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In Topic: What should Scorp make next? LEGO Suggestions Topic

26 November 2013 - 04:55 AM

Well, I would be keen to see a selection of multiplayer Halo 4 spartans, perhaps based on those used by fellow SSL members! Though the way you did it for Halo 3 would be fine as well methinks.

In Topic: Speak No Evil - Whisper's Tale

23 November 2013 - 07:04 AM

As a writer, I have to give you credit for the amazing narrative you have created here! The plot was very well crafted and was at no stage predictable, a problem I have with many of the novels I read is I can predict the plot too easily. This was not the case with this story. The characters were all unique and served a purpose, especially Shade and Whisper, it was good to see them develop throughout the plot, which I know can be difficult to facilitate in a short story. Lastly the imagery in this story was incredible. I was able to form very clear pictures in my head of characters and settings, without feeling that the flow of the story was being interrupted by overly long descriptions. All-in-all, very well worth the read  ;)