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15 November 2017 - 06:21 PM

Just out of curiosity, do you instantly get Necromancy when you make a demonic pact? Or is that a separate thing?


A warlock with a demonic pact is almost like a twisted inversion of a priest, but instead of their god granting them power, it's a demon lord. Since their magic comes to them via the demon, nearly all of their magic is demonic in nature. So, yes, they all have access to necromancy. Whether or not they can actually perform powerful necromantic spells depends on the individual warlock's knowledge, skill level, and how many souls they are able to sacrifice, since more powerful spells require a higher price.

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15 November 2017 - 06:09 PM

I may have a very blunt, and probably brutal question.

How much dead is Nova Refuge (universe) at this point?


lol, not that brutal - NR has obviously not been my top priority for quite a while now. :P But I am getting back into it! I'm working on getting the second novel (Saber's Edge) ready to publish next year, in time for the 10th anniversary of the first book (!). I've been writing in it every night lately, and it's coming along well. I'm also planning to update Warrior Born with a few small changes and new cover art, and reduce the price, to help promote the series. I might do a Kickstarter for it, as I did with Wulfgard, and of course supporters of my Patreon will be kept abreast of my progress. I will start posting about it here once I have more to show (artwork, etc.).


So I guess the answer is: it's obviously pretty dead right now, but I'm planning to resurrect it.


Reason I asked question number 2 is that I've seen many authors fall into a trap where travelling distances suddenly make no sense or are too inconsistent. Here's just hoping that won't happen. And even if it does, it's no big deal. It's the story that counts.


Minor spoiler: most of the traveling in the next novel will actually take place in space, between planets, rather than on TN, as I expand the scope of the story. So it shouldn't be an issue. :D

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15 November 2017 - 12:26 PM

1. Are resurrecting deceased beings through magic possible (full resurrection, not necromancing)? And if so, does it cost something, such as in the classic example of "one life must be taken in order to give life."
2. Are there any other specific rules such as this to the magic of Wulfgard? Costs, expenses and such? (Not talking about mana here, as I already know that's not a thing in Wulfgard.) Things that make mages think again before performing a certain ritual or spell, or make someone think before asking them to?
3. While mana isn't a thing in Wulfgard, is the term still used in any capacity by people who are not knowledgable in magic? As a misconception of how magic works, who just doesn't know if there is such a thing?


1. Resurrection is so rare it may as well be impossible. Legends speak of souls rescued from the Underworld by great heroes in ages past, but such superhuman feats happen very seldom. Clerics of the gods cannot simply resurrect allies (as in D&D and such games), because the gods themselves will only grant such power in the most dire situations, since resurrecting one who has died breaks many of their own rules. When resurrection does happen, it is always extremely difficult and costly.


2. Yes, in some cases, but not all. Warlocks - magi born without the Gift of magic - lose a part of their soul (or must sacrifice the soul of another) to the demon who grants them power every time they cast a spell. Some other complex spells may require certain reagents or have unpredictable side-effects. But for those rare few with the Gift, most magic comes at no personal cost, save the potential destruction they might accidentally cause when unleashing the elements. This is one reason magi are so feared.


3. Nope. This term is not used in Wulfgard.

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15 November 2017 - 11:38 AM

1. Probably not. The next book will take place mostly on other planets.

: Do not ask for really specific numbers. For example, "how many habitable planets are there in Human Space?" If I defined a concrete number for something like that, it would limit expansion later in the series. Exact starfleet sizes and exact populations of planets are also no-no's. These questions are best answered in relative terms. For example, Helexith's fleet is way bigger than any one Human faction's, but two or three of their factions' fleets combined might stand a chance.

4. I would like to make one, but no promises. My first priority is simply a new design for the overall website. The current one is very dated, with the Flash menus and everything.

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14 November 2017 - 08:31 PM

Not rude at all - I didn't even realize I had unread questions in here... Oh well, better late than never!


I have a question about military communications in Nova Refuge.  Do human militaries still use the phonetic alphabet for letters (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.) or some updated form of it?  It makes sense that even though comm. technology has moved on, the fact that English is still the dominant human language implies that the sounds of E, C, T, Z, etc. and other letters can still be mistaken for each other, especially in high stress situations.


If such codes were used in Warrior Born and I just forgot, I apologize in advance.


Yes, they do. I'm pretty sure I've used them once or twice... I think?


1A What exact weapons and/or armaments does the Silver Scepter have, and exactly how many of each?


2A Also, about how many people can it carry? I know you describe it as being able to carry a relatively large platoon of troops, and that the control room can hold about 12 people, but what about the ship in total? These details can be incorporated into the ship's new wiki article that I've written.


B What is Nick Wolf's preferred weapons? I know he has a handaxe and a rifle with an axe-shaped blazer-shielded bayonet, but are those his favorites? And what model is the gun? The handaxe, I assume, is just a regular axe without any blazer tech, right?


1: Perhaps if I ever make a LEGO of it or something, I will be able to give you exact info about the Scepter for the wiki. But for now, all I can say is: it's a flying arsenal. It can carry at least a dozen troops and is armed with missiles, bombs, blazer guns, and starfire cannons.


2: His favored weapon is an assault rifle with an axe-shaped bayonet. His backup hatchet is blazer as well.


I know it's kind of rude, but bump.


And a question: Are there any Mahlok actually working for Victory?


No. There are very, VERY few Mahlok citizens living in any Human nation. Most Mahlok are too proud and/or too fiercely loyal to their own people to live among Humans, much less serve in their armed forces. There are a few other Natives in Victory's military, however, including Slashrim, Sarran, and Achmer. But they are a small minority.