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In Topic: The HALO Topic

14 November 2014 - 09:30 PM

I haven't even touched campaign or multiplayer yet, I'm just messing around in Forge.


Good god, Halo 2 Annie forge is awesome.

Hornet, Heretic Banshee, Gungoose, and Civvie Hog are all present (not the Spectre or the Shadow though, even though both were in campaign), the red energy sword is called the 'Infected Sword', new weapons include Silenced SMGs, 'Survivor' Magnums and Shotguns in addition to normal ones (not sure why, probably the way Infection spawns weapons going by the names), the UNSC have both removable and permanent MG turrets (the covvies only have the permanent plasma turret)


New 'snap to grid' feature is way, way better than H4's Magnets (which are still in it, for some reason), flattish rock areas, cliffs, trees, basically lots of nice nature stuff for natural maps, and all the structures are done in the Halo 3 sandstone style, as opposed to Reach's Forerunner and Halo 4's terrible plastic UNSC texture set.



Oh and the three new forge maps are all pure empty space. One's in what appears to be Impact's skybox (ie space) from Halo 4, one is the ocean (which is solid and not a kill barrier) like Forge Islands, and one is flying amongst the clouds over a Halo, which looks freaking sweet.


All in all its pretty neat.


In Topic: Destiny 2

25 September 2014 - 04:57 PM

I also just got to 20, so far I've had more trouble staying connected then actually playing. I've just started the Mars Missions ( :P )  but I keep loosing connection so I dunno whats up with that. Its kinda annoying cos I seem to lose all my Dead Orbit rep when it disconnects and reconnects, and I don't think thats meant to happen but meh.



In Topic: The Pokemon Thread

19 August 2014 - 09:35 AM

I don't like Megalutions. I think they are the worst thing to happen in Pokemon.


I don't like the Megalutions because their designs are, for the most part, very complicated which in my opinion goes against Pokemon's main artstyle - there are some exceptions (Mawile, Audino, Lopunny, and of course dat Absol) which look like actual pokemon but the others seem a little over the top compared to their pre-Mega designs. All for the inability to use items and a stat boost, often a type change and an ability change too. Okay, sure, whatever, but I still think it's stupid.



Mawile, Kankhaskan, Pincer, Heracross, ect most certainly appreciate the evolutions, but I think they would have maybe been better served with just regular evolutions. 


- also why is Megabsol not Dark/Flying? Those wings ~~~

In Topic: What Are You Currently Playing?

02 June 2014 - 09:36 PM

I recently got the four DLCs for Mass Effect 3 so I ran through the trilogy again - I've stopped just before Priority-Thessia and I'm doing Citadel, and I'm pretty sure this is the best thing ever. Of all time. Because Wrex just crash tackled a dropship. I am okay with this. Also I love how the mercenaries start to panic when they realise who Shepard has on his/her team. "Oh god, they have a Prothean?" "Is that Archangel?" "SOMEBODY KILL THAT KROGAN!" "I think we picked the wrong Shepard!"

In Topic: Warframe

01 February 2014 - 04:06 AM

Me and my two buddies just spend three hours grinding E Gate Survival and now the lot of us are stocking up Oxium. Our Dojo has a room ready for the Tenno lab and the lot of us are using the affinity boosters to grind up new gear..


All we need to do is wait for the next update, when we will actually be able to do stuff with our supplies of Oxium.