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#469724 Cosplay, Props and more!

Posted by Trik Toral on 13 May 2016 - 10:02 AM

Okay, so the title lied, its really just Cosplay and Props.


Feel free to share your favorite Halloween Costumes, your custom Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver, your Convention costume, really anything you worked on!


Here's some of my props I'm most proud of and my Comic-Con 2013 costume!


The Monkey Bomb from Call of Duty Nazi Zombies! I was inspired by and used the tutorial by MyNameIsBanks on youtube, but I used some artistic liberty and worked with what I had.





You can see the whole album of progess pictures on my imgur album.  http://imgur.com/a/gRTcS


I also built the bat and Scattergun used by the Scout in Team Fortress 2!

ORGt98t.jpgThe bat is signed by Chris Demerais and Miles Luna from Rooster Teeth.


My Scout costume from San Diego Comic-Con 2013. (I'm the one on the left btw)



Valve meetup





Show of your props and costumes!

#468021 Dalton's Wish Fullfiller 5000 (What do you think Dalton should draw next?)

Posted by Trik Toral on 09 April 2016 - 03:12 PM

Dude I love them! They're perfect  :wub:


I was not expecting Frozen, but I'm very pleased with Vanilla Ice and Ice T, they seem like their having a great time  :lol:


Mohan Ghale is great and Malcom seems so pleased with his wishes, I laughed outloud at "Alliance-B-Gone"


Thank you so much for drawing these silly things I came up with off the top of my head. If you want more requests, I can keep throwing random silly things at you if you'd like.


First up, how about Buzz Lightyear and the Toy Story crew duking it out with the Commando Elite and the Gorgonites from Small Soldiers?

Or a Mass Effect crossover with World War 2? 


#467746 Dalton's Wish Fullfiller 5000 (What do you think Dalton should draw next?)

Posted by Trik Toral on 02 April 2016 - 03:21 PM

Since your asking for requests and you'll draw almost anything, draw Mohan Ghale from Far Cry 4 enjoying a nice iced tea.


And then draw Ice T and Vanilla Ice hanging out doing Icey things.


Or you could draw Malcom Reynolds receiving his wishes from Buddha (a pony and a plastic rocket)



#440738 Review Warrior Born, Win a Prize! (also: decal sale!)

Posted by Trik Toral on 26 March 2015 - 09:28 AM

Didn't see this topic until just now, but I just submitted my review, the names Dylan. Really enjoying the book so far Scorp, can't wait for the Wulfgard comic!

#439645 Photography of a Wargear

Posted by Trik Toral on 06 March 2015 - 09:54 AM

Here's that 'selfie'. That is I, Neyo Wargear, wearing my grandfather's WWII dress uniform. He was 5'10", and so am I. He was 9th Infantry Division, 60th Infantry Regiment, Anti-Tank Company when he joined. His last organization was the 68th Armored Infantry Battalion, Company A. I can find no info whatsoever on Co A 68th AiB, it's as if they never existed...

 After a bit of googling I was able to find a bit about the 68th AIB, it did in fact exist. Here it is listed on wikipediaunder Light Divison, and here's a company photo of HHC. I can't find much, but there were so many different battalions and companies during WW2 its hard to keep track of their less than stellar records. I found out they were part of the 14th Armored Divison, I'd recommend looking into that more.

My Grandfather was an Ammo Sergeant for a howitzer with Alpha Battery 494th Armored Forward Artillery (12th Armored Divison) and through some direct searching of his name with terms like "Name+12th armored division" "name+494th AFA" etc, I was able to find some records that had been uploaded, but my best progress was made by finding a 12th Armored Divison facebook page and forums. (turns out the 12th Armored had a newsletter and all the issues had been scanned and uploaded, my grandfathers name was mentioned a few times)

Best of luck with finding more info about your grandpa, hopefully I helped and if not, feel free to message me, I loved learning more about my Grandpa.

#418479 Harry Monster's Monstrous Sketchbook: In Glorious Technicolor!

Posted by Trik Toral on 17 December 2013 - 07:43 AM

Boom, finally logged into my deviant account just to follow/watch/friend/whatever it is you kids are doing these days. 

Oh yeah, commissions. Awesome idea. I'm totally for it, because maybe then you would finally finish a certain Hellboy sketch someone requested.  :whistling:

Yes, I'm going to continue to pester you, I'm very excited for it!


(also, I'm totally for the pudding idea, someone should commission that. :P )

#417321 A mishmash of my best minifigs

Posted by Trik Toral on 06 December 2013 - 04:20 AM

I've packed up my Legos (for now) but wanted to share some of my favorites.

First, some figs from Tiberian Sun

GDI Jump Jet Infantry



GDI Infantry


GDI Disc thrower (in retrospect he should also have a dark visor)


GDI Medic


NOD Cyborg


Jan Orsfrom Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast


Generic Jetpack trooper



Jetpack trooper V.2


Disguised SAM sites influenced by Tiberian Sun



Sci-Fi Special Ops dudes


Sci-Fi Mercenary Commander


Gatling Gun (I think I stole this from someone on Flickr)


udKml09.jpgDunno who this guy is


SMG bayonet


Age of Empires 2 Petard


Micro Walkers and tanks (the one in the middle is artillery)



Some lizard dudes based on Scorp's Zrillak


Dwarven fluorescent moss lamps



Fantasy Courier






Desert Seer


Female Dwarf Warrior


Old Dwarf Cleric


Dark Ranger


Archery Officer


Sorceress based on the Vanquisher from Torchlight


Thanks for looking!

Comments, questions, criticism is all welcomed. 

#416431 Harry Monster's Monstrous Sketchbook: In Glorious Technicolor!

Posted by Trik Toral on 24 November 2013 - 08:15 AM

WOW, you've really hit the nail on the head with this one. 

#415025 Harry Monster's Monstrous Sketchbook: In Glorious Technicolor!

Posted by Trik Toral on 03 November 2013 - 09:03 PM

Hah, you're totally right, although that kinda clumsy, ineffectual shotgun really suits the character. XD


Dude, I am so SO busy right now I cannot spare the time, but in a couple weeks that'll clear up and you will have an awesome Hellboy.

Seems legit. They do have the ability to be stuffed in a backpack/leg holster/etc for easy carry, so it fits well, kind of reminds me of Eli's shotgun in Book of Eli.


I don't mean to push you, I understand if your busy. 

Awesome, I can't wait.  :D

#414998 Post Your Progress!

Posted by Trik Toral on 03 November 2013 - 02:40 AM

We could start out by just PMing here and move over to something else when we run out of PM space. I'll send you a PM tomorrow with some ideas and we'll see if it works out. Sound good?

So my computer died on Halloween. I can't access any of my ideas/stories/etc. Power supply burned out. I got one ordered, should be here tomorrow, gonna slap it in and send over some ideas.


I'd love to help out. Skype: Ryoma90. Feel free to add me. 

Thanks, I'll send you some stuff too.

So...if you want my help, you can PM me here or find me on Steam (it's the same name - I'm in Ryoma's friends, as well as Wolfy's and Klaykid's). I'd be more than happy to assist, and if you catch me while I'm in my Global Politics class, that's even better.

Sounds good, appreciate the help. 

#414997 Harry Monster's Monstrous Sketchbook: In Glorious Technicolor!

Posted by Trik Toral on 03 November 2013 - 02:30 AM

Wow. Again, that looks like a scene from a Cartoon Network show, but way better. I love it, especially the fire effect and the way Jenna is holding her arms just conveys her attitude perfectly.


My favorite recent sketch is the second (wo)Man and Machine though. Simply amazing. The poses, the gunshot effect, perfect. I especially love the way Machine's cord follows the curve of the ampersand.

(grr, my gun griping knowledge is kicking in again. I know its to look cool, and it does look cool, but pistol grip only shotguns are fairly pointless. The lack of a buttstock means that you can barely aim them (yes, shotguns do need to be aimed, they aren't magical death rays like in the movies) and recoil is magnified a lot because you don't have something sturdy to steady it against. The shorter barrel makes the shot spread faster, meaning that it loses effectiveness at a distance very quickly, a normal barrel length (22'' or so) is lethal with buckshot out to 50 yards. Looks cool, very impractical in everything but a few situations. Also, the ejection port (the oval on the side of the gun) should be moved back and lengthened just a tad) Gun Gripe over. Sorry)


These recent sketches are amazing...but...none of them are sketches of Hellboy. Everytime I get a notification you posted here, I excitedly check for Hellboy...and he's never here. :(


I agree completely with Spiderman and Grom. Beveling, appliances and maybe some handles on the cupboards would help a lot. Maybe a silly fridge magnet too...

#414787 Post Your Progress!

Posted by Trik Toral on 31 October 2013 - 06:55 AM

We could start out by just PMing here and move over to something else when we run out of PM space. I'll send you a PM tomorrow with some ideas and we'll see if it works out. Sound good?

#414769 Post Your Progress!

Posted by Trik Toral on 31 October 2013 - 12:18 AM

I'm a little late, but this topic is great for expressing a thought I had. 

I have a lot of half formed ideas, but for some reason I can never get more than 8 or so pages written before I run out of fuel and stop. I'll get an idea, think about it for a couple days, sit down, write 8 pages at once, start the next page and have nothing. So I file it away. I'm working on a sci-fi story I really like, and a huge fantasy world that would be series of stories. But, I just can't seem to take any of my half formed ideas any further than a couple pages. I'll have an idea thats related, but takes place before or after what I wrote, so I'll write a couple pages of that and hit another wall. I feel like I need help.

I am interested in a writing partner. Someone to chat with on Skype(or similar IM platform) and share ideas with. I would share the characters, the setting, some ideas I had, and then they would help me move forward by offering advice, more ideas and give me a direction to push the story in. 

Anyone interested? I would love to assist you in return with whatever your working on.

#413046 Ask Questions and Report Bugs Here

Posted by Trik Toral on 26 September 2013 - 08:16 AM

<p>Does anyone else agree that the old SSLF layout was better (you know, the one with the red/black colour scheme)? Saber-Scorpion obviously doesn't, but I think it was simpler and there was less of this "social network" stuff...<br>

Pay $10, be a Nova Member, get the Desert Night skin and be happy. Its like a mix of Desert Twilight and the Nova Refuge skin. Its the best thing ever.

#412822 Harry Monster's Monstrous Sketchbook: In Glorious Technicolor!

Posted by Trik Toral on 23 September 2013 - 06:59 AM

Oooh, I like that explosion!

And for some reason the sharp lines around the squares that have his eyes look really good. Maybe its because your style is more rounded, and the sharp straight lines add contrast. Or something. Whatever it is, I like it  :thumbsup:


That blood smear on Peter's lip is perfect. That is all.


What does your art teacher think of The Hexagon? You keep mentioning that you do Hexagon art for class assignments, so your art teacher obviously knows about it. 


I've started doing more gun videos and was wondering if you had any more requests, since you seemed to like the ones that I did earlier. Or just any questions about guns. I'm all ears and willing to help(since I can't help much with the art, I don't know anything about art) so I'll help in the best way I know.


(also, any progress on the Hellboy sketch? and you mentioned you maybe had a marker drawing of him?)