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Lyneth Brys

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Posted 06 April 2018 - 11:45 AM

Lyneth Brys


Full Name: Lyneth Brys

Aliases: She has several... none of which are wise to say aloud in polite company.


Sex: Female

Race: Demon-kin (Achaean/Succubae)

Birthplace: Kyjovia (Black Lands)


Affinity: Lightning

Deity: Aphrodite

Faction: Venatori





Monster Lore

Venator Herbalism



Strength: 3

Agility: 7

Constitution: 4

Perception: 7

Intelligence: 6

Spirit: 10

Luck: 5



While in human shape, Lyneth is a short young woman - somewhere in the realm of five feet tall, give or take a few inches - who possesses a rare natural beauty. Her long, curly, raven hair falls a little past her shoulders, though it’s often pulled into a loose ponytail to keep out of her way during hunts and the like. A few strands frame tanned, flawless face; which, in turn, is further decorated by her piercing blue eyes.


The rest of Lyneth’s shapely form is often concealed by her standard-issue cloak, though beneath that and her armor she isn’t afraid to reveal a little (note: actually a lot) of skin. It’s rather obvious to those who see her out of uniform that she enjoys showing off.


Her demonic form differs in much the same way a commoner might think; goat-like horns sprout from behind her ears, a spear-headed tail snakes out from just above her trousers, her eyes glow faintly; a pair of large, black, bat-like wings emerge from her shoulder blades, her already long nails stretch and harden into claws, and her canines sharpen to fang-like points.


Inventory: Venator Pack

  • 1 deepsilver chain shirt

  • 1 set of leather armor

  • 1 set of simple clothing

  • 1 steel handax

  • 1 crossbow

  • 20 iron-headed crossbow bolts

  • 5 silver-headed crossbow bolts

  • 1 silver dagger

  • 1 blue cloak

  • 1 silver Venator brooch

  • Flint and tinder

  • Potion supplies

  • 3 clean bandages

  • 2 healing ointment

  • 2 sense-enhancing potions

  • 1 strength-enhancing potion

  • 1 anti-lycanthropy potion

  • Water and rations

  • 1 hallucination poison dose

  • 1 sense-obscuring poison dose

  • 1 paralysis poison dose



It is not particularly unusual to be the child of a succubus. At least, when it comes to those who are saddled with a demonic parent in the first place. Lyneth Brys was one of these misfortunate individuals, growing up in the slums of Kyjovia to an unhappy father and a distinctly absent mother. While her father viewed the whole of her demonic nature as a curse he tried time and again to cure - spending what little money he had on useless, often phony potions and elixirs - Lyneth quickly learned to take full advantage of her otherworldly beauty and passion. Whenever her father wasn’t trying to feed her another under-the-table cure for devil blood, the young girl was out in the streets on her own; making friends, currying favors, and - as times grew desperate - siphoning a little cash from the more fortunate.


Much to Lyneth’s dismay, her father had grown utterly obsessed with curing her; when she began stealing so they could buy food, he took the money (often by force when she resisted) to spend it on more phantom answers to his overblown problem. On the third night with no food, Brys realized she had to escape this domestic hell.


Lyneth slipped away - both from her home and from the city of Kyjovia at large - under the cover of dark, striking out into the wilderness alone and naive of the great dangers beyond civilization. It was really a miracle she made it so close to Blackwall before she was finally, inevitably, waylaid.


The bandits came from nowhere, and all at once Lyneth found herself in the clutches of murderers and worse. To say her skills - both hard-earned and… inherited - were put to the test would be an understatement as Brys fought all but physically to present herself as more than a pretty one-night affair. Her quick-thinking, penchant for thievery, and rather blurred morals all played a heavy part in her survival for two weeks under the watchful, malicious eyes of her new ‘hosts’. Finally, on the fourteenth day of her capture, the highwaymen made the mistake of taking cover from pursuing guards in the Forest of Shadows.


Lyneth took full advantage of the opportunity: over the course of the day, her captors disappeared one by one in the shadows, goaded into acts of stupid bravery by a pretty face. The final bandit, unwilling to leave the half-demon’s side, was found many days later with a dagger rammed squarely under his chin. By then, Lyneth was long gone.


Through all of this, Brys had come to blame her demon mother for the numerous trials that life had put her through, which ultimately led to why she stuck around Castle Greywatch. While she had first approached out of need for food, shelter, and some kind of company, the half-demon quickly realized she was in the presence of the Venatori. Monster hunters. It was the second most dangerous place she could possibly live in.


And yet… these were the people that could arm and train Lyneth to fight the kinds of creatures she had grown to hate so much. That she partly was. Joining a holy order of demon hunters like the Templars was simply too far out of Brys’s league - she’d never had problems with holy icons, but she also hadn’t exactly been in contact with those in the first place, and didn’t intend to take reckless risks of that sort - so being a part of the second-best hunters of non-humans was about the best Lyneth could ask for.


Thus, Lyneth has remained with the Venatori; though it is rare that she spends more than a day or two at Castle Greywatch. While she is more than thankful for the training and gear, her… nature makes extended stays with large groups of monster hunters an extremely bad idea (it is important to note that, despite this, she often goes on hunts with partners to both prevent herself going crazy with loneliness, keep her warm at night, and to reduce any suspicion being a frequently absent loner might bring).


Campaign History:




A little standing with the Venatori - her frequent travels keep her away from other hunters for long periods, aside from whoever is assigned to her as a partner. She switches those fairly often, for what are hopefully obvious reasons.



Just from her appearance, it’s easy to note that Lyneth is a bit of a thrillseeker… both inside and out of bedroom. While she does her damnedest to hold back the more malicious edge of her demonic nature, Brys finds it difficult to hold back when it comes to being playful or teasing. While she’s sharp enough to know speaking too loudly while sneaking is not a good idea, in other situations - even in combat - it’s not uncommon for her to quip at allies and goad enemies only to fondly recollect their reactions afterwards. And continue to do so for a long time afterwards, especially whenever her victims are present.


That said, Lyneth can hold a grudge for longer than many seem to think, her memory proving sharp and accurate over extended periods of time.



None, as of yet.


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