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#478159 Werewolf's Art

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 05 October 2016 - 05:17 PM

Love the Inktober stuff, Wolfy! You've got a really nice mix. I always liked that better than people drawing from, like, one theme or whatever. Lot's more variety from you. I'm going to keep mah peepers glued to your art thread for more!

#451400 Suicide Squad: All movies are comicbook movies

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 14 July 2015 - 10:12 PM

WTF you talkin' about? At about 2:45 you can see Killer Croc, who is FAR cooler.


I thought I was speaking plainly. Panda with machine gun. But yeah, Killer Croc looks sweet. I can agree with you there.


Did you see Fury and not like it? I liked that movie. I thought it was pretty cool by me. I liked the people in it and I liked the plot and I thought it was shot really cool, with interesting angles. I thought it did a good job of making you feel like the tank crew was a family. I also thought it did a good job of reminding you that them tanks was cramped quarters. The action scenes were, for the most part, pretty riveting. I thought it was a cool movie. :P


So by using that as an example of why this movie isn't going to be cool... see that logic won't work on me. I liked this director's Fury movie.

What I just luuuuuurve is that you guys heard one, freaking, single laugh. One laugh. And you're (most of you) are like "It's so stupid, derr, me not likey! Ew!"


One laugh, people. It's a trailer. The first trailer, no less. Personally, my favorite Joker laughs were the ones no one was listening for. Every Joker laugh I've ever thought was, like, PERFECT were the laughs that just popped out in and around Joker dialogue. So, sure, Leto's ONE SINGLE LAUGH there in the trailer, it's a little lackluster. But let's cut him some slack and wait at least for another trailer with a little more dialogue before we all leap onto the hate train.


Scratch that. You all can be as miserable and whiney as you like, I couldn't care less. I, on the other hand, will choose to be optimistic here. Cuz I think this movie looks purty coo'. :P

#451393 Suicide Squad: All movies are comicbook movies

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 14 July 2015 - 09:32 PM

So, but, guys.


Did you not see the panda with the machine gun?


I feel like you're all just wrong and Suicide Squad is going to be pretty rad. You probably missed the panda with the machine gun if you disagree. Watch the trailer again.


Panda with a machine gun. Can't miss it.

#451388 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 14 July 2015 - 08:48 PM

Oh bloody great, Galina thought when the mighty roar erupted, splitting the stillness of the night. Shambling dead were everywhere now, beating on the windows and stumbling past the inn to find something to kill. Galina shuddered at the thought of the entire quarantined city being overrun by walking corpses. She checked her daggers, laughing at herself in the process. I don't want to use these, because if I'm using these, I'm far too close to those... things.


She checked her bow too, drawing it from the quiver on her back and pulling the string taught a few times. That she'd use. Use with extreme prejudice, no less.


"Like I said, I recommend we travel on the rooftops —that way we'll avoid wasting too much time fighting these puppets, it's the source we need to destroy. If any of you are uncomfortable trying to jump between buildings... if we have a length of rope, I could carry one end across, then the rest of you could shimmy over"


"I'm all for that plan," Galina said, "But Ben's wearing full plate. He's well built, no doubt about it, but he's not going to be able to keep up if he's expected to jump buildings wearing all that weight." Galina bit her lip and ran ideas through her head. "But that doesn't mean you and I can't keep to the rooftops. I can provide cover fire to help keep the ranks thinned out below. Maybe then he'll be able to keep up with us."


"You're right though," Galina continued. "We need to get to the source. The sooner we reach that, we can sever the serpent's head, so to say, and get this curse lifted or whatever."

#451197 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 13 July 2015 - 01:59 PM

"Guess that's the best we can do for now." Ben said, and he handed Galina a skin of water from Durante's things.


As he grabbed his helmet and placed it over his head, Galina took a small gulp of the water and swished it around her mouth a few times before gulping it down. She took another gulp from the skin before looking over at Ben, who'd answered the door.


"I'd tell you to stay calm and that we were tending to one of our injured before returning to our duties, but..." he crossed his armored arms. "You don't look like the average civilian."


"You could say that"


This she'd have to see for herself. Even less expected were the words he herd the speaker from outside the room speak.


"I believe we have an interest in common" she continued. "I am a hunter of demons and their works, and I am here to eliminate whom- or what-ever is responsible for this unnatural 'plague'. I attempted to gain access to the crypts, but was rebuffed; Apparently the man in charge —a 'Sir Gaius'— will only speak to imperial officials. So, I was hoping that you, Inquisitor, might be able to get through to him, and gain us entrance so we that can put an end to this abomination" she explained simply, matching the Inquisitor's crossed-arm stance.


Galina rose and approached Ben and Liliana. It seemed this case, and the town it took place in, was full of surprises. Every step she and Ben took seemed to be followed by two in reverse. But with the help of this eager demon hunter, perhaps they would see a change in pace in their sleuthing.


"What do you think, Ben?" she asked, her tone more hopeful than she'd intended. "Maybe Gaius will listen to you and let us enter the crypts. It's worth a try at least."

#450855 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 09 July 2015 - 10:08 PM

Ben couldn't help but smirk. "The only thing I have to drink is you," he said wryly. "I gave up drinking a long time ago, remember? It tears you apart."
The next time he blinked, his eyes were suddenly blood red again - a smile played on his lips but he didn't draw any attention to the change. "But if it'll help you focus, we can go grab one before we head back out to the streets and find Durante."
Galina blushed when Ben let his eyes change back to their red hue. He'd humored her, played on the words she'd spoken in haste, and it gave her a bit of a rush. Galina found herself smiling back one of the most genuine smiles she'd smiled in a long time. "I was really just referring to water," Galina replied, laughing slightly. "Something alcoholic would be incredibly refreshing right now, and might help with the headache I'm feeling. But I don't mind if you'd rather skip it. I wouldn't want you to break any records of sobriety you might be holding."

#450850 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 09 July 2015 - 09:36 PM

"I'm trying to protect you," he said simply. "It'd be better if you did change your mind..."


But he slid his arms around her and looked her in the eye. "I'll try to make it quick," he said, his voice low.


Before Galina had time to reply, Ben's mouth was on her neck and his fangs were drawing her blood in long gulps. Nothing Galina could have done would have prepared her for the pain and shock of Ben's bite. She was reminded of his first bite and how much that had hurt as well. It was a pain that had to be experienced to be explained. If she hadn't been so powerfully parallelized Galina might have stabbed Ben all over again. Thankfully for both of them, she didn't.


When Ben pulled his fangs out, he remained close to her, licking her wounds of any remaining blood that flowed. Galina felt her spine tingle slightly at the touch of his tongue. Her cheeks warmed slightly at the thought, but she did nothing to stop him.


For now, she was enjoying every second of being close to Ben. She lay against him as she gathered her strength and wits, hearing his heartbeat reverberate beneath his breastplate and almost feeling every pump. It seemed he'd gotten some new life breathed into him, and for that Galina was glad. Se wasn't about to pull away either, since her head spun just sitting there motionless. Ben had drawn a lot of blood and she'd need a moment or two to recover.


After a moment she did pull away, but only to look over her partner and see that he truly was looking better than before.


"Sorry," he said quietly, resting his free hand on the wound on her neck, putting careful pressure on it to try and stop the bleeding. "You gonna be alright?"


"Don't be sorry, I'm fine" Galina said, attempting to rise to her feet. Her vision, which was still quite blurred, began to redden at the edges and she sat down again suddenly. "I'm sure I'll be fine, I just need another couple seconds. You look a hell of a lot better now though," Galina said, shifting the focus from her and back to Ben. She looked into his eyes, which had returned to their more copper tone. "I kind of like your eyes when they're red though..." realizing what she'd just said only after she'd already said it. "But the brown ones are nice too, I mean you have beautiful eyes either way--not beautiful, nice, nice eyes. They are beautiful, but... just... Do you have something to drink? That might help with my wooziness."



#450713 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 08 July 2015 - 11:05 PM

When Ben sat up suddenly, he startled Galina and she jumped.


"I don't want to hurt you," he said at length, "but if you don't leave - right now - I don't think I can stop myself for much longer. You gave me permission, but..." he shook his head, but his voice drifted off there, his blood red eyes burning into hers.


"I can find someone else," he finally finished. "A sick person, maybe. Someone who's dead already. You can just go ahead to the crypt, I'll - catch up..."


"So you did hear me," Galina replied, lifting a brow. "And here I thought my awful speech was lucky enough to fall on deaf ears." She smiled then, and untied the bandage from around her neck. "Ben, sick people, dead people," she paused and gestured to the floor. "Rats even! It's all in vain. The only thing that's going to get some life back into you, is blood from the living and healthy. And if I'm anything, it's both of those. Now I'm ready, and I'm willing, so get it over with before I lose my courage and change my mind." She waited a moment for his response, a phantom pain throbbing in her neck with anticipation for what she would feel if Ben did take her up on her offer.

In an attempt to break the awkward silence, Galina decided to talk some more. "Jeez," she said, "you seemed willing enough the first time. What are you trying to do anyway? Make a girl feel unwanted?"

#450702 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 08 July 2015 - 09:02 PM

Ben didn't say anything to Galina. He just lay on his bed, motionless. At first, Galina assumed he'd fallen asleep. She rolled her eyes and rose from the bed as if to leave the room, but glanced back at Ben. Then she noticed how faint his breathing was. It was almost as if he wasn't breathing at all. Galina quickly moved to her partner's side, checking more closely to see if he was breathing.


"Ben," Galina said, shaking him slightly to rouse him. "Ben, are you awake?" His lack of response concerned Galina, and she grew more frantic. "Ben, you need to wake up. Now."


But Ben Blackburn wasn't about to awaken by mere shaking and loud words. He needed blood, and some kind of intuition or sense told Galina that was exactly what he needed.


Galina sat beside Ben and opened his mouth. She drew a dagger and slit her thumb like before, then held the thumb over his mouth so the blood would drip within. With any amount of luck, it wouldn't take too long before he woke. Galina didn't know exactly what to expect when that happened though.

#450665 WG Weekly Comic (and other updates)

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 08 July 2015 - 01:21 PM

Sweet art, Scorp! The sense of action is fantastic. I'm really, really enjoying these dwarf/ dark elf battle scenes! Really just this whole dwarf story arc is really fascinating.

#450661 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 08 July 2015 - 12:48 PM

"Sorry," he said quickly, sounding thoroughly disgusted with himself. "Guess I'm just really that desperate."


Corpses first, now rats... how far will you fall, Ben?


Galina shook her head and strode towards the nearly lifeless body of Ben Blackburn. She couldn't relate, not even slightly. His condition was like nothing she had ever experienced, not even her rampant alcoholism. He was a step up, or a step down depending on the angle from which she looked at it it, from anything she knew or could imagine. And that's what fascinated her so much. He didn't do much in ways of keeping her from feeling so horrible for him either. All she had to do was glance at him and his face which was riddled with signs of the takeover. In hours he would be right back to where he'd been before, dragging himself to get anywhere. That is, if he was even so lucky.


"Damn, Ben," Galina said, standing just beside his bed. "Don't you think you'd be little more comfortable if you took your armor off before you dropped into bed? Even slightly?" She flicked the void iron to make light of their situation, but sobered when in response she heard an almost hollow ringing.


"You know," she tried, "maybe it wouldn't be so bad, for both of us, if I gave you some more... blood. I know you hate yourself when you do it, but... I'm offering this time. You'll just have to be careful, but I promise I won't stab you either. And if you had some energy, you'd be back on your feet. Frankly... I need your brain less clouded, because gods know mine is so foggy I can barely see my hand in front of my face." She lifted her hand for emphasis and held it front of her eyes, slowly pulling it away and closer before turning back to Ben. She only partly meant what she said about her brain being foggy, but she hadn't had anything to drink in a while and she was starting to think about liquor more than their task at hand.


"They've closed the city gates. And as charming as this little town can be, we really need to get to the bottom of this mystery. I don't feel like we've done a jot of good since we got here, and that kind of accomplishment, or lack of it, is bad for moral."


"And... I'm getting worried about Durante. I know he's a big boy who can take care of himself, but this place is a mess. Whoever kidnapped him, fought hard to get a hold of him. They wanted him... badly. We've really got to find him soon."


Galina slowly let herself down on the edge of Ben's bed and laid a hand on his leg. The void iron was cold to the touch, nothing like the flesh of a human. She wondered briefly if the leg beneath with hold any more warmth nonetheless. "So... " She drew out the word, her tone a pure question. "What do you say?"

#450144 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 01 July 2015 - 08:43 PM

"I didn't lock the door," was all Ben replied. His voice was weak and he sounded exhausted. After a second, he added, "I'd open it for you, but... I don't know if I can move."


Galina slammed her head against the timber and mumbled a curse. Of course it was unlocked, she was just making a complete idiot of herself. Once again.


"Oh... right, so it is," Galina said awkwardly, opening the door and stepping in to Ben and Durante's room. "Sorry. I didn't realize it was, you know, unlocked."

#450050 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 30 June 2015 - 09:29 PM

Galina walked with the others to the inn. Ben barely made it on his feet and just about crawled his way upstairs to his room. He didn't say a word; a dead body within his armor.

Galina looked longingly at the bar, wishing she would just buy a bottle and lose herself once again in liquor. But a twisting feeling in her gut made her think twice about giving in to her old vice. With much effort she turned away from the bar and headed up the stairs after her partner. When she reached his door, she knocked on the door gently.


"Ben? Ben, I'm... sorry," she managed, leaning against the door and laying her head against the wood. "Well find your brother, I promise you. And I'll do all I can to help you too. But right now... right now, I have no idea what to do. Every time we try something, our way is barred.... something blocks us. I don't know what to do, Ben. I need help."


Hah, Galina laughed to herself, I need help? How about you? You're the one who's a vampire, dying of loss of blood and refusing to drink any from a living body. You're more in need of help than I am.


"And the whole town needs help," she added, feeling miserable. And we've done a lovely job helping them so far, haven't we?

#446210 ZONE - The Golden Dragon (at sea)

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 10 June 2015 - 12:29 PM

Not good. Not good. Not good! Soothand kept repeating to himself over and over as once again he watched Tom go through the painful process of transformation. Tom's screams were spine tingling and nearly froze the blood in the fire mage's vanes.


Soothand tried to focus on the situation at hand. They were beset by pirates. Archers fired from their ship, their boarding party intended to slit their throats and throw them overboard. That was only half of it though.


On the other hand, they had a werewolf on board who had just slashed Caiden's chest open. What is Plex doing? Soothand wondered. For a mere second he worried for her, until he realized her confronting Tom basically meant he was on his own here. He needed to hold on to his emotions, and he couldn't afford to lose control now. No matter what happened. Because if he did, the whole ship would go down in flames.


What to do. WHAT to do. Soothands thoughts were jumbled and blurred and he could barely hear himself think over the sound of bloodthirsty pirates and bowstrings and snarling werewolves. Soothand was bad at sizing up the situation. He didn't know what he could do, that wouldn't put him in the way or make matters that much worse. But he wasn't doing a bloody thing to hel anyone by just standing there like a straw dummy.


So he did possibly the worst thing he could. He charged at the boarding ramp, screaming like a banshee. He drew his sword, swinging it wildly and uselessly. If he did resort to the fires within, he would only do so once he was aboard the second vessel. If he made it...

#446086 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Cutlass-Crocodile on 08 June 2015 - 09:23 PM

“What the hell do you need blood for?”


Why the hell are you here?


"I'll tell you, if you lower that bow. Gods know I can't do anything to you in this state, anyway, so I'm not really a threat."


Oh, I'll show her a threat alright.


But Jade's fierceness seemed to melt away when confronted by her fear. She shrank back, almost like she wanted to hide from them both. The vampire features Ben wore, like a terrifying mask, had frightened the fight out of her almost completely. It wasn't until that moment that Galina really felt sorry for her, felt a need to reach out and comfort her. To stop treating her like gutter trash or an annoying nuisance. Jade was a person, like she and Ben. She was a bright young woman and she deserved a hell of a lot more respect from Galina.


"Jade, it's alright," Galina tried, and she stepped towards Jade. "We really are here to help this village. We're not here to make matters any worse than they already are. But... well, I didn't even know about Ben's little secret until we got here. And I'm his partner! It's really complicated things something awful. But Ben... he hates drinking blood as much as he needs it. He's a good man, a true Inquisitor, and just like the rest of us he wants to help the people of this village. We don't have much to go on and we're down a man to boot, so we still need your help, if you're willing to help us after what you've seen. Ben won't jump you and tear into your throat like a monster... but he needs blood to keep him going."

Galina paused and look a long breath, her nerves starting to calm a little. "Ben was hoping he could find some corpses in the graveyard he could drink from. Obviously it's a little disrespectful, but they really don't need the blood, and then he's not taking it from living people.


"I'd understand if you decided you couldn't trust us anymore... we're not the best agents the Inquisition's got, gods' know I'm hardly their best, but we do want to help. And if you give us a chance... well, you may just be surprised." Galina smiled slightly, hoping Jade would realize she and Ben meant her no harm. She had no intention at all to hurt or apprehend Jade, and she wanted the girl to know that.