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Honest Review: BrickForge Hexibrix

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Posted 11 February 2018 - 06:48 PM



Ladies and Gentlemen of SSLF, today I present a review on the BrickForge Hexibrix. I hope to shed some light on this relatively new custom piece. I won't be covering the huge specifics about this piece or its usage, I'll be covering my opinions on it as a whole. If you want more information on it, please see the links below:





Let's begin!


Why did I buy these things?

- I personally bought them because I've wanted a hex shaped brick specifically for army building. As of now, I can say I own close to 400 of these little bricks (if you ever check for the 2 stud, black ones, you'll notice they're always out of stock).


What are some uses for it?

- Minifig display, army building, board game building, and MOC displays.


How durable are these things?

- Pretty darn durable. They hold a very similar quality to TLG bricks. 


Are they expensive?

- For $0.85 you get a hexibrix, hexibrix link, and either a 2 or 4 stud plate for the center. I should also note that the center disk can be swapped out for TLG pieces. You can also buy a pack of 6 for $5. However, if you buy a 6-pack, be aware that you get 3 2-stud disks and 3 4-stud disks. So, if you're looking for one or the other, I would not recommend spending the $5.


How big are these things?

- Slightly bigger than a typical hex based unit in a tabletop game. If I had to compare it, they are probably about the size of a standard Heroscape hex.


Any cool features?

- Yes! First off, the disk in the center can be popped out an exchanged for other pieces. This includes other round plates that are the size of a 2x2 round plate or tile. Also, 1x1 round pieces can also be placed in the center. Using the hexibrix link, you can connect hexibrix together from the underside, creating group minifig displays. Furthermore, they can be stacked on each other, so no minifig gets stuck in the dark, blotted out by the more popular figs! You might have noticed that I mentioned board game building earlier. Because of the way these pieces work, you can actually create a massive landscape for table top games using the different colors of the hexibrix. Also, you'll notice 2 studs on the pad that: one in the front, one in the back. These allow for other cool uses such as additional accessories. I personally use them for flag poles for commanding units and an inventory slot.


So, is there anything wrong with them?

- Yes! This is where I have to drop my, "Buyer Beware!" First off, the disk that goes in the center is advertised as being able to rotate easily when a minifigure is on it. From the +350 units that I own, I can easily say that is false. The round disks are firmly in once they're inserted. If you happen to set it at a weird angle, you will need a standard pipe (like a lightsaber pole or a medieval axe) to poke out the disk. On rare occasions does it actually work as advertised. It should also be noted, like other BrickForge items, they sometimes don't stick to minifigs as well as they could. Now, this could just be the individual minifig part, so don't rule that out; I've found that swapping out a set of legs sometimes solves the problem. Some people might also be put off by the overall size. While this does not bother me in particular, I would make sure to check the measurements against your standard hex pad.


Would you recommend buying one?

- For a custom piece, it has a lot of potential. Furthermore, for $0.85 you have a pretty cool piece. Yeah, it has a disk flaw, but I can personally overlook it because of the overall quality of the product. However, if the rotating disk is one of the main points you were looking forward to, you might want to give it a pass.


That's about it for now. Feel free to leave any questions. If you all want, I can post some pictures!


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