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Brickfair Virginia 2020: The Brickfair Build that Never Was...

12 June 2020 - 12:45 PM

Hey folks!


Due to the current events of the world, BFVA 2020 is cancelled! Sucks that I don't get a fun vacation, but don't worry, I still got a fun LEGO related thing in mind to share around that time. More details on that a bit later though!


Hope everyone is doing well in these hectic times. When I have more info on that THING, I'll leave it here!

Hero Forge: Colored Miniature Review!

29 May 2020 - 10:46 AM

First off, huge props to my brother for letting me post these pictures. These are pictures of some of his OC characters. With that aside, let's get onto the review.
Hero Forge is a lovely little company that allows you to create some of your own minis for things such as DnD, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, or any other commonly played tabletop RPG. Link below:
Recently, within like the past 3-4 months, Hero Forge ran a Kickstarter to support colored minis. These are minis that come fully colored and don't require the customer to do any painting. This is accomplished by using a coloring tool, which is currently in beta right now, and coloring your mini. Both my brother and I backed them and got access to this tool. He went ahead and ordered several of them, and well, the pictures above are the results. So, let me answer a couple of questions that you might have, in case you're wondering whether they might be worth it in the future, when these features go live.
How much does it cost?
- The price may be subject to change when no longer in beta, but the current cost of one figure runs about $45. It seems costly, but when you compare it to a premium figure, which runs about $30, the difference is really do you want to paint the figure or not.
How durable is the mini?
- It is just as durable as the other plastic options!
Why do the figures look a tad fuzzy?
- My terrible photography aside, there is like a slight rough, grainy like feel to it. It varies from figure to figure, but it isn't too heavy. At least to me it isn't...
About the colors...
- Again, this will vary from figure to figure, based off of how they are colored. For example, metal colors when using the tool look really shiny and reflective, but they don't actually come out that way. That might be able to be manually fixed with metallic paint, but chances are that they will improve overtime. Glass colors also don't appear to come out 100% correct at the moment either. Other than that many of the other colors, shades, etc. come out pretty solid. Both him and I were impressed at well they managed to to do on their first batch!
Are there any flaws?
- Yes. Your figure will have faint layer lines and look like there's a weird gloss over them. That comes from the printing. I have no doubt that the more of these figures they print, the better they will get towards improving the quality.
Other things to note
- When using the coloring tool you can go quite deep with eye colors, nail colors and other small, intricate details. Keep in mind that these are small on the actual minis and may not fully appear the way you expect them to. Again, that's because they are small details!
How long does it take for them to get printed?
- The orders may take several months to fulfill, but I will note that Hero Forge typically under promises and over delivers.
Do you think they're worth it?
- Yes! For $45 dollars you get to create a one of a kind character that you cannot order anywhere else. Oh, and did I mention that the coloring tool is not even 100% complete yet. There are still tons of features missing, so it is only going to get better. Also, as someone who has a bunch of minis to paint (stares at the pile of shame of WH40k figures), this gives me the chance to basically design the perfect character without having to worry about taking the time to paint.
That about does it for some of these figures. Feel free to ask me anything if you have questions! If you also want to see it, I'm more than willing to show screenshots of the coloring tool!

Dwarf "Fury" Siege Tank 2.0

20 April 2020 - 09:46 AM

Sooo... hey there!


With BFVA2020 more than likely cancelled, I decided it was time to start this lovely little project. Because of how scatter brained I am, I decided to do this with Stud.io on Bricklink. Surprisingly, it works pretty darn well.






Here's what I have so far for the main cannon. I've been taking inspiration from a couple of sources:




I'm trying to give it a nice war like feel, but not leave it too blocky looking. One of my biggest concerns is not having it look too modern.


That aside, the barrel can move up ever so slightly for some elevation. A roll, telescope, ladder, and hatch were also added for additional details. And no, there will not be a minifig sized interior. There will be decals eventually, but that's going to be further out.


I'd love to hear any feedback, especially criticisms!


Hope you enjoyed!



- Nick