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Posted by Sleighbell-Scorpion, 22 May 2008 · 1,371 views


It may seem like I've dropped off the radar lately, but I've actually been working on big changes to the site. Among these are a brand new shopping cart system... and this new Blog, which will be used from now on to post new comics and website updates (currently the old comics page can still be viewed at http://comics.saber-scorpion.com, since I haven't moved all the archives here yet). There are several advantages to this over my old system:

- Members of SSLF can post comments on every news post here.
- Posts are categorized at the right, so you can view only certain comics or only news posts if you wish.
- You can subscribe to the RSS feed to get news brought to you, since my old Newsletter system has been non-functional since the server change.

Of course, not everything is fully-functional yet. There are still a few kinks that need to be worked out both here on the blog and in the other sections of the site. For one thing, you may have noticed the new menu at the top. This will make more sense once I get the new pages working. I would have had them all working before now, but I have had endless trouble setting up a shopping cart system. I won't go into all the details, but let's just say it's been more frustrating than was the entire move to a dedicated server. Still, I think once I'm done with the changes that Saber-Scorpion's Lair will soon see HUGE growth.

Anyway, another thing I would like to start posting on this blog is LEGO-related news and reviews of LEGO sets I have recently purchased (since I buy at least half of the sets they produce, if not more). I will be posting reviews for all the Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sets soon, and a review for the movie itself as well.

As for my comics, which have been stagnating - don't worry! I still plan to continue those as well. I'm preparing new material for SYWBAA and working on what will be the conclusion for Nova Refuge: The Takeover of Mordark. Thanks for your continued interest! I'll keep you updated here as I finish revising more sections of the site.

Good to know all this Scorp tongue.gif . Your reviews of movies and LEGOs ? Why no video games too ?
Awesome, I can't wait until the new SYWBAA and TTOM comics. There hasn't been anything for TTOM for a while; I was getting worried!
Why is it that when I hear "Huge growth for SSL" both an underwhelming trickle of members and a tidal wave of idiots come to mind? Loki is scared.
Quick question which has been bugging me for a while now, will you still post comics in the comics section or? Oh, and when you're watching a blog, you can't click on any menu buttons. Just letting ya know. wink.gif
Good luck with getting the Shopping Cart System fixed up, Scorp. I'm hoping to make a new order soon. I'm interested in reading you Indiana Jones Movie Review. I thought that it was a good movie, with the exception of....Bah, I won't spoil it for anybody who hasn't seen it...., all in all.

Oh, if you have seen it, I would also like to see a review on Iron Man possibly. Not sure if you've seen it, though....

tongue.gif I really need to save up some money to buy some decal's.
woah this new tool bar system looks great! The main menu buttons look cool too
Oh yeah, and the old comics page doesn't have the new comic on it. Poor people who just click on the comic button...

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