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SYWBAA #103: Battle in the Clanhall, Pt. 2

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 25 May 2008 · 2,097 views


Yeah, the werewolf design I made for my sister years ago is starting to show a little age. I started working on a better one, but without much luck so far...

Again, you can still view the old comic archives at http://comics.saber-scorpion.com, but I'm working on moving everything here soon.

Eh, only a Werewolf can beat Vampires so easily tongue.gif ! The design is good, even for the age. The head is detailed. Is it me or you include more and more some sex-related jokes in SYWBAA ? Well... any time you include Daemonique and Bob.
Wow, Tom really pwned all them blood suckers.
Oh, come on, Vampires can't be beaten that easily by a one Werewolf...

Yeah, it does look just a little bit old, maybe a Slashrim design? But with the Werewolf head?
Yeah, your werewolf design could use some improvement. Other than that, comic was a' okay.

Indiana Jones and the KotCS was actually pretty good, I was rather impressed, though Siafu ants don't live in Peru.
Well it's about time! Anyway, yay and glee for all the new goodies.
Yeah, that was a good issue biggrin.gif But I guess Vampires would own werewolves tongue.gif

I'd actually like to see you try to make another one. I've been through 3 designs to get to a perfect one, and I reckon you could really have a goo go at it wink.gif You are a better builder than me, so you should be able to do better than mine tongue.gif wink.gif
QUOTE (Scorchy @ May 27 2008, 10:31 AM)
But I guess Vampires would own werewolves tongue.gif

Nope. No way. tongue.gif

Anyway, awesome issue, Scorp! "Let's not go into the details..." tongue.gif
Woo Hoo! Tom finally turned into a werewolf! Werewolves > Vampires
The wolf model actually looks pretty good! The actions heating up1 all over the place

1.Yeah my puns are bad
Could someone post pics of how the Werewolf was put together? And may I borrow that design? I would give full credit for the design.
You should have had Hawkin peek in and go "..." after Daemoniques' last comment. Also, Bob now is back where he started! He lost his only sword fragment to to his nemesis' skull and he probably hasn't thought out a plan to retrieve it yet. I can't wait to see how that problem is resolved. "..."
It leaves me beging for more! Nice work!
keep up the good work scorp
no offence scorp, but did you notice that you switched the names of Bob and Tom? might want to fix that before it goes into archive.
okay neveermind, i read it wrong

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