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My SSL shop wish list and comments

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 05:43 AM

So, like many members on SSLF, I have bought decals from the shop.  And, like members, there are some things I want, but don't exactly have the money for it right now.  I have made a wish list for all the items I want.  I will also add comments to some things I find funny in the shop, and maybe, an reason for the item.  Here is the list(NOTE: It's quite a large list, in terms of what I bought before):



  • 1 set of L4D survivor decals (Zombie Attack Survivors)
  • 1 set of L4D2 survivor decals(Zombie Attack Survivors 2)

For the Left 4 Dead survivor decals, I have made custom zombies already, but no one to fight them, so I made mini figure bases for the survivors, gathered or bought weapons for them, and have them set for decals.  It's been at least 3 months since I made them though.

  • 1 ACU Type 1 decals
  • 1 ACU Type 5 decals

For the ACU decals, I have two custom mini figures, one male and one female, that are the hero's of an story I planned out.  This will be for their Army uniforms, as I only have their street combat ones made.


  • 1 Series 3 Halo SPARTAN "accessories pack", Green (Cyborg Accessroies Pack)

Well, here's the deal, I bought the remastered version of the Mark V armor, but I did not have a green helmet for it.  And, after I lost the helmet decals, I decided to buy the Mark VI armor, helmet, and visor from Brick Forge, only I forgot about the previous decals.  So, I figured, my not start over with them.  Remove the old, and replace it with new ones, all though I do like the ammo pouches from the Mark V armor on the Mark VI armor....




  • 1 Brick Arms M1911 pistol

Now, my female hero is stuck using that agent pistol from those Agents sets as a side arm, and I don't like it.  I want to use those for the "cannon fodder" characters, such as basic police officers.  My male hero already has his pistol, and chrome M1917 revolver from Brick Arm's Chrome World At War pack.  And so, my female hero needs a new weapon.


  • 2 Brick Warriors Military Vest
  • 2 Brick Arms Modern Combat Helmet

The vests are for their street combat outfits.  The helmets are for their Army uniforms.  Now, I have one question for you Saber Scorpion.  Is it possible to get a the vests and helmets in grey and not black?  If so, that would be VERY helpful.  If not, then I can just repaint the helmets and change the color of the male hero's jacket.


Now, when looking in the shop, I find it funny how the Black Halo 4 SPARTAN IV has a red line on it as well.  Some might see that as an reference to Mass Effect, as the N7 armor is (by default) Black with a red line down the arm.  Also, I would have bought a custom Garrus mini figure, but then, I saw the price.....  Which, to be honest, makes sense, but I might just by him at a later date.  Even though my custom Femshep needs another squad mate besides Kaiden.  So yeah.  That's my list.  It accumulated over time because of how lazy I've been.  But, it's a good thing plastic model paint works well with Lego's ABS plastic.  I managed to customized a Halo Assault Rifle and Magnum, a Tommy Gun, an AK-47, a custom Old Glory(From Fallout: NV, Lonesome Road DLC), a custom SCAR MK17, and painted my own Femshep and Kaiden.


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