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Software Upgrades

Posted by Rycast, 13 May 2008 · 937 views

Justin and I recently upgraded our Adobe graphics software (Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, etc.) to the latest versions (CS3), and there a lot of features in them that I can't wait to use -- especially in the new version of Flash. Also, I've finally gotten Cakewalk Sonar 7 to go with the rest of my audio creation software. It's a lot more in-depth than just using Propellerheads Reason, and the great thing is that you can use the two together.

So expect some flashy graphics and audio updates on my site as well as on NovaRefuge.com... I've also been planning on making several entirely new sites sometime.

So, a question: Did you make the Flash stuff for NR, or did Scorp?
I made the main website design of the Nova Refuge site, including the Flash navigation menus and the sound effects. Justin did some of the Flash work on the other pages, though, such as the galaxy maps.

I've been meaning to upload my animated 3D renderings of the Victory, Xarkon, and Grimm's Army logos... I keep forgetting to do that.

And yes, Maegan, I know -- I also need to teach you how to use Flash and stuff. Of course, you can teach yourself, like I did. wink.gif

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