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At last I have come upon the much overdo completion of an old writing project of mine.

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 01 July 2011 · 2,332 views

Ah yes, the return of the RP known as Rise is what brings me back to this most familiar of all places. Lately I have not been very active on SSLF, and as a result I have not been all that active in this little blog of mine. I've found myself growing more and more detached from this website and the community that this forum has created. It's gotten to the extent that I no longer feel like RPing.

Then Hawk started part two of his RP from the previous year, which is known as Rise. It's an RP about mercenaries piloting giant robots, for those of you who don't know, and it is awesome. And hilarious. And it has drawn me back to this place. Suddenly I find myself incredibly inspired, tinkering with RP concepts and writing down ideas for stories and such. I've thrown around a couple of different ideas in the last few weeks, and I wouldn't be entirely opposed to creating one last RP here on SSLF before I go off to college and inevitably stop visiting so frequently.

But that is something for the future. The subject of this blog post is something much more current, more tangible, and more deserving of your attention (that last part sounds incredibly pretentious, ugh). What I'm trying to say is that I just finished a story, and I want you to read it.

The story is called The Songs of the Marsh, and it takes place in SSL's very own world of Wulfgard. I think you'll find it to be a very interesting, enjoyable read, but that's probably because I wrote it and I'm currently trying to convince you to read it. Click the provided link and show me some love! With a good enough response you just might be able to expect more from me in the Creativity board in the future...

And check out stupid Hawk's RP too, I guess...

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You missed this.

Oh Muffy, you'll be back here even with college. Face it. :P
Oh I'm sure I'll still visit SSLF when I go to college, I just don't feel like I'll have enough time to RP and write stories and do all of that fun stuff. :unsure:

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