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Today, 11:12 AM

*sigh* Guess it's finally time to stop being a salt lord.


Your drawings have significantly improved with each additional post. For that matter, so has the coloring. In particular, your fantasy drawings have shown a lot of change. Female faces could still use some work, but even those have improved. I'm not exactly an artist (I sure as heck can't draw), but I think the one thing that could definitely help is if you drew more thin faces. Something about the cheek to chin area that kind of throws off your female characters. Again, feel free to ignore me because I have 0% expertise in drawing.



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Today, 09:57 AM

Blame Zellfel...





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Yesterday, 04:45 PM

Knight's Valor




The elite arm of Hislith, number one ranked guild, and the most honorable knights of the west. The Black Lance has nothing on these knights. Armed with silver weapons and armor that have been enchanted by the Lenarian Elementalists, these knights are sturdy and the strongest knights of Hislith. Along with protecting their kingdom, they have also been charged with hunting the werewolves, which stand against Wolf Queen Mav's pack. Leading them is none other than Lord Edorin Gwyn, the Champion of Hislith, and High Commander of the Hislithian army.




From left to right:
- Lord Edwin Hill
- Lord Edorin Gwyn, Champion of Hislith
- Lady Eleanor Reinhart
From left to right:
- Sir Adam Montierre
- Sir Valdin Khent
- Sir Richard Aliarne  
From left to right:
- Sir Halienne Maxos
- Sir William Nox
- Sir Lyle Morne
- Sir James Andrews




From left to right:
- Sir Christopher Reinhart
- Sir Paul Leonne
- Sir Michael Bentsworth
- Sir Charles Maxwell
- Sir Alexander Alonn          

From left to right:

- Sir Cedric Ayedin

- Sir Marcus Phillip

- Sir Jonathan Quincy




From left to right:
- Sir Alfred Faraquad
- Sir Hyle Bell
- Sir Nicholas Cale
From left to right:
- Sir Edmund Artorias
- Sir Doran Allios
- Sir Terrence Mooreland
- Sir Gregory Fallod 
From left to right:
- Sir Dalton Amiliar
- Sir Vance Jalioppe
- Sir Caleb Oxford
- Sir Thomas Flynn
 From left to right:
- Sir Corvan Alt
- Sir Lyle Markin
- Sir Jacob Osten


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15 March 2018 - 12:41 PM

Yeah, same here.


My TRU did mark up prices as well, yet I always went back after Christmas because they'd have the newer sets before any other toy store did. I've recently been buying minifig cases from them because no other store near me sells them.

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10 March 2018 - 12:52 PM

+1 Salt


*grumbles to self*