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In Topic: Fast-Food Fortress

03 August 2008 - 01:31 PM

Thanks for the positive feedback, all.

In Topic: Fast-Food Fortress

03 August 2008 - 08:26 AM

@GoldenElite: Hmm, well-put. In my defense, size and piece contraints, coupled with the distinct mental images McDonalds connotates in my mind, resulted in the structure you see here. I was aiming for recognizablility more than anything, hence the flagrant use of primary colors in a post-apoc creation, etc. Admittedly, there are about a billion different McDonalds restaurants this creation could have been modelled after that would have yielded more aesthetically-pleasing results. From what I hear, the McDonalds in your neck of the woods are all fancied up in hopes of appealing to the subtle European palette. Of course, you'd know better than I. What I'm saying is that definition of a classic McDonalds facade varies from person to person.

I appreciate the comment, in any event. You too, McTom (whose name is fitting, is it not tongue.gif )

In Topic: Best Photograph

26 June 2008 - 04:10 AM

I'm not going to bother arguing, but 10th? Clearly, the judges have all got a vendetta against flowers tongue.gif

Congrats, all.

In Topic: Best Photograph

07 June 2008 - 11:26 AM

My entry:

Wow, there've been a lot of great entries submitted thus far. I'm impressed.

And, in case anyone was curious, this shot required no post-production. Manual focus and ideal conditions were really all it took.

In Topic: Emo-Girl fig.

24 April 2008 - 07:28 AM

More hard-core goth, really.

And, before you elect to drag this one any furthur, I'd like to warn you: there are those who would take offense to the fact that a tween is abusing such stereotypes in the hopes making himself look witty. In short, why make emos out of Legos? You're not doing much for your reputation, buddy.