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New Sprite Comic

12 November 2008 - 04:24 AM

Alright, This Is a sign-up.Not sure If you guys remember me, I had a gladiator sprite comic before, which sadly died, but now I`m back with better editing software(Photoshop, and yeah, I do know how to use It) and much more Ideas.

The comic Is set In 2012 In a fictional city somewhere In America.There will be lots of guns and action and not too much to say really..Except what I already mentioned.Comic`s name Is MERCENARIES(no need to sign-up as one, I have plenty of made-up characters myself).

Just type 'sprites' In Google and find me a sprite sheet.A good website Is Sprite Database(Google It).Give me some background Info and you`re ready.

The comic won`t take much time, BUT THAT DEPENDS ON YOU!!!SIGN-UP NOW!!!YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE!!!

See you, members!