016 - 09:57 PM

Metallon's hammers hit nothing but air, but the armored creature wasn't as unlock, swatting the minotaur with its tail and making him stagger away. He snorted and turned to face the monstrosity again. It would regret not hitting him harder.


However before he attacked, Metallon saw Kairn's dagger sail through the air and cheered as it embedded in the skull of the cyclopian beast, shattering the rune and felling it instantly. "Excellent throw!" Metallon roared, bolstered with confidence. "One to go!"


He was about to charge back in when he heard Basim yell. "Metallon! Get out of the way!" The Minotaur glanced towards him to see him lobbing some kind of explosive at the monster. Didn't have to warn him twice. Metallon backed up, coming close to one of the few flaming undead abominations left. Not one to sit by idly, Metallon backed up and swung his hammer downwards in a low arc, crashing into the creature and sending it's flaming carcass soaring towards the armored behemoth.

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#126 Saber-Scorpion


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Posted 24 June 2016 - 10:26 PM

((Major DM Post - Time advances by 1))
Moving more quickly than anyone could react, the abomination charged.
It went straight for Kairn, who fortunately was prepared for the attack. When the armored scorpion-tail-arm came swinging toward him, he dodged aside, deflecting the brunt of the blow with his bastard sword. But he wasn't fully prepared for the creature's unnatural strength, and the tip of its stinger still cut a nasty, deep gash into his side - and he could tell from the burning pain that the wound was poisoned.
Beside the half-elf, the fox-man Vehoe let out a terrified wail and stumbled backward, holding his head. The horrific sight of the death and torture all around him was too much for his mind. He felt the Darkness seeping into his soul, and he could not will himself to fight on.
But his comrades still could.
Bartholomew lobbed a firebomb made from a bottle of preservative fluid at the monster. It struck its chest and shattered, spilling a stream of burning liquid down the abomination's side. But although the fluid continued to burn, it did not spread to the rest of the creature - even when Metallon sent a burning corpse smashing into it. The hulking brute seemed to be protected against fire, unlike the lesser creations.
As Rona continued her chanting, Fen sent an illusion of himself flying up to the monster's face, casting bursts of false flame. But the abomination - which clearly did not fear fire - ignored it as one would ignore an insect.
As instructed, Kyle drew Rona's holy ritual dagger and charged in, aiming for a critical spot between the Abomination's plates of armor. At the last moment, he leaped into the air, driving the knife deep into a crack in the armor right where a normal beast's heart would be.
The abomination barely seemed to notice. Kyle jumped back, dodging a swing from its scorpion arm.
Then Rona finished her prayer and opened her eyes, the blue of which seemed to shine in the dim light. Whether this was linked to what happened next, or whether the effects of Kyle's precision strike were merely delayed, no one could be sure. But a faint light began to emanate from the cracks in the monster's armor, concentrated around the embedded holy knife. As the glowing fissures grew brighter, the abomination threw back its head and screamed - a horrific wail like the cry of a dozen lost souls at once. The ancient flesh of the beasts that had been sewn together to make it started to burn away into smoke and ash, and the rest came tumbling and crashing down. The sound of it echoed through the entire castle... and then died away.
With all of the undead monsters dead again, the world seemed to fall silent. Rona ran a hand through her messy brown hair and glanced at Fen, her face showing uncertainty about what had just happened. The others all exchanged glances as well. All except poor Mastus, who still lay on the floor, unmoving. He did not draw breath.

After a moment of silence for their fallen comrade, Vsskyre sidled over to Rona and said in a low voice - almost a whisper: "Excuse me, but do you think you could translate this book? I cannot read the words."
"I can try," said the young Templar, taking the ancient tome. "It may take me a little while. I know prayers in Old Achaean, but I'm not very good at reading it. I wish Mastus was still here to help... I'm sorry about him - about your friend. I would say some words for him, but I do not know-"
The moth-kin put her clawed hand gently atop the girl's. "Do not worry. I will take care of it."
With that, she strode over to Mastus's body and closed his lifeless eyes, and started to chant in a low tone, reciting the words of an ancient Minotaur funerary rite, as well as she could remember them.

Everyone looked around at the room, now silent save for Vsskyre's soft chanting. Down the stairs ahead was a great wooden door, covered in scratch and bite marks from the teeth and claws of the shambling dead creatures that had been trying to get through it. It apparently would not be easy to pass. And the human party of dungeon explorers - if they were still alive - might expect pursuit from that direction.
In the now empty cells once inhabited by the hulking abominations, however, there appeared to be another passage: two enormous cages held aloft by heavy chains, with winches to raise and lower them. Perhaps they could be used to reach the lower levels more quickly. But the winches were held in place by thick, rusty iron padlocks, and there was no telling where the keys might be.




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#127 Maverick-Werewolf


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Posted 26 June 2016 - 07:46 PM

As the moth-woman went to treat Mastus's corpse, Kyle frowned. It was a shame Mastus was dead, and that was regretful - but he'd wasted a bandage on that minotaur. Not that he meant to be heartless, but survival was for the strong, and he'd wasted some valuable resources on the weak. It wasn't a mistake he planned to make twice.


"If we even could get through that door," he commented, gesturing toward the wooden one bearing so many marks from the abominations they'd killed, "the Imperials have probably set more traps than some of us could survive. Start looking around - maybe we can find the keys to these locks... or else just smash the damn things."


Kyle wandered quietly through the room, glancing around and attempting to make some observations about where the keys could be - or any potential clues leading to their whereabouts. As he did, he occasionally sniffed the air to try and find any wayward scents of interest. Perhaps he could detect if the human party had already passed this way - and if they had indeed taken the large door covered in scratches.


((Use Inspect.))


#128 Dalton Westmoore

Dalton Westmoore

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Posted 10 July 2016 - 02:55 PM

((Time to Resurrect this RP!))


Bartholomew sighed with relief as the Taurian Abomination went down in flames: literally.


The Beetle-man glanced at Mastus before looking away, it was not a pretty sight. It was a shame that the Minotaur was dead, but he was glad that he wasn't the one who was lying there with their head bashed in.


The Minotarian chant, however, was beautiful. He could not understand all the words, but the lyrics he could understand filled him with a love for the wild, rolling planes that the Minotaurs inhabited, not to mention other species: the planes that the Empire wished to seize.


"If we even could get through that door, the Imperials have probably set more traps than some of us could survive. Start looking around - maybe we can find the keys to these locks... or else just smash the damn things."


Bartholomew glanced at Rona, and then looked at Metallon and asked "Well, what do you think? Should we go after the Imperials, or go a different way?"



#129 Burger Warrior

Burger Warrior

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Posted 19 July 2016 - 10:26 AM

They… they made it!


Well, most of us. Fen thought, briefly glancing at Mastus’s corpse. He almost wish he could say the minotaur had died valiantly, but that had unfortunately not been the case. The pixie sighed, gingerly attempting flight but letting out a small cry as the rapid motion of his wings simply irritated his burns. He let out a soft moan, but that wasn’t his only method of travel. He just really didn’t like the other, and wasn’t sure what Rona would think of a significantly larger version of himself.


Rather than grow just yet, Ambreeze decided to address the strange mental scars the hellfire had left behind, half-closing his eyes as he searched for his inner peace. As he did, though - or rather, tried - he couldn’t help but keep watching Rona. She seemed troubled, and that didn’t help her attempt to translate a book.


A few long moments passed, before Fen decided to speak up. “Uh… need a hand there, with anything?” He called from his seat on the torture table.


#130 Saber-Scorpion


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Posted 28 July 2016 - 12:25 PM

As Kyle Bloodmoon searched the room, recruiting some of the others to help, Rona continued her attempts to read and translate the ancient tome they had found.


"It's too dark to read in here," she said at length. "Fen, can you give me some light?"


The pixie eagerly flew across the room and hovered near her shoulder, providing a glow.


"This is disgusting," she said as she ran her finger down the lines of text. "The mage-lord who owned this castle... He was trying to unlock the source of the 'raw physical power' of beastfolk... Those things we fought... They were his experiments. He tried grafting parts of different beastfolk together, or grafting them onto men... and when the subject died, he would just... bring them back to life. He only stopped when he found some other subject to research. The text mentions great black wings, but then the pages are burnt... I can't read anymore..."


"That's okay!" exclaimed Kyle Bloodmoon, suddenly. "Because I just found the key!"


The half-elf werewolf had just pried this bit of treasure from the claw of a long-dead skeleton in the corner of the room. He sprinted over to the elevator to try it on the chain tying down the winch, and to everyone's amazement, it actually worked. With a loud, shrill clangor that seemed to echo through the whole world, the chains fell to the ground. Metallon and Sven walked onto the lift to work the winch, and the others squeezed in after them. It was a tight fit, but the chains seemed to have no problem with the weight. Once the two strong beastfolk began turning the great winch, the elevator began its noisy descent...


--- Journey through the Darkness - Time Advances by 2 ---


Although the lift ride went smoothly for our intrepid party of Minoan allies, their quest was far from over. Through the darkest bowels of the dungeon they proceeded, first descending a winding stone ramp that was carved around the circumference of the deep, dark pit that extended down from the castle above seemingly into the heart of the earth itself. The journey was a precarious one, as each member of the party felt tempted to gaze into that yawning abyss, but knew that they should not...


And then they lost Sven. At one point, the path grew too narrow... and the hulking centaur could not cross. He tried his best, but first one hoof slipped, and then another. Kyle and Bartholomew rushed to his aid, but once his entire equine lower torso slipped over the edge, they could not handle its great weight, and Metallon could not get there in time to help. Down fell the mighty centaur, screaming seemingly all the way... or so it sounded, for it took many long minutes for the echoes of his cries to die out. Many of the others had to cover their ears from the horrific sound.


On they trudged. The hardest challenge they encountered was a flock of bat-like creatures - possibly demons - that ascended from the darkness. The monsters swarmed about their heads, clawing and biting... and it was more than Vehoe could take. Screaming in terror, he shouted: "It's over! We're lost! WE'RE LOST!" Then he ran off down a side tunnel, chased by the beasts, which seemed to sense the madness that had settled in his mind.


Working together, the others cleared out the creatures. Basim used his poison spray, Fen set the air ablaze, and the rest hacked and slashed through the stragglers. They chased after Vehoe, hoping to find him... but they never did.


By the time they reached the bottom of the winding stair, they were no longer in the realm of mortals. They were somewhere just beyond, in the domain of those who lurked below...


--- Area transition - Proceed to Nidavellir: The Kraul ---




"Come a day there won't be room for naughty men like us to slip about at all..."

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