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08 September 2018 - 09:14 AM

Back from monster huntin'...





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07 September 2018 - 05:05 PM

How do I start this again...


Wait, I remember...






Kara Chaelar, High Elf Pyromancer and Hero Historian




As usual, let's cover the design! First off, leg, torso, and back decals are by Saber-Scorpion. The torso and back are from the female gladiator and the legs are just generic gladiator ones. The waist cloth is from CapeMadness, and the yellow ears were painted by me. Both of the arms are from the recent CMF Gladiator and the bag is from Indiana Jones. The tome and unreleased jambiya dagger are from BrickWarriors. I tinkered with her for a bit, but fell in love with this design quickly!


Ah yes, I get to talk about her important background. Well, for starters, she's a pyromancer. It's literally just a fancy title for fire mage. The only difference is that pyromancers basically become the living embodiment of fire. This means that they don't necessarily require a catalyst for casting pyromancy. I should also note that certain "spells" are unique to pyromancy, but more on that if I ever bother to explain the magic in depth. Back to Kara, she's one of the members of the Arcane College in Avaria, which is where the High Elves live. It's basically a giant floating set of islands. Given her natural talent for dungeon delving and history, she particularly studies Hero history. 


Which brings me to the topic of Heroes! So, these folks are just great war heroes or adventurers right? Nope! These people are literally super heroes! They can pull off feats that no ordinary person can pull off. The one problem is, all of them are dead (so everyone believes). Most of the stories surrounding their deaths are folklore, which may or may not be true. That's where Kara comes in! She and her team have set forth to discover the truth about their powers, their lives, and their deaths. She's had a surprising amount of luck with finding this information. So yeah, that's who she is and what she does. 




Lord Valanar Krekiss, High Commander of Necropolis


A simple, but effective combo! Helmet is from Basil the Bat Lord (TLG: Fright Knights), plate mail is from BrickWarriors, loincloth is from AreaLight Customs, black cape is from CapeMadness, and the claymore is from BrickArms (no longer available). Needed a lovely, edgy look for a vampire commander. This easily fit the bill!


Valanar is the acting commander of all of the Necropolis forces. The only person above him is Dark Lord Lucien Uhlrirk, who is further back in this topic. Currently, he leads the campaign against the Lenarian Elementalists, hoping to capture the Scroll of Life, the supposed cure to the vampire, blood plague. His sword is enchanted with demon fire, thanks to the Lorensi witches that aid walk among the vampires. Infamous for temper, Valanar is quite notorious his low tolerance of failure, which often results in the death of many sub-ordinates. Having served under the previous Dark Lords, he has quite the amount of battlefield experience, and is one of the fiercest vampires in existence. Oh, and he's also one of the few vampires to have ever fought the Wolf Queen, and lived to tell the tale. The scar on his face is a reminder of how close she came from relieving his head from his body.




Junia Aza, Sareshi Mancatcher




Yet another simple combo that turned out perfectly. Legs and hair are from TLG, the face is from Citizen Brick (printed faces are on par with TLG quality), torso and back decals are from Saber-Scorpion, and the Parang Pandit and Retiarius Net from BrickWarriors. Lightly equipped, for a job that needs you to be light on your feet.


Oh boy, this is an odd story bit! Junia is Sareshi born, and was brought up in their ways. She is known for being very fast and tricky. Because of this, she was given the roll of a mancatcher. That's a very literal term; she catches men. But for what purpose? Let's go over the primary reasons! 


1) Prisoners: This is a no brainer. Given their raiding patterns, they need intel on caravans moving throughout the Savadjik Desert. Capturing people is a quick and easy way to get information.


2) Sport: To a Sareshi, there is great fun in capturing a man, forcing them into a helpless state as they would do for a woman. Mancatchers are known for doing this just because it entertains them to see them fight and beg.


3) Mating: So this goes without saying. An all female group of barbarians has to reproduce somehow! Their quite rough about it, and when all is said and done corpses are carried out of their home.


As stated, mancatchers have to be quite fast and very tricky. If her looks won't lure people in then she always has a two-handed sword to go maiming people. Seriously, just don't piss off the Sareshi!


That's all for now!

Hope you enjoyed, and great to be back!


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14 August 2018 - 10:48 AM


Collapsing Cavern

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14 August 2018 - 10:47 AM

Entry into the Elemental Earth Contest





Collapsing Cave


One should always be wary when delving for treasures. Natural hazards can be just dangerous as the things that inhabit caverns!

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10 August 2018 - 06:52 PM

Not going to post everything here, but some stuff to get hyped about!





Elven Armor, Sword, Spear, Shield, and Helmet (I've got it in Black, Steel, and Gold)





Dwarf Armor, Sword, Hammer, Axe, Shield, and Helmet (I've got it in Black and Steel)