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I don't have a single artistic bone, but my bro does! Check out some of his miniatures from Hero Forge: http://forums.saber-scorpion.com/index.php?showtopic=11319
May 07 2018 11:35 AM
  • Florent's Photo
    I think your lego creations qualify as artistic
    May 08 2018 03:31 AM
  • Burger Warrior's Photo
    Burger Warrior
    ...how the heck did he afford all of those? O-o
    May 08 2018 10:58 AM
  • God-Emperor Thrawnie's Photo
    God-Emperor Thrawnie
    Burger, have you not figured out yet that his family is crazy rich? lol.
    May 13 2018 07:44 PM