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Short In Extremis Update

Posted by Mr. Skeli'n, 19 August 2016 · 19,656 views

Hey guys and gals. I'm back again.
So I did this Summer (near-end) Recap  a few days ago, mainly addressing stuff I thought I'd get done (and mostly did) at the start of the summer. 

Just a couple days ago (or Yesterday, thanks memory) I put this out, a post about the clestial bodies that are an important element of world-building/lore....

In Extremis in July

Posted by Mr. Skeli'n, 01 August 2016 · 1,885 views

Also viewable on my website in full here .
The Hilt : Another article about a section of space mostly home to Turath.
Matriarch Grove EP : I've already linked to it in a previous blog post, but here it is again. Friendly reminder that I do have another $1 EP, the Pale Shores EP featuring relaxing acoustic guitar music.
Davo : I finally finished the...

Matriarch Grove EP

Posted by Mr. Skeli'n, in Big News 16 July 2016 · 1,856 views

Skeli'n Studios Link
Bandcamp Link

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a little while since I did one of these, but I really enjoy Quarryn culture, so I thought it high time I do one of these. It's about 2/3 the length of the Avotoc EP, but it's still only $1. If you never picked up the Pale Shores EP, here's a link .
So that's two of these down,...

Gallants: Discussion

Posted by Mr. Skeli'n, 30 June 2016 · 1,801 views

Welcome to The Gallants of Cyliajaca! Some of you might remember the previous iteration of this, or my project In Extremis , and this is set in that same universe. This is designed to be a way to grow the universe and lore organically, and get people involved to a certain de...

Gallants: Monoliths of the Ancient

Posted by Mr. Skeli'n, 30 June 2016 · 2,992 views

Monoliths of the Ancient
All posts in this topic will contain the campaign as it plays out. Participants are asked to limit replies to the Gallants Discussion thread .

Skeli'n (b)log: Day One

Posted by Mr. Skeli'n, in Big News 30 June 2016 · 915 views

I am https://skelinstudios.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/nametrans.png?w=400&h=91
I've decided to strike up a blog and will make all future posts regarding my series In Extremis here, as well as my own musical endeavors, along with any artwork I create that is for either or neither purpose. I think this will be easier than...

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