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Part 11: Update, Update, Update...

Posted by Nightstalker, 10 March 2018 · 28,634 views

Hey everyone!
I'm back once again with more informed funnies. However, before I start, just a couple of cool little things to let everyone know.
First off, I'm finalizing yet another BrickFair Virginia build for this year. Once again, I'm going to need SSLF's assistance with coming up with some key minifigs. I'm stuck between two ideas, but I should have that finalized by Friday. 
Second, regarding Sunday updates... yeah, I haven't been too good on those. Truth be told, I'm just going to say don't expect things on Sundays. I think that's it for now.
Let's do this!
84. Skeletons and Hitboxes
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- Among the many stupid things that enter my head, this happens to be one of them. Of course, this isn't such a stupid thing is it? So, we all know skeletons are magical beings that may or may not be killed with the slightest push. However, what really bothers me is that they can be hit with arrows. So, why does it bother me? Well, they're made of bone... there is nothing to pierce with an arrow. More importantly with all the gaps in their body, you would think that you have an even greater chance to just straight up miss. Thankfully, the great powers of the world count their bony bodies as being normal. It's just odd to me. I mean, skeletons already got it rough, ya know, being dead and all, but they could at least get a bit of natural defense. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
85. Glowy Weak Spots
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- If you've been playing games long enough, you know these types of bosses. For those not familiar, in certain games, bosses have the glowy, "HIT ME," spot somewhere on their being. This literally feels like one of the dumbest things a villain can do. Sure, maybe it makes sense for a creature to have something like this, but a humanoid is another question. It's almost like the villain woke up in the morning and said, "Hey, the hero/heroine is on their merry way here to fight me. Time to put on my ceremonial, glowy armor! This armor is 100% impervious to all attacks except the bright area. But hey! They'll never know to hit it!" There is no excuse for this kind of thing! Actually, no creatures don't get an excuse for this one either. Are you telling me that for one second, that you were naturally born with a bright orange, "HIT ME," spot on your chest? IMPOSSIBLE I SAY!!! But then again, maybe I'm just use to my enemies not showing any form of weakness until I beat it out of them.
86. Sleeping Beauties... 
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- Alrighty folks, it's time to make fun of fairy tale stuff again! This time, we have ourselves the sleeping princess, awakened by a lover's kiss. Well, what if she wasn't actually under a spell or anything? What if she was just sleeping, you know, like a normal person does? That's got to be grounds for being arrested. I sure as heck ain't a lady, but I feel very confident in saying that no one would want some random stranger barraging into your room to kiss you to wake you up. You can argue with me on that, but I'll hold to that belief. Honestly, if you ask me, I bet that most of these damsels aren't actually in distress. But more on that at a later date!
Hope you all enjoyed it!
More will be coming soon!

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