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About Nova Members & Nova Patrons

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Posted 29 August 2014 - 03:28 PM


SSLF costs money to operate. You can help pay for the forums by subscribing - it costs only $12 a year (or $6 for 6 months), and you can pay for it just by buying something from the Saber-Scorpion's Lair Shop! Or you can pay for it directly. While subscribed, you will be a Nova Patron! Once your subscription runs out, you will remain a "Nova Member" with some permanent additional benefits, even when you are no longer subscribed!


To subscribe, just click on the "Subscriptions" tab at the top of the forums to pay directly, OR if you ordered something from the shop instead, just send me (or Werewolf) a private message, or email sales@saber-scorpion.com. Please include your forum username and your order number (or the full name or email address you used when ordering, so we can check our records). We will upgrade your account to Nova ASAP.


Alternatively, you can just donate via PayPal. Please include your account name in the Comments section of the order form, and I will manually add your subscription once I see the payment.


What can a Nova Patron do that's so special?
Nova Patrons can:

  • Access the "Cantina Nova" General Discussion board, where you can talk about anything you like! I will also post sneak previews and exclusive content in there from time to time.
  • Access the "Globejumper 4" Off-Topic Role-Playing board, where you can host role-playing games not related to Wulfgard or Nova Refuge.
  • Have taller avatars (personal photos) and customize your profile with an uploaded background image. Your name also always appears in bold red text.
  • Create their own blog in SSLF's Blog system.
  • Have up to 3 images and 10 links in their signature (normal members can have 1 image and 3 links) (max image size for both groups is 800x250).
  • Like up to 50 posts per day (normal members can Like up to 16).
  • Use the forum's Search feature (normal members have to resort to Google).
  • Use a topic tag as a prefix that appears before the topic's name on the board view.
  • Hide their own posts, avoid flood control, and stealth-edit their own posts (normal members edits automatically include the "Edited by..." legend at the bottom).
  • Start up to 10 new Private Message (PM) conversations per day, store up to 80, and invite up to 4 other people to a PM conversation (normal members can start 3 per day, 1 every 15 minutes max, store 20, and invite only 1 person).
  • Upload up to 80 MB of images to the Gallery system, with an image filesize limit of 3 MB (normal members can upload 30 MB of images, filesize limit 2 MB).
  • Import statuses from Facebook and Twitter, etc.
  • Change their own Display Name (but not Log-in Name) 2 times per every 30 days (normal members must ask an admin or mod for any name changes).
  • Get a special rank icon based on the Xarkon ranks from Nova Refuge, which changes based on post count. Open the spoiler tag for details:

  • Change the forum's Skin (visual appearance) to any of the skins below:


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Posted 11 February 2017 - 01:59 PM

When Nova Patron Subscription Expires

If you no longer wish to pay for Nova Patron subscription, you will still retain some benefits permanently as a Nova Member, even while unsubscribed!


Nova Members can still:

  • have a slightly bigger username, in red
  • customize your profile with background image, etc.
  • use the Search system
  • have a bigger PM box (but you can no longer invite more than 1 person to a PM conversation)
  • like more posts in a day (25)
  • have more images and links in your signature
  • tag your topics
  • edit your posts without the 'edited by' tag, and hide your own posts from public view


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