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Esdailes NRE Sideproject

06 June 2015 - 09:50 AM

Eyyo, yet another person who's moved over from HSC [Although I had seen some of Saber Scorpions stuff ages back]


Posting this little project for anyone who's a Halo fan, and people from HSC that missed it.


Anyway, the original InnerRayg Halo sprites and the NRE updates to them have always looked great to me. But you get bogged down making scenes what with having to add the arms, weapons, armor pieces or helmets to get different ranks, etc


So I decided to make a compilation of Covenant enemies with their weapons and looks already done. Grunt Minors with plasma pistols, needlers, Majors with those and Plasma Rifles, Heavies with all those plus Fuel Rod Guns, etc.


Finished sheet for the Grunts here: 




Jackals, Hunters, Elites and Brutes to come. Anyway. To get extra poses [specifically looking sideways, as the NRE style is at a 2/3rds angle] I also halfsized sprites from the game Halo Zero. And sprites from the old InnerRayg style were also remade into NRE form, to give extra poses. You can see that in my first work on the Grunt Minors: 




After that, it was work on Grunt Majors and Heavies:




Now, I'm giving the NRE Hunters some new poses that they direly needed: melee attacks!